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When your 2 year old starts throwing up in the middle of a family BBQ 🤢😷 you OnGuard up the whole family...including the tiniest feet! Just a swipe on the bottoms of her feet to boost her very new immune system 💪 and this mama feels like she can protect her whole family! 🙌🙌
Two year old got DigestZen Touch on his belly, OnGuard Touch and Oregano Touch down his spine, Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch over his heart as throwing up for the first time ever is a bit traumatic 😩...and now he has eaten a banana and is playing again. .
All the Touch rollerballs are already diluted and super easy to use on babies! Now....please pray this was a one time fluke, k? Thanks! 🙏🙏

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Something is blooming today that's driving me nuts! Sneezing, itchy nose, the works. And it's putting a damper on my long weekend. Thank god for these two oils! Did you know Lavender acts as a natural antihistamine and can help combat the symptoms of springtime blooms? Yep! And oh work #FAST! Since I don't have my roller with me I just dabbed a bit of Lavender directly under my nose, and layered it with a dab of Breathe to help clear my sinuses. The relief is literally instant and I feel so much better. The cool thing is, when the symptoms start coming back I do it again, it takes two seconds, and I feel better immediately. I #LOVE having these #allnatural and #chemicalfree tools at my fingertips. #winning! .
Are you ready to give Essential Oils a try? What are you waiting for?! Now is the best time to get started, because once you realize the power of these oils, you'll wonder why you waited so long. PLUS, you can get $50 in FREE oils just for getting started with a Wholesale Membership. Email or text me for details and let's get you started!

Es muy sencillo "vive y deja vivir" #yl

Session 1. Week 1. Day 1. Lets gooooo WG !!!

-ты хочешь быть с нами,но нам никто не нужен💣#YL

Самый лучший последний клуб в @yl_almaty 💚💙💜❤️💛
Спасибо всем, кто пришёл! 😘

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Am for the Drive .#yl #weloudinyaspeakerz #gaintrick

When you think you're out of everything Ningxia, and find some Nitros in the fridge! #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner #HappyDancing

Here's my immunity booster blend ingredients that I put on the bottom of my feet whenever I feel immune compromised. 🙌👍🤗

My favorite chemical free laundry soap. Only use the purest of essential oils in this and any recipe. Need some? I'm your girl!! #gogreen #yl #yleo #momtrepreneur #diy

Just a few more days to get a FREE 15ml bottle of Tangerine essential oil (aka 3 times the size of this lil guy) with your starter kit!!! This is truly one of my FAVORITE oils to diffuse. Its bright, sweet citrus scent pairs well with both floral and minty oils for the perfect uplifting morning combo ☀️ comment below or message me if you're interested!

Remembering what others have done for us. Thank you for your sacrifice and service❤️. #memorialday #valor #courage

Can we all agree on one thing - airports are a germ zone! There's no other travel companion I would trust more than my homemade hand sanitizer. In living out the #glowlife, here is another quick yet effective DIY product to put together in a few mins flat to help keep germs away & your immune system supported.
Grab a 2oz glass spray bottle {make sure it's glass - eos can break down plastic, which we don't want!}, add 20 drops of essential oils & top with water. I like to grab eos such as:
• OnGuard - full of immune boosting oils + very anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral
• Or some eucalyptus - very cleansing & a natural disinfectant
• Lemon is also my jam - great air disinfectant & cleanses the skin.
Always have on hand - especially while traveling as your natural tool for keeping hands & surfaces clean. Power is in the oils & feeling empowered to know how to care for you + your fam in a beautiful, natural way - that makes this mama oh so happy!
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U know exactly how we comin #paperchaser trailer is out NOW 🎥 shot by: @millionmarkfilms on the @ylthefamily page make sure you follow for all new updates and exclusives stay tuned big things otw coming real soon. #YL #youngnlivin #allworknoplay #allgasnobrakes #PaperChaserVisualOTW #NeverNotWorkingOtw LINK IN BIO

Happy Memorial Day Oil Lovers 💜
I hope you get to spend time with the ones you love and remember why we celebrate today. •••
I am so thrilled with the Father's Day traveling kit! It's so much better than the pictures! I snatched one for my hub because he travels a lot even though he's not a father yet 😜
Check out my Instagram story this morning (stays up for 24 hours!) to see me go through the travel bag and what my husband has filled his with! 💜😘 #oilywifelife1

I'm so excited to announce that over the new few days I will be diving into doTERRA's top 10 essential oil!!! If you have these oils in your home, you have an oil for everything!
This will be your new first line of defense when taking care of you and your family!
Stay tuned to learn all of the amazing uses for these oils!

Outta eerbody u always believed in me bro wasn't related buh we treated each other like real bruddaz & iknw u been watching ova me & DA FAM/Team cuh we finally finna b on its YL4L IMA keep your movement going til my last breath #LLDBD #IAMYUNGLENGENDZ #YL #BROTHERZ #4WARD #MM #YBN #BLACKTRIADS @dattboydee @officialboosieig

Even when we're camping, my favs come with me!

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