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We’re hoping to get some decorating done over the long weekend… anyone else been brave enough to go for an ombré wall? Share your creative paint effects with us using #YHlovemyhome 📷shows @Duluxuk oh-so summery Jungle Ginger in shades from 2 to 6.
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Thank you for the #widn tags lovelies!
@binkys_house I hope you will get your dressing table soon!
@time4tea17 looking forward to dee your new sofa and snuggle chair!
@homeatnumber12 sorry for the late reply.
I am just sitting at home, gathering strength to go to the gym. I'm really not in the mood to be honest and I'm still debating if I should 😂
Whatvare your plans for the day @afarmhousecalledhome @the_1882_house @my_liverpool_victorian_house ?

1 project is never enough. It is the weekend after all! DIY is law on Saturday right?

Who needs candles when peonies from the garden smell this good? #flowers #flowerpower #peonies #pink #simplepleasures #yhlovemyhome #showusyourdecor #sahstylists #instapic

Hi everyone, lovely and sunny now. I'm going to have a little relax before I start dinner. Has everyone had a good day ? Hope so😊 thanks to @casa_sj for the #widn tag what is @ladygsue up to? #newbuild #newhouse #newhome #homedecor #eleganceroom #instadesign #mydfs #interior9508 #instadecor #homeinspo #homestyle #homeideas #instadesign #myhshome #styleathome #yhlovemyhome #dfs #inspire #homedecor #homeinspiration #sharewithnext #interior444 #interiordesign #cosy #next #matalan #katespade

My latest room I've completed. From scratch including putting a curved ceiling in. A working beach, variety of furnishings mixed with vibrant colours and textures. #YourHomemagazine #YHlovemyhome interior design

🌿up cycle 🌿 I bought the little 1930s door stop stool for £5 and I've painted it in FB purbeck stone to match the bathroom walls 😍 I've had a spontaneous trip to the beach this morning and came back with some salvaged wood for the bedroom now time to paint outside. Enjoy your day insta . I'm also playing along with a fab new hashtag #MyDecoratedNest and #MySpaceAndDecor please join in the fun you will find lots of new accounts to follow 🌿🌿
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1 project is never enough. It is the weekend after all! DIY is law on Saturday right?

Sooo....we just went to @myhomesense to buy a couple of gifts for my family and of course we left with a coffee table.
Yup... a coffee table. Everybody that goes to Homsense does this, right?
Yesterday we celebrated 1 year in our house so it is quite fitting that it took us 1 year to find a coffee table that we both liked.
I am very excited and a little scared as it is a monster of a coffee table!

Good morning beautiful people!
I'm in the garden admiring the sunshine on our grass. I could only take a photo of this bit as the light is so strong the grass just looks white in the photo. 😂
Thought it's a good entry for #myhouseinaugust
🌿We're just about to go to Birmingham to drop off mum as she's going back home. 🙁 I'm just happy she came even for a few days.
🌿Thank you @ourhomeatno25 for the #widn tag! I'm happy you are settling in your new house! ❤
How are you @ourfirstbellwayhome @the_indigo_house @lauracoxhome ?

Yay! Just got the second pattern stencilled! Two more patterns to go and then I'm done. Well not entirely, I still have to seal it! This is the longest running DIY project ever!! But so rewarding. I ache more after this than I do after a spin and HIT class too!! .
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Happy Sunday beautiful people!
We went to Tewkesbury yesterday as mum wanted to visit some antique shops and of course I picked up a few bits as well.
🌿The big basket was from my fave antique shop and I got it because I have a few slippers that I just toss under the bed, so I wanted to get a nice basket to store them in.
🌿The beautiful little illustrations cost £3 for all 4 from this tiny second hand/antique store and they are adorable. I have no idea where they will go, but I just had to have them.
🌿The fluffy sheep fur shoes are actually a present from mum, not from UK and I just tossed them in the basket so you can see how good my idea is. 😂😂😂 Plus they fit in my sheepskin environment. .
🌿I also got 2 antique knobs for the kitchen cupboards so I can force myself to pick a damn colour and start painting already! I will use mismatched knobs for the cupboards. ❤ They are not in this picture because at that moment I totally forgot I bought them. 😂
🌿Overall it was a great day!
Also an entry for #walltowallstyle

Our second bedroom/former tip is finally clean and tidy and with fresh new sheer curtains, ready for mums arrival Friday. The beautiful chest found its home in here as well. ❤
We have a sofa bed in this room, so the duvet and pillows need to be stored separately, so I thought this chest is a good idea for that.
It's quite a big one and our spare bedroom is very tiny, so I think mum will struggle a bit to find room for her luggage. 😂😂 Oh well at least it looks pretty.
This room is the only one where almost nothing has been done. We changed the floors, mainly because we did that in the whole house at once. We bought a sofa bed for the first time mum was staying over and had a mirror for it and that's about it.
My idea for this room is a blush pink for the walls. The only room in the house where I am allowed to use pink. 😂 I'll keep you updated.
This is my very late #widn for @the_indigo_house @lauracoxhome and more recently @ourhomeatno25 ❤ Thank you for thinking of me!
How are you doing @2plus2andahome @everchanginghouse @victorianseasidehome ? 😃

I'm so happy we are finally introducing some more green in our house. We have so much more work to do until the living room looks like we want it to...or I want it to. 😂 But to be fair we had to put a hold on things for the garden.
I wanted to do a full shot of the tree, but I'm not satisfied with the setting just yet. 😂
This is also my entry for the new hashtags #designthatsdivine #simplechicorshabby ❤ and for #myhouseinaugust

We just got back from Ikea where we went to buy sheets. It's safe to say that we spent £100 and definitely not just on sheets. We wanted to introduce more green into our house and this beautiful massive plant/tree is one of them.
I'll share a full photo this week as I have to sort out the lounge and reorganise a bit first.
I thought it would be a nice entry to #myhouseinaugust for colour pop 🌿

I've been stuck in the house since yesterday morning taking medication pre colonoscopy, which is this afternoon at the John Radcliffe. I've spent a lot of time in bed as it is next door to the bathroom 🙈 at least it's given me the opportunity to admire our new lampshade in the bedroom
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This is our beautiful traditional Romanian small rug that we use on the landing. We paid £10 for it from a fair and we absolutely love it! It's a very nice splash of colour on our light grey floors.
I'm not a fan of carpet all over the house, but I'm definitely a fan of beautiful rugs. ❤

#day2 of #myhouseinaugust is #tiles. This is the only complete room in my #house #renovation. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is a complete mess 😩😩i keep looking at this room thinking everything will get better, just need to stay #focussed #renovationlife #smart360design
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These are some of my favourite posts from July.
It was a great month full of great activities, like going camping for the first time with Greg.
It was a hard month as well as we broke our backs working on the garden, but we now have grass so it was definitely worth it.
And lately I was actually debating changing my insta name. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it, but I need to decide fast.
What do guys think?

Our hallway is finally finished and I couldn't be happier with it. We've transformed a dark, dated space into a light filled modern one. Huge well done to Bruce for fitting and installing the dado rail 👏 such a smart man. I love that we have put back what it originally would have had and exposed the victorian floorboards. This was a lot of hard work but after finishing at midnight Sunday night and last night we've done it! Go team! 💪👊 #victorianterrace #victorianhome #interiors #interiordesign #mystyle #hallway#decor #victorianhouse #renovation #myhomestyle #instahome #homedecor #interiorstyling #dulux #styleithappy #interiorstyle #YHlovemyhome #YourHomemagazine #hall

I love our comfy cushions from @homesense Love the colour, the texture,he fabric and the fact that they are proper feather.
I still find it amazing that it was Gregs idea to get cushions. 😂 Even though he doesn't really understand them. Now I need to convince him we need more for the bedroom. 😂 .
#decorthatmakesmesmile #mydarlingdecor #simplecozystyle

We finally have turf!!! How amazing is this? We are so happy! I came back from work and we started on the turf from @tealturf
After months of working hard and digging tons of different types of concrete from under the former paving slabs, demolishing an old shed, removing bricks, putting them back to for our new path and patio area and a lot of sweat and tears.
We did it! All by ourselves, even though it broke our backs we are still so proud of what we've done.
I would like to say our garden is finished, but unfortunately it is not. We need to take a few trips to the tip, fill the bricks with sand a few more times and find some nice and cheap garden furniture, find a shed and cut those 2 horrible dead trees.
Next year hopefully we will get a new fence!
This is my #widn for @lauracoxhome TV and wine sounds awesome!! @homesweetrenovation uuuu countertops sounds great! Can't wait to change ours!
What are you up to @arieandco @newbuildboys @inside.number.25 ?

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