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This is my serious face.
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Lucas made a “lost tooth chart” for my little #dunkitydunk.
I guess the pup is apx 4-5 months old.
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Duncan’s introduction to Essential Oils.
Young Living Cypress EO:

It can be mentally grounding and stabilizing. Herbaceous scent, fresh and woody.

Cypress's properties reflect its spiritual influence. Eliminating what is stagnant opens us up to spiritual harmony.

Cypress essential oils will support us not only to accept the changes we need to make, but also, to distinguish what changes are best for us.

Sounds perfect for a curious puppy! •
YLEO’s are safe to use with pets. Please contact me if you have any interest in proper oil therapy with your fur baby. This was properly diluted and he was not forced into smelling my hands. •
He is laying peacefully at my feet before posting this ❤️. #yleo #oilyanimals #pets #animals #dunkitydunk

Mom, what am I supposed to do with this? I smell peanut butter and food in there. .
Never mind, I figured it out. .
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My very first love turns 12 today. Known Princess since the day she was born and fell in love with her immediately! Happy Birthday Princess Maddie of Skittles (aka PMS🤣). You have saved my life many a times. Mamma loves you #yleodog #yleomamma #yloilykids

When your dog hates the Roomba and tries to run to the bedroom, it's time to try something you learned in the pets class at convention... A drop of Valor on the back of the neck... She was asleep on the couch before I took this pic. It totally worked!
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Today I would like to introduce you all to my heart horse. 💚🐎 He is a 9 year old bay Arabian gelding and his name is Achylles.

I met Achylles at an Arabian show in Iowa. I was up there being a show groom for the weekend and there were two other people with horses in our group. One of the horses in our row was a gorgeous 2 year old bay gelding. I don’t know how to explain it, but there was something between us from the very first day, we were immediate buddies and he did everything he could to get me to come in his stall if I wasn’t giving him the proper amount of attention. He even resorted to stealing the bandana I had in my back pocket while I was in the stall next to him giving unapproved attention to another horse. (at least I’m sure that’s what he’d tell you if it was his side of this story) For years I talked about that horse, since I knew his owner and we all saw each other from time to time I got to see Achylles occasionally .

One day four years ago I got a call from his owner, he was selling Achylles and wanted to give me first dibs since he knew we had a special connection. After much prayer and discussion with my parents (hey it’s a big purchase and I had to talk through it with my dad who’s opinion I hold in the highest regard…so don’t judge lol) I decided to bring him home. And its been a dream come true ever since!

I still can’t believe I have a horse as amazing as Achylles, and once I find a little acreage I can have him in my back yard so I can spoil him the way he thinks he should be spoiled ☺
We have some confidence issues, but I have my bottle of Valor essential oil we are going to use this summer for all the trail riding I have planned!
Its been a life long goal to have a horse and since I was never able to have one as a child, I had to wait till my 30s. (so all you girls out there, never give up on the dream!)
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As stated in last night's post, Mister Cooper suffers from respiratory problems. He will hack and cough and just generally have a difficult time breathing. Think asthma attack and that is basically what he's having.

I created this roller ball blend to help alleviate those symptoms and it works like a charm! Now any time Cooper gets worked up I grab my roller shake well and apply a couple swipes to his chest, within five minutes his breathing returns to normal and he isn't struggling. 💚 🐶
Mister Cooper's Breathe Gud Roller Blend
In a 10ml roller combine the following
5 drops R.C.
5 drops Lavender
Top off with a carrier oil (I used Grape Seed oil)

It also works on humans! Had a friend this past weekend who was having difficulty breathing, he was so grateful I never leave home without my oils 😊

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Most people have pets of some kind these days, I have had pets growing up but never one that was only mine. After graduating college and moving away from home I realized that something was missing in my quiet life living in a in 450 sq ft apartment. I had always told myself I'd never own a small dog they were yappy little ankle biters with no good reason for existing....that all changed when Cooper came into my life. Since dogs werent technically allowed in the cracker jack box I called home my first year in Kansas I was struggling through major life changes all by myself. When a friend of a friend sent me a text about his boss giving away free puppies....Long story short, I got a puppy that day. Little did I know that God had just gifted me with the best thing to ever happen to me.

That all happened ten years ago. Cooper was 1/2# (yes you read correctly, half a pound) the day I got him. And hes been my constant companion ever since. We have been through a lot together, boyfriends, financial troubles, new jobs, new apartments, family crises, you name it this little man has gotten me through it all. I never dreamed a dog could bond with a person so completely and show me what true love really feels like. Dog spelled backward is God....this is no coincidence.

Cooper is getting up there in age and I want to make sure his life is as long and healthy as possible! He's had his fair share of medical scares, and I am constantly looking to improve the quality and length of his life. He has recently been diagnosed with irreguar heartbeat and will be on heart medication the rest of his life. He also has major allergy issues that sometimes make breathing difficult. I am so glad I found Young Living oils because I now have a natural and effective way to alleviate his symptoms and create a happier healthier environment to spoil him rotten in!!! #essentialoils #oils #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #oilylifemadesimple #whole30 #healthyliving #momlife #wellness #oilsforanimals #oilsforathletes #furmama #furbabies #younglivinganimals #ylpets #younglivingdogs #essentialoilaandpets #yleodog #younglivingforpets #puppylove #mistercooper

Oh Em Gee guys...so the trees at work have been dribbling sap on the hood of my car. I've been trying to get the goo off my car for months...MONTHS!
Got a hot tip from one of my friends that has been using oils for years to try my lemon essential oil to remove the sap. I'll be danged if it didn't work!
The first photo is before application and the second is after. Holy cow I can't believe it! Awesome sauce, quite literally 😂

1 drop of Lemon essential oil applied directly to the sticky spot, then run away with a paper towel. It was that easy.
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Daily water intake, we all know we should be drinking more water. Not only is proper hydration a must, it helps with all sorts of body processes and helps us feel great and lose weight (for those of us currently struggling to do so). I find it super hard to suck down water sometimes because, lets be honest...its not the greatest tasting thing on earth. I also have been really watching what I drink and what kind of things are in my drinks, i..e.: aspartame (yucky, bad, chemical sweetener...BAD BAD BAD), and regular sugar. While in small doses sugar isn't bad for you,moderation is key, I have been trying to go off sugar in an attempt to run cleaner. Hence the reason I am trying to drink my daily recommended 72 oz of water every day.

Thankfully I am now a part of Young Living, they have citrus oils specifically formulated for ingestion and lucky for me, they taste and smell fantastic. My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about the Lemon Vitality!! This month they have a special on their Citrus Vitality set, it contains 1 bottle each of Lemon Vitality, Orange Vitality and Grapefruit Vitality...again, drooling! All I do is add a couple drops to my tumbler of ice water, let it set for a hot minute, then enjoy my wonderfully citrusy beverage! Its that easy, and it makes my daily water intake not such a bland monster anymore :) Here is the link to the website,
You can sign up to become a Young Living member (amazing value and a 24% discount on all purchases) or you can simply check the option to be a retail customer (you'll pay retail prices for any oils you purchase) and have everything shipped right to your door!

As always let me know if you have questions and I would be more than happy to help :) Stay thirsty my friends, and drink your water!! #essentialoils #younglivinganimals
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My #Sunday scene with the cutest puppy girl in slow motion. She is pretty happy that momma got her a new toy from @jtfeeds! #rottiesofinstagram #rottie #rottiesofig #yleodog

Meet Mister Doc. He's a 1 year old yellow lab who loves his humans and going everywhere with them.
As I stated in last night's post, Mister Doc suffers from severe separation anxiety. He's normally a super sweet loveable pup who has yet to meet a being he doesn't like, human, equine, feline...doesn't matter he loves everyone. I like to think if the world was full of people who loved the way this dog does, it would be a much happier place!
However, when he has to be left behind, he panics and mass destruction ensues. You can see the level of destruction in this photo. Before Young Living he kept destroying the wire kennels I kept buying and getting loose whole I was at work during the day. ..not a great thing to come home to. I was reduced to going home every day over my lunch break to try to put him back in whatever remained of the kennel and clean up as much debris as I could before going back to work...then repeating the process when I got home.
Not a great way to live. We had to make a kennel out of oak 2x4s to keep him from escaping and he was so miserable during the day he started crying, panting and shaking when I put him in his kennel to go to work.
Luckily I had a friend who sold Young Living products and she told me to try diffusing lavender during the day, while that seemed to take the edge off a bit I noticed after applying a drop of T-Away begins each ear he was much happier going on his kennel and snoozing through the day.
Couldn't believe it! I still like to diffuse a calming blend as supplemental therapy.
Do you have a monster mutt of your own? Let's hear about it in the comments!! #essentialoils #younglivinganimals
#oils #ylpets #younglivingdogs #younglivingforpets
#yleo #essentialoilsandpets #yleodog
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Ali's favorite place to nap is on the end of the couch in the sun, where she can also keep tabs on the backyard 🐶😘💕 #lazysunday #adoptdontshop #yleodog #sosweet

Up all night with this little one resulted in rice and pumpkin for breakfast! Added a drop of Young Living Digez and V6 Vegetable oil and rubbed it on her belly. Seemed to ease her a bit but I think this will have to run its course..poor baby girl I hate when my babies are sick even my fur babies 💕🐶#yleo #digez #yleodog #bordercolliexblacklab #blueheeler #furbaby #healhtyfamily

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