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We're celebrating #NationalPinkDay with our favorite pink #essentialoils! How are you celebrating? 💗 #yleo

I use #essentialoils to supplement my healthy lifestyle and have been a fan of @younglivingeo for years. Thrilled to announce the launch of the NEW Savvy Minerals makeup line! From pure and safe bronzer to lip gloss, #yleo has you covered! #sponsored

Why is the sunscreen only SPF 10? Does the repellent work against ticks? Are these products gluten free? What are non nano particles? I'm Answering ALL these questions and talking about why specific ingredients where chosen in these OTC and summer essential products! Check out the YL Training and Education Facebook page at 1 pm MST!
#yleo #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #seedtoseal

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! Thank you for being you, for loving me and the kids the way you do and for always supporting me with my dreams! #iamtheluckyone #37looooksgood 😉

Tonight in the #goldendropsociety fb group I'm sharing my evening routine (would love to hear yours!!). 1. My "do not disturb" feature kicks in from 8:30 PM - 8:30 AM on my iphone. Technology boundaries are huge for me.
2. I pre-make my coffee, this little act makes my mornings better!
3. I clear off and organize my workspace and the downstairs. Clear of clutter, clear mind. Anyone else?
4. I fill up our Berkey Water filter. We LOVE our Berkey. We went with the Royal Berkey which is perfect for a family of four: http://amzn.to/2sVFcR9
5. Social media off by 8:30 PM ✌️
6. Read for fun, I love reading something inspiring. My two bedside reads: Streams in the Desert (http://amzn.to/2rWRC6p) and The Magnolia Story (http://amzn.to/2tQ3IQi).
7. Fill up all of my diffusers for the next day. I love to diffuse energizing blends in the morning (Joy + Tangerine or Stress Away + Peppermint!).
8. Pick out my evening diffuser blend. We love Northern Lights Black Spruce + Lavender or Peace and Calming or Dream Catcher!
9. Look over my planner to make sure I glance at tomorrow's to-dos.
10. Gratitude journal: take time to write out things I'm thankful for as well as any things that surface that I need to pray through.

I also take care of my skin, taking a few extra minutes to pamper myself. I use the Art Skin care system and then a drop of Vitamin E in my Light Moisturizer and 1 drop of Manuka. I spot treat anything with Tea Tree.

Lights out. <3

GLF Vitality! Have you heard of it? It is a liver AND gallbladder cleanser blend. But who here knows what emotion we have buried in our liver? ANGER.
So what can GLF Vitality do?
GLF Vitality essential oil clears the emotions of blame, bitterness and anger that are commonly stored in the gallbladder and liver according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will help you foster the positive emotions of approval, contentment and forgiveness.

Who here needs some of that?! It contains the following 6 oils that support and work in concert with enzymes: EssentialZyme or DetoxZyme (I take these before bed so will be adding a GLF Vitality capsule to go with them now!) 1) helichrysum
2) grapefruit Vitality: detox and cleansing!
3) spearmint Vitality: boosts metabolism and is actually good for feelings of lethargy
4) hyssop
5) ledum
6) celery seed Vitality: eases and soothes physical discomfort

Gary young had this to say about GLF Vitality: 'if all the oils were taken away, the one that would be most important would be GLF Vitality! Why? Because GLF Vitality cleanses not only the liver but the gallbladder too. You have to have a clean liver for hormones. You also need a clean, well-functioning gallbladder so that the bile can emulsify or separate fats into small droplets, so they can be acted upon by enzymes.' Take a capsule and watch awesome things happen!

Can I share something embarrassing with you guys? 😬 For almost a year now I haven't been able to wear my engagement ring. My wedding band is slightly larger than my engagement ring 💍, and after my miscarriage in August last year, I gained so much weight from the depression- using food to cover up my sadness. I was going to CG but still getting Chuys and Torchys as often as possible, and I wasn't getting anywhere with weight loss. I mentioned the other day that I have lost weight in the past 5 weeks after changing my eating habits, and I'm proud to say that today, my wedding ring fits again!!!!! !.
I used a little Thieves spray and a toothbrush to make it shiny and new again, and I'm so happy to be wearing it again. I thought about resizing it so many times. I figured, I'll probably always stay "this way" but never went through with resizing. I'm so glad I never did it! The ring is a tiny bit snug, but it is just FUELING me to keep on going. I've missed wearing my rings together and I'm not letting this happen ever again! #Thevintagemodernwife #momblogger #mommyblogger #unitedinmotherhood #mompreneur #mommylife #mommystyle #ootd #wiw #motherhoodthroughinstagram #lavenderandlimethymer #crunchy #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #yllifestyle #yleo #crunchymama #crunchymom

Happy summer! We went to the splash pad yesterday and we were greeted with a host of bugs, spiders, mosquitos, beetles...yuck. I know bugs have their place in the world so I don't usually go on a smashing spree. It's nice to have relief options when the persistent mosquito finally gets us 😐
🌿Lavender is all things calming and it supports a normal histamine response in the body. Which means I use it for any bites or stings that are swelling, itchy, or otherwise it appears my body is reacting to.
🌿Purify is key for getting rid of any germs the bugs may carry, so I like to use it for spider bites in particular. Or anything very red.
🌿Frankincense is ultra calming and soothing to the skin, I love to combine it with Lavender for any itching or uncomfortable spots.
🌿If I need a little extra support I grab Melaleuca and layer it along with Purify and Lavender. This combo knocks out anything that other two alone don't address and Melaleuca loves to help the body get rid of harmful bacteria too!
#doterra #essentialoil #essentialoils #yleo #diymom

We've been using clean ingredients in our home for years. We got rid of blue dish soap, aluminum-filled anti-perspirant, and paraben-heavy shampoo years ago thanks to @younglivingeo. But one thing that's been harder to switch over is MAKEUP. On the road, I need something that works, but I want something that's not filled with lead and dyes. It's a tall order, and much of what I've tried hasn't cut it. So I literally squealed when Young Living announced a brand new mineral makeup line at convention last week!!! This stuff is beautiful, pure, and infused with essential oils. I am so, so excited!! They also just released a whole line of baby products 👶🏼, and the timing couldn't be better for our family! 🙌🏻 I'm teaching a Facebook class tonight all about kids and essential oils and will be around for questions after about the new products! Follow me at @honeycomb_essentials and DM me there with your email address if you want an invite to the class, more info on all the new stuff, or if you want to join my team--now is the time!!! 🎉🎉


Summer DIY Essentials: #2

This is a great roller to have on hand for those bites and owies our children get and we can have! Having it ready-made makes it easy to use your oils 🌿

Anti-Itch Roller:
8 drops Lavender
7 drops Purification
5 drops Peppermint

Add oils to a 10 ml roller bottle. Fill up the rest of the roller bottle with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil.

Just the essentials for a weekend trip to Vegas! The little sample bottles that come in the Starter Kits make it easy to bring more of my favorites without having to bring all the bigger bottles. .
#youngliving #essentialoils #yleo #travel #lasvegas #momdaughtertrip #rickymartin #travel #vacation #allnatural #healthandwellness

Focus. Focus. Focus. It's already 11 am and I need to focus. It's been one of those morning so time for some InTune. #focus

Owie, for those times when the rose bush attacks you (or your baby falls into the rose bush).

I have teamed up with 2 amazing pages to give 1 lucky winner a chance at winning 3 prizes! I am giving away this Petite Oil Bag (Insert size to be chosen by winner) To enter complete all the steps below 👇🏻 follow all the pages below:
This is your entry! 👊🏼
+ like each photo for an extra entry 👍🏻
+ Tag two friends for a bonus entry👯
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Winners will be announced on Monday morning, 9am PDT! Not redeemable for cash. Giveaway accounts or fake accounts will be disqualified. Free shipping to U.S. addresses only. Good luck! 🍀

Someone had a poopspolsion in a diaper (dangit sposies)! I use my DIY Thieves stain remover and this is after ONE wash! Amazing! ❤️ and this costs one dollar to make!
To see my DIY stain remover, visit my FB page. 😊
#YLEO #teamsweetandsmelly #DIY #Savingmoneyandkillinit

I can't say what your #dreams are, all I know is that we all have them. You may be pushing towards a #fitness goal, #spiritual goal, #career goal, #personal development goal... etc. Whatever it is you dream of achieving or doing, start today. I used to day, "one day I will..." but I'm learning to say, "this is day one of..." #yougotit #dreams #getit #sisepuede #youcandoit #onelife #encouraged #perseverance #dayone

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