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Enjoying my professional footballplayer-vacation in the maldives 💯🏅🛫
TBT when i relized i play in a better league than Gigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini och Paulo Dybala💯
Dream final world cup 15. July Sweden - Iceland, and i will be sub in one of the teams 😛💯💯 #Changingpassport2018#geneticmasterpiece #matscelo #obamacare #yeswecan #stökig #maldives #highlife

The BABA is back!
Rum Baba with @cicconeandsons cinnamon gelato, candied orange zest, chantilly cream & a heafty shot of dark rum.
#yeswecan #rumbaba #candiedorangezest #chantillycream #darkrum #cinnamongelato #dessert #newtown

#Repost @dolcebaciogelato
Temos o orgulho em dizer que somos 100% Italiano e 100% Tocantinense!! A Dolce Bacio Gelato surgiu aqui em Palmas, com o desejo de trazer o majestoso Gelato Italiano e um pedacinho da Itália 🇮🇹 para você!! Acreditamos que juntos, fazemos de Palmas-TO uma cidade cada vez mais amada por todos!
Venha visitar Palmas-TO e aprecie o Gelato Legítimo Italiano pertinho de você!! #acreditamosnotocantins

Can we make #maghaliemonday a thing. #yeswecan

"سائح بالجرم المشهود" 😂


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@Regranned from @sheena__c - A new legacy for theKenyan Fashion Industry.👊👊
The amazing Panel inspiring Development Mr.Daniel J Hatton @commonwealthfashion Ms.Mendi Njonjo@hivoseastafrica Mr .Rajeev Arora @MinistryofIndustryandtrade Mr.Habil Olaka Kenya Bankers Association ,Ms .Sheena Frida @sfdc_ke
#yeswecan - #regrann

@Regranned from @sheena__c - Fashion Industry Players came together at a Round Table discussion with the Minstry of Industry and Trade, the Strategic Fashion Development Consortium and the Commonwealthfashioncouncil for implementation of a Kenya National Fashion Council.In support of Business and Trade.
@bof @fashiononetelevision @spicetvafrica @commonwealthfashion - #regrann

FORTE (adj.) É ter energia na alma. É não ter medo, nem de sentimentos, nem de pessoas. É características de quem faz acontecer. É ser dez em um, ser for preciso. É ser preciso. É ser capaz de lutar. É ser entregue pra vida. É qualidade no coração da gente, mora do lado da coragem. É um espírito regido num ser humano firme. É ter uma dedicação num punho e paixão no outro.
É chegar de pé no fim do dia. Todos os dias! 🖤♠️♣️ JS 1: 1 à 9.
#eusouforte #cadavezmaisforte #resiliência #nevergiveup #yeswecan 💪🏾👊🏾

- Adventure? Work? Motivation? Challenge? Bring it on !! 😁😁😁
- Leadership Training Phase 2 🤗🤗🤗
#americanpillo #totalsystem #bfnm #training #motivation #LD2 #leadership #fellowship #friendship #leader #wolfpack #job #work #injured #amc #ts #synergy #yeswecan #borntolead

#wcw goes out to all of you fabulous boss babes today.  Just a reminder, all items in our empowering women collection (like this Babe Cave Print) are going on sale Black Friday! 🎊🖤

I'm so grateful that I started listening to myself 10+ years ago (after a lifetime of suppression) when my inner voice clearly and relentlessly told me: Something isn't right. Looking back now, my only regret is that I waited so long to dive into my journey to #getfree and trust myself as the authority on what my life should feel and look like. Reminder: YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY. And everything you need is inside of you already. But until you stop believing the voices of the naysayers, fear-mongers, and critics you're just going to stay... stuck.
Want to get unstuck? 😈
People write me all the time (I love hearing from you🌈) to ask how they can work with me to actualize their desires. Here's the deal:
🏆I work with only five 1:1 clients at a time, for 3 month+ periods. If you have something major in your life you want to heal, breathe new possibility into and uplevel (income, sex, self-love, relationship, family, lifestyle), this is for you. 🏆I will begin to offer life-changing personal transformation sessions next month 🔥🔥 If you have a specific problem or situation that you are looking to transform quickly and effortlessly - like in 1 two-hour session - then this is for you. DM me to be first in line when this launches. 🏆I'm recording an incredible podcast that's launching Jan 2018. I am blown away by the visionary powerhouses I am speaking with + the deep teaching that comes through in our conversation. Can't wait to share these deep insights and special rituals for you to enjoy 🙌🏼
🏆I am creating POWERFUL online content for all the babes out there (and the dudes too, I see you 👁) who are ready to make changes and go deep in your own personal transformation journey. I'm actually launching something special (and totally free) very soon. It's going to uplevel your 2018 like ⚡️⚡️⚡️... Stay tuned 👀
I love holding space for magic. I love working with you. I love this experience of empowering women to change their lives + be in integrity with their desires.
Working with my clients to explode their limitations on what they believe is possible is one of the best feelings in the world + is #feministasfuck. It's all happening. Tap in ✨

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