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Tough, ambitious and knows exactly what she wants.#YEPREM’s Chevalier collection reflects the strength within every woman! #YEPREMjewellery #womenempowerment #womenmarch

Never backing down, #YEPREM’s chevalier collection is a unique and beautiful salute to every woman who is a fighter, survivor and a shining star!
#YEPREMjewellery #womenempowerment #womenmarch

For the love of white ⚪️😍

Travel through #YEPREM ‘s astonishing world of sculptural jewellery. Enjoy the journey amongst our fabulous creations and latest collections at the Trunk show held @neimanmarcus Boca Raton from the 20th till the 22nd of March. #YEPREMjewellery #NeimanMarcus #Florida

Великолепные серьги из новой коллекции YEPREM уже представлены в Rixos Hotel Almaty в корнере Yeprem.

100 Diamonds 1.84 ct
Rose gold
White gold


С любовью, Ваш YEPREM ALMATY
. Адрес:
. Алматы,
. 506/99 ул.Сейфуллина,уг.ул Кабанбай Батыра
. 📞 +7 727 300 33 68;
. 📲 +7 701 5000155; +7 777 1701700


[ Drippin in Finesse ] 👑🧖🏽‍♀️💎 Watch our story to see how we dipped the model in Diamonds and Latex for this shoot... #CandyforniaStudio #Photoshoots #yepremjewellery

The power of a woman is not how brightly she shines but the light she leaves in everyone she meets. Let the woman in you glow with #YEPREM ‘s Chevalier creations. #YEPREMjewellery #womensmarch #womenempowerment

To every lady who went against all odds, found infinite power within her and surrounded herself in a world full of endless possibilities#YEPREM ‘s Chevalier creations are beautifully crafted in honor of strong,bold and fearless women who leave the biggest impact everyday! #YEPREMjewellery #womensmarch #womenempowerment

In front of every woman there is endless possibilities and behind her you find infinite power! #YEPREM ‘s Chevalier creations are beautifully crafted to fit every lady who dares to go against all odds. #YEPREMjewellery #womensmarch #womenempowerment

Fitting her perfectly, @madonna looking flawless with #YEPREM’s latest handpiece from the Snowflakes collection at @barneysny in Beverlly Hills. #YEPREMjewellery #Madonna #mdna

YEPREM, is a international brand founded in Beirut, Lebanon 1964 by Yeprem Chakardeniam . After 50 years the second generation: John, Loutfic and Virna Chakardemian, they have designed pieces “that reveal every curve of the body as a work of art; each piece is made with moving style and dexterity so that the creation is comfortable and pliable”. My favorite pieces: The creations for the hands. Why? Because The Hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessings, it is expressive, and according to Aristotle: "The hand is the "tool of tools." #yeprem for me has develop a special sensibility for the back of the hand, a beautiful curve of the body that we take for granted, being our hands the perfect tool for touch what we just can perceive with the other senses. It's A curve that we forget to explore, except by #yeprem. In the hands rest the feeling of tact, we can touch, what we see, hear and smell. When I see the #yeprem designs for the hands, I feel a call for enjoy the physical sensations around us, and take a while to indulge the senses, to enjoy the world near to us, to make us feel comfortable in our own skin, and in our second skin: our jewelry. Their jewelry projects sensuality because is a call to pursued for happiness doing the things that you love, being around the people who make you feel good, and to work on improving anything you'd like to improve, to take the time for slow down, touch, encourage you, to be PRESENT! My favorite creations from YEPREM house, definitely the creations for the #hands. ____________________________. #jewelrydialogue #oneinesarenas #inesarenasuna #seejewelrydifferent #speakjewelry #yeprem #yepremjewellery #sensuality #hands #一个inesarenas

Bold and Timeless
The Iconic Madonna dazzled her outfit with #YEPREM’s glamorous hand-piece jewellery.
#YEPREMjewellery #Madonna #mdna #StarsinYEPREM

The Icon @madonna added a touch of glam to her look wearing one of #YEPREM's latest creations, an illuminating hand-piece from the Snowflakes collection in @barneysny at Beverly Hills.
#YEPREMjewellery #Madonna #mdna

The gorgeous @madonna added a touch of glam to her look wearing one of #YEPREM's newest creations, an illuminating hand-piece from the latest Snowflakes collection in @barneysny at Beverly Hills.
#YEPREMjewellery #Madonna #mdna

Both bold and timeless, the iconic @madonna was looking gorgeous visiting @barneysny in Beverly Hills to promote her @mdnaskin products. Madonna dazzled her outfit with #YEPREM’s glamorous hand-piece from the latest Snowflakes collection. #YEPREMjewellery #Madonna #mdna

❤️ #Repost ・・・
No feelings could describe the happiness, joy and excitement of coming back home.Yerevan, the starting place of love,hope and dreams. #YEPREM is settling right into it’s roots @chronographarmenia at Northern Avenue, Yerevan,Armenia #YEPREMjewellery #Yerevan #Armenia#ChronographArmenia

Surrounded by beautiful Paris lights, streets and inspiring artists. It was an outmost pleasure for #YEPREM family to attend Paris Fashion Week. We take pride in successfully showcasing #YEPREMjewellery newest collection at @pink_heater and taking part of fashion history. #PFW #ParisFashionWeek2018

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