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She is in Goa😍😻 A trip with friends to Goa😻✌ #Goals

28th March 2017(writtenupdate)
The Episode starts with Ishita saying you have to sit in dickey to come with me. Niddhi says you are smart, you want to take me to police station. Ishita says you are smart, I will make you sit in front seat and pass by police station, you have fixed bomb to my mum, am I fool to take risk, I know you can press button anytime. Niddhi says fine, come, you have to drop me safely. Ishita opens dickey and asks her to come. She puts torch light on her face. Ruhi and Mihika attack Niddhi with chilli powder. They throw water on her. Niddhi screams.Ishita injects Niddhi. Niddhi asks what did you do. Ishita says I injected poison in you, it will kill you in 10mins. Niddhi says just I can defuse the bomb fixed to your mum. Ishita says you can help and get saved, else police is ready to save Amma.Niddhi says I will tell you. Ishit asks her not to act smart, else you know you will lose your life. Ishita goes to Amma to defuse the bomb. She says Amma don’t worry. Niddhi guides her to cut the wires.
Ishita sees the timer. She cries and cuts the wire at last sec. Amma gets saved. They get relieved. Ishita says bomb defused. Mihika and Ruhi run to Amma. Ishita says we are with you, are you fine. Niddhi says stop this drama, save me first. Ishita says I got peace seeing you this way. Police comes. Ishita says thank me, I m not heartless like you, I gave glucose injection to you, you will not die, now answer me, why did you kill Vandu. Niddhi says I did not do it. Ishita slaps her and tells Amma that Niddhi did the accident, your pen clip was found in Raman’s car. Vandu says accident happened by mistake. Ishita says just shut up, I know what you did. She says Niddhi will tell Amma why she killed Vandu.Niddhi says I forgot my fake teeth on holi night, when I went home back, I did not had specs and fake teeth, Shagun was alone at home, I blackmailed Mani to help me, Shagun saw me and was going to call police, I pushed her and she fell over her tummy’s side. Ishita asks what, is she fine. Niddhi says when I went to her, bleeding started, I would have killed her, but she entered the room. Ishita gets shocked.
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A mother is child first gudier.. ishima is also a good guidance for ruhi/pihu, aadi she is the best💖💖 #pihu #ruhi #ishima #yhm @divyankatripathidahiya @ruhaanikad (Rabzz_editing)



The day begins.

Ishita says stop. He saays fine, we have much time. She says what are you thinking, you are scaring me at my home, I m the bahu of this house, I m not like Sarika to bear injustice. He says you know about Sarika? She is a characterless woman, you are different. She says you are such a creep. He laughs and says I m your servant, you just tell me what to do. Ishita says I m warning you, you go from here. He holds her hand and gives her water. She says leave me. He walks towards her and she loves back. He says I care about your goodness, when I came in this house, you did a lot for me and this family, for Raman, for Ruhi, but I regret that Raman neglects you. He makes her sit and says I was saying I m very much hurt, Raman does not understand you, I will give you everything which you don’t get from Raman, come closer to me, you will know the pleasure to be in a man’s arms.
She says just shut up. He says nothing will happen, you can’t become a mum, so there won’t be any side effect. Raman might be in any hotel in Mumbai, and you should have someone to take care of you. She slaps him and says shut up, stay away from me. He says I m talking to you with love and you slapped me. She slaps him again. He gets angry and says I will show you the answer of your slap. He gets closer to her and she runs. He holds her and says I will not leave you so easily, I will do that thing so that you can’t show your face to anyone. She falls.She cries and gets back.

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She turns and sees Parmeet standing and staring at her. Parmeet says everyone went to watch movie, they tried calling you. He stops her. She says excuse me. He says excused. He says you did not ask me why I did not go. He says I stayed here for you. He says that day everyone were at home and you got worried, only you and me today, you wanted this right.

#episode117 #anuragsharma #divyankatripathi #divyankatripathidahiya #yhm #yehhaimohabbatein #oldyhm #trowback #tellywood #ishita #ishitabhalla #parmeet

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