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Really enjoying our new setup from @article, so pretty and so comfy!!! πŸ€— #ourarticle #svensofa #amoebatable

The plant collection just keeps growing 🌱🌡🌿

So happy with our subtle new blinds by @rustys_blinds πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβœ¨ #homesweetpepperloaf

Love my new sofa from @article even after my husband spills a full cup a coffee on it, it still looks and feels great #sven #ourarticle

New couch!! 😍

looking forward to a quiet Monday in the #maydesignsstudio ☺️

Gotta love four day weekends, getting all the things done! Front door paint refresh βœ… now onto mulching the front yard #curbappeal

A couple of frames, my grandmothers's coffee table, a little sweat & tears and a bucket full of pride. I made myself a home! #DarcysOnDelancey #ourArticle

The house is slowly coming together, one pretty piece at a time. #svensofa


The plant collection just keeps growing 🌱🌡🌿

Playing house.

Really diggin' #ourarticle sofa from @article. Glad we took the chance on it. #article #modern #noguchi #roomandboard #westelm #mywestelm #midcenturymodern

It's on the wrong side and placed completely wrong, but let the record show that things are getting unboxed at #QuonsetHaus. It's a little bit silly how gorgeous @caligreeen is going to make this place, and I'm so excited to watch another one of her designs come to life. The construction phase and contractors are completely done, and we've got a finished and cleaned space and a brand new patio (prepped and ready for a farm table and string lights).
We're still looking for you. We're so stoked to be collaborating with so many rad brands (that we'll share in the coming weeks) to help bring this space to life. If we haven't chatted yet, DM me about some of the dreams we've got for this place.

It's been a good mail week. 😍 #ourarticle #loungeprogress

Wednesday blues πŸ›‹πŸ’™. Bernal Heights living room featured on @dominomag. πŸ“·:@interior_design_photographer @homepolish #fieldtheorydesign

Time out just got waaaay cuter. 😌😚😊

Gotta love four day weekends, getting all the things done! Front door paint refresh βœ… now onto mulching the front yard #curbappeal

Constantly thinking about just throwing this chair in my car, driving away, and never looking back. πŸš— #highlanddriveproject

β€œWe have developed an attitude of wanting what is right for me now, rather than what we could do to build our great land for future generations, maybe we can refocus our desires, look to the history of the past of this great β€œland of the free” and see what made this nation so strong. Have we become so caught up in ourselves that [we] would rob future generations of the rich heritage that we’ve been blessed with? We need to strive to live righteous lives. We need to reach out to one another. We need to strive to be friends, If we don’t, we will have to learn lessons we have learned before, which will come at a great price." | L. Tom Perry|
The older I get my prayers mature...this.this... is my prayer for my kids. We've been given blessing upon blessing and I only hope they will be able to live in a land that continues to hold freedom so dearly. God Bless America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #landofthefreebecauseofthebrave #independenceday #theheartfulphotogs

Before & After. #interiordesign

Love working with Sonder and the amazing designer Christina Higham.

If loving an inanimate object and wanting to spend all of my free time lounging around on it with a bottle of wine is wrong then who would ever want to be right?
The centerpiece of my Color Lover living room makeover is this gorgeous blue velvet sofa from @article! πŸ’™
Direct link to tour the room with all source info right in my profile @kelly.elko #kellyelkodecorates .
#ad #ourarticle #articlefurniture #yesarticle #colorlovers #sofa #sofa #midcenturymodernfurniture #midcentury #eclecticstyle #eclecticdecor #homedecor #bohostyle #bohochic #sharemysquare #interiordecor #interiordesign #interiors #interiorstyling #sodomino

You family and friends have been asking how our new home has been coming along. I get hesitant to share and reclusive and I think it's because I want to do it in such a way that is mindful of others. We don't have it all together over here, we have undiagnosed health issues, we have trials of our own. But we have each other, we have you and we have this lovely house that God's gifted us with and we are having a blast turning it into a home. Here are pics of our main level, at the best time of day, and after tidying up the books and toys. We've loved having people over and pray the Lord will use it for his glory and for our good. Come on over!

For the past month, we have spent our free hours moving, assembling, painting walls, doing stairs and repotting trees.

Now for the fun part,
Calling it home.
Filling it with life and not things,
Exactly how we like it. ❀️
#ourarticle #shibainu

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