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@mayorofla Eric Garcetti, Supervisor @mridleythomas, and Councilmember @mhdcd8 encourages us to keep working and fighting for our homeless neighbors and Angelenos who are on the brick of homelessness. "We have work to do and we are in a place to house and service more thanks to the passage of Proposition HHH and Measure H." #YEStoHousing @yesonhhh #yesonH

Can't believe my coworkers surprised me with this kind gift, three expired milks from our fridge and the leftover breakfast sandwiches from Monday. Sometimes it's the little things that make you realize how much you're actually contributing. Thank you @cynthiakao for taking this photo of me and for all you do for me. There are no small roles, just small actors. "One love, one life. Let's get together and feel alright." -Bob Marley #NoOnS #YesOnH

I decided to take a walk into Hollywood yesterday to catch a glimpse of the Oscars preparations on the boulevard. I was met by marchers of the 'Yes On H' initiative which is the “Los Angeles County Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness”. Overwhelmingly, the first thing that visitors to Lalaland mention is their shock at the homeless situation in this beautiful city. One of the main reasons, besides the weather, for there being such large numbers of homeless on the streets is because this city has failed the mentally ill, using the streets and prisons as rehabilitation options instead of getting a lot of these people the help they truly need and deserve.

After doing a bit of research, this is probably the main reason I'm in support of Measure H because not only is it going to provide housing for those in need, it will also provide mental health services for them so their underlying challenges are met along with their immediate housing challenges.

Even better, according to www.voteyesonh.com, the measure will cost the average citizen a little over $1 a month. While there is obviously no quick fix to the homeless situation in Los Angeles, and money alone most certainly won't fix it, this is an initiative that, at least on the surface seems to get the ball rolling in the right direction. This vote is on the ballot March 7th, and if you are concerned about the homelessness in LA, I would say it's completely worth doing your own research before then to make an informed decision on this vital issue.

Of course, don't forget to tune into the 89th Academy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel tonight on ABC 5:30pm PST, though, something tells me you didn't really need that reminder lol.
As always, The Duminator hopes that you enjoy these moments as much as he enjoyed capturing them! #btw, if our #flypics are your kind of #party, don't forget to like, comment & follow!!! Check out the full gallery on www.topflytmedia.com #oscars #oscars2017 #academyawards #yesonh #voteyesonhp

Celebrating the passage... Yes On H. A positive moment in the effort to end homelessness in LA. @mridleythomas @mhdcd8 #YesOnH #homelessness #reimaginejustice

Bienvenido a Echo Park... donde la mayoria de los perros viven una vida lujosa y docenas de seres humanos viven como perros. 😧

Next for Measure H #YesOnH #HomelessnessAndYourMoney

Kristen Bell is voting Yes on H! (Repost: LA Family Housing) #YesOnH #HomelessnessAndYourMoney

Keep an eye on your mailbox...supporters are mailing postcards to voters across L.A. County asking them to vote #YesOnH. You might be one of the lucky few to get a hand-written letter from Mayor Eric Garcetti!

We are proud to have over 300 organizations and individuals in business, labor, environment, faith, health and more all pledging to vote #YesOnH! Thank you for your support!

Measure H in 90 Seconds (Credit: KCET Ballot Brief) #HomelessnessAndYourMoney #YesOnH

Los Angeles voted to raise sales tax by a quarter-cent to help end homelessness. (Link in bio) #YesOnH #HomelessnessAndYourMoney #nowthis

The money would pay for services for the homeless. Not physical homes. It would fund services such as mental health, substance abuse treatment, health care, job training, transportation, outreach, prevention. Among the people it would help are foster youth, veterans, battered women, seniors, disabled individuals, and the mentally ill. (Credit: KCET Ballot Brief) #YesOnH #HomelessnessAndYourMoney

You wouldn't build a house with out a foundation. #YesOnH #HomelessnessAndYourMoney

@Regrann from @ericgarcetti - I spent this morning with Michael and Randy, two formerly homeless veterans who are campaigning for Yes on H, the LA County Measure to bring our unhoused Angelenos home. Please join us in passing this urgent measure that would provide $350 million/yr for the next decade to hire the outreach workers & mental health professionals we need, to build more housing in all of LA County for women, children and others living in our streets and to help us end homelessness in LA. #YesonMeasureH #YesonH #bringthemhome - #regrann

From homeless to hopeful, for at least 45,000 people. That’s Measure H. And that’s reality after almost 70% of Angelenos voted YES to permanent housing for our most vulnerable neighbors.

See why this celebration is ten years in the making, and how Measure H is the key to ending homelessness in Los Angeles >>


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