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‼️Attentionnnnnnnnnnn‼️Hi 😄 Okay dolls, my new video is now postedddddT! Yay🎉 It’s longer because there’s more content, however, you may giggle a little during because HONTEY!!! The struggle was REAL!
I usually post a little cute video as a preview, but because of the length, I’ll just leave the thumbnail here! Pleaseeee please PLEASE feel feel to CLICK THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX! And subscribe while you’re at it, yeah? 👀 Lovely!! I thank you all for the support if you have supported thus far! I’ve worked so hard to accomplish the little material I have so far, so here’s to all thaaaaat! 🥂 Anywho, loves! I’m out, thank you and smoochessss!✌🏾😽💕
#YnobesCurls 👑

The ONLY selfie I took of myself this past weekend. I’ll just post my pic and go✌🏾😭 #YnobesCurls 👑
Sike lolol! BY THE WAY, loves. My hair just barely made it into that ponytail. I went to buy some crochet hair and put it on a hair tie and somehow it worked. I used a TON of ECO styling gel (black castor oil flaxseed blah blah blah), two scarfs and a million bobby pins. I’ll do a tutorial on this look soon. Stay TUNED✌🏾😘

Issa Fall Vibe 🍂🍁
My goals are to keep my hair hydrated, improve my makeup while keeping my skin clear, to try new looks as far as my wardrobe, and drinking my water✌🏾✌🏾😽 Stay tuned!
#YnobesCurls 👑

I told y’all I wasn’t playing NO games lol.. my FIRST tutorial is now posted on my YouTube channel! This stuff is starting to get easier and easier, so this video didn’t take me nearly as much time to perfect! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have twists underneath my scarves so they can dry thoroughly before I take them out. All you need:
1. Satin scarf
2. Wrap/Turban scarf
3. Gel of your preference
4. A toothbrush

BOOM! That is literally all I used. You don’t need tons of products/ supplies for this look. It’s convenient, simple, and cute! Especially if you perfect ya edges hunty!
Make sure y’all subscribe to my channel, comment, and LIKE! My video link is now posted in my bio! Hope y’all enjoy! ✌🏾😽 #YnobesCurls 👑

‼️‼️HERE IT IS, everyone‼️‼️ FINALLY at 8PM my first YouTube video will be uploaded! I worked very hard to edit and tweak to my liking. It’s not PERFECT, but it’s definitelyyyyyyyy better than when I first began working with video editing about a month ago. I’ve been putting this project off for too long now. I’m a couple days late, but I will be posting weekly to get more practice and hopefully gain viewers/ subscribers to my channel.
My YouTube channel is QueenYnobe! Make sure you comment like and subscribe! The link is in my bio for you all who are interested! Thanks in advance, and watch me grow on this new found journey! 🤘🏾😽💕 #YnobesCurls 👑

My boyfriend always reminds me that my hair doesn’t have to have perfect curls and that he LOVES the Afro look. I’ve began to embrace my natural state. There’s nothing wrong with coily textured hair. I got so many compliments yesterday on my tiny fro. And let’s be honest, the time it takes to get those perfect coils feels like forever. I’d rather moisturize my hair, fleek my edges and be on my way! Embrace your REAL natural hair ladies, have a LOVELY Friday 😘✨
#YnobesCurls 👑

My old wig from the Spring I restored... long story short? I wore it two days and went back to my tiny fro 😂😂😂 It’s still too warm for long bundles/weave. I simply KONNOT lolol.
Get into this wig tho!! How’d I do? I want to make a curly one soon, or I may just wand curl this one 🤔 Not sure yet, but for now my short cut will do.
#YnobesCurls 👑

Gotta keep ya mans hair healthy and hydrated too. #hairgoals #blacklove #baecation #YnobesCurls 👑

Thank God it's Friday, everyone! Sending some love to my followers on this beautiful morning💕 I thank you all for your support and feedback! I've been working behind the scenes trying to create my YouTube channel, so please bare with me! My type A tendencies won't allow me to share my material until it's almost PERFECT! I can't wait to present it to you all soon! Please stay tuned and Natural! Love y'all! 😘
#YnobesCurls 👑

Whelp! I did it! #BigChop y'all ✂️. I knew my hair wouldn't be able to thrive like it did my first time around because it was damaged.. Not all damaged hair appears to be to others, but trust me it was! This time around I will not be coloring or overusing products on my hair. I'm gonna keep it simple. and Eventually, I'll probably make a wig for the Winter. I'm SO excited. I've never felt so FREEEEEE. So here's to HEALTHY hair and new beginnings! 💇🏾🥂and by the way, those are my lashes lol.. #YnobesCurls 👑

#Mood: spending these next couple weeks resting and mediating. I'll incorporate a couple work outs, of course. During my time away from school I'm focusing solely on Ebony. I spoke with my awesome older sister earlier and she spoke LIFE into me. I strive to be like her. Carefree. Humble. Successful. And most importantly HAPPY. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned 🐛.......🦋 #YnobesCurls 👑

September Vibes 👓

Spending this month doing a little traveling, more reading, planning, working of course, and self care. I have sooooo much coming up this Fall, I can't even keep up! And it's surprisingly flying by. But! I wouldn't be me if I didn't stay busy..so here goes!
#mindingmybusiness #mindyours #drinkyourwater #drinkyourtea #traveling #reading #selfcare #meditation #retailtherapy #coolweather #fall2017
#YnobesCurls 👑🍂👜👢🎃

#mood for the remainder of the year. #iaintgotnoworries 🤷🏾‍♀️
#YnobesCurls 👑

Side profile on FA-LEEK hunty.
#YnobesCurls 👑

Finally tried a faux topknot! I used old braiding hair. My real bun isn't much smaller, but I prefer the bigger bun. What chall think? 🤔✨ #YnobesCurls 👑

Outdoors feat. bae and my frizzy mane! 👫🤴🏾👸🏾😘💚
#YnobesCurls 👑

#tbt! I love this picture. My slick back isn't perfect and neither is my puff. Simplicity. My edges are laid, however lol (that's a given😂). Just a lovely shot taken featuring a lovely flower I picked 😌🌺 #itsthelittethings
#YnobesCurls 👑

I guess I'm back y'all. Had to delete my app for a few day to focus on finals. BUT! Here are my cute little #spacebuns and a twistout😇 I called myself braiding the front. shrinkage won't allow me to prosper, you guys. ALSO. I've just been using grease, pink lotion and gel when needed. So far, so good. Protective style coming soon 😎👉🏾👉🏾 #YnobesCurls 👑

Glistening ✨✨✨
#YnobesCurls 👑

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