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Hit the reset button today. New foundations, fresh beginnings.

Opening my heart and mind to the gifts of the Universe and the abundance around me.💙 @brettericksonphoto #photo #feeling #grateful #beach #travel #yoga #inspo #namaste #sweetdreams

🌹 I believe dignity emerges in the way you finally carry your own story. Through your painstaking reframes to write yourself as the heroine of your own life, your losses cease to consume you. They are not forgotten or made invisible, but rather aggrandised in your telling, eventually passed down through the line of mothers and daughters as the mythical ‘obstacles to flight’ that they were. But dignity also lives in one’s willingness to step wholly into a new life of love, even as its first strands are being woven together to create a shape that will warm you.
Toko-pa Turner
@aloyoga xoxo

Why not continue on the active mobility gains and into the inner thigh?! I've found most people are typically really tight or really weak on this area.
This combination can lead to imbalances through the hip, knee, ankle, or even low back. 😩
Having a good balance ⚖️ between your adductor length with your hip abductor strength can be a game changer to preventing hip, knee and low back problems later down the round. 👌
I utilize concepts from @drandreospina again with these exercises to increase end range control and strength.
NOTE: Please be sure to only lift the leg on surfaces adequate to YOUR body and muscle length. You want it high enough to make yourself work, but low enough to keep the pelvis as level and stable as possible.
The reason for the bent leg and straight leg?
🔹 Knee extension creates a longer lever arm, making your body work harder to activate your hip abductors and maintain a longer lever. It is not necessary for the foot to come off the ground when beginning the quadruped adductor PAILS/RAILS. Move at your own pace and focus on the squeeze, not the amount of space between the ground and your foot.
🔹 You have adductors that attach to your to your lower leg (gracilis) and your upper leg (adductor magnus/longus/brevis/minimus & pectineus). Knee flexion or extension won't affect the upper leg adductors, but it will have an effect on your gracilis.
Give them a try!
Tomorrow I'll be giving you some more advanced adductor mobility work to start to work toward those straddles and presses 😉
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Leggings by @flo

Always safest to use the handrails 👍🏻

Imagine 2 scenarios:

1. For whatever reason, you woke up in a really great mood. You’re driving to work and someone cuts you off. You shrug it off because, hey, that person was probably in a big rush and life is beautiful! You get to work and your coworker makes a joke about your sweater and you laugh because, hey, he was just messin' around! When you get home at night your spouse left the dishes piled up in the sink. You smirk and think about how much love you have for them and happily clean up the dirty dishes in less than 5 minutes.
2. For whatever reason, you woke up in a groggy, bad mood. You’re driving to work and someone cuts you off. You boil up and imagine how that human must be a bad person, and maybe even say a few loud words or flip a finger. You get to work and your coworker makes a joke about your sweater and you get offended and spend the rest of the day being self conscious about your sweater. You get home from work and your spouse left the dishes piled up in the sink. With a begrudged attitude, you go yell at him/her for not only the sink, but you bring up how bad your day was because of the awful person who cut you off and the jerk who insulted your pants.
Both days are the same; both days have only 1 variable, your brain and how it perceives the world around it. See what I’m sayin?

We love seeing women empowering themselves. Congrats!
Naked Yogi @rosie.rees - Happy International Yoga Day! To me there is only one way to do yoga...naked! Next Women's Nude Yoga workshops are in #BRISBANE 30 June and 1st July >>> www.rosierees.com/workshop

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#NudeYogaWithRosie - #yoga #bodypositive #bodypositivity #empoweringwomen #empowerment #uncoveredmagazine

Love. Live. Move. Follow @yoga for more ❤️
@yrc.yoga 🙌

It's the first day of YTT retreat and I'm feeling quite annoyed and saddened that I've had to miss out today. As that is knowledge I'm missing out on. My kids complained when I sent them to school today and I'm sad I'm missing out on going to my school 💁🏻its a battle. But not having anyone close by to watch my kiddies till their dad gets home, mummy duties call again & I can't think of anything else but to flow 😌
Wearing @aloyoga 💕


It's been awhile since I've done this push-up routine I got off #madbarz This #wristwidget I got is impressive! It allows me to put weight on my wrist without any pain!! Was able to put in some clap push-ups with ease!!! @workout_professional @baristiworkout #calisthenics_only_ #repsandsets @barwars_official @knoxxfitbrz #instafit #instamood #instagood #instadaily #fit #fitness #fitfam #fit4life #fitspo #exercise #training #handstands #calisthenics #strength #motivation #inspiration #dedication #workout #yoga #acroyoga #streetworkout #balance #barzaremyhustle

Umm trying to transition into #downwardfacingdog and... #pupperoni was not having it ~ #kinoyoga #challenge @kinoyoga #fitmom #buffyogagirl #girlswholift #yoga Omg she would t quit licking my hands then completely bombarded my practice lol. 🐶

Sunset yoga on trails my feet have never travelled. Thank you to great company, the best of intentions, the most beautiful landscape, the richest of rays in the sunset and the flowiest of all flows with a moon salutation introduction as a first for me! I LOVE GODDESS POSE!!!! #yummytrails #yogaflow #mothernature #moonsalutation #yoga #hiking #happiness #breathe #heal #acceptance

Ровно год назад у меня был опыт 10 дневного сыроедения. Из изменений, которые я заметила: кожа стала очень красивой , " юной", более упругой, сияющей. И на лице и на теле. Я сбросила около 5 кг( где- то на 7 день я заметила что очень ушли объёмы) . Энергии стало действительно больше, все время хотелось что то делать+ ранний подъем около 6 утра. Как я считаю, такая практика слишком экстремальна в холодные месяцы, поэтому я решила не терять время зря и сесть на 10 дневное соковое голодание. Очень много читала об этом, посмотрим;) о результатах буду соообщать тут;)Отличного дня 10 days juice fasting challenge. Let's start it🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍍🥒🥕🥝🍉💦💦💦💦#vegan#juicelover#beauty#health#yoga#fasting#follow4follow#summer#fit#chellenge#10daysfasting#10daysjuicefast#chellangeme#world#fruits#travel#models#girls#russia#

Girls who lift 👑💪🏼💦
@shell_linterfit is ready for the gym!
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Show LOVE to people around you. Love who you are.
#yogalove #yoga #yogaTC #fitness #Throwback

It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself.
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Summer sunsets are the best 🌅💕 Special thanks to @joiyogi and @pjhphotos77 for an awesome time and shoot! | #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #sunset #lagunabeach

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