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Abu chillin outside! He prefers to be on paper towels haha!πŸ˜„πŸ’š Also I apologize for not posting any updates of him recently. He is doing good, he still does not have an appetite for bugs though!😒 He will only eat his baby food and drink water! I think his medicine makes him feel a little sick because he is not as active as he used to be. He still seems alert and happy though so I pray he will be okay!πŸ’šπŸ’š Thanks for reading!❀❀

My poor baby has yellow fungus and can barely open his eye😭 I took him to the vet yesterday and he got medication and antifungal cream. If anyone has any advice that might help Apollo out, it'd be greatly appreciated❀
#beardeddragon #yellowfungus #yellowfungusdisease #help #advise

This fungus on my mulch is so yellow it looks toxic. Should I be worried about it? #yellowfungusdisease

My time hop likes to remind me that there was a time before Phoebe. This was Ducky! Ducky stole my heart in the short period of time we had her. She unfortunately had to be put to sleep as she contracted yellow fungus from the pet store prior to owning her πŸ˜žπŸ‰πŸ˜‡ #restinparadise #yellowfungusdisease #beardeddragon #beardiesofinstagram

I don't know how to SHOUT this info loud enough---- national pet stores across America are being shipped baby beardies with Yellow Fungus! YF is always fatal and very contagious. If only one baby has YF in a batch sent to a store, all the beardies are exposed. And if the sand isn't sanitized, the YF can spread to the next batch of beardies that comes in. A YF exposed baby can take it to a new home and expose other beardies to it without extreme sanitation measures. Yellow Fungus being spread is about as bad as it can get for pet beardies in America. PLEASE SHARE. Instead of being a rare occurrence, YF will become a common killer if national pet stores keep buying babies from sloppy breeders. 😑😠 #yellowfungusdisease #yellowfungus #beardeddragon #beardiesofinstagram #beardeddragonrescue #pamperedbeardies #reptilerescue #doyourresearch #adoptdontshop

Link is in my bio. Please read my story and if you have an extra five (or more) dollars to donate, please help me. Although all four of my chameleons passed away from #yellowfungus/#canv, I have sent the fungus in to my wonderful vet Dr. Jackson at Currents/Erin Ridge vet clinic to have it cultured and it's drug sensitivities analyzed, and I plan to have histopathology and PCR done too. I want to educate/protect others from the trauma I went through of losing all my babies in two weeks to such a rare and invasive fungal disease. This will cost upwards of $400 (likely $500+) aka money I truthfully don't have unless I use credit. Despite caring for them around the clock and paying almost $900, the disease caused systemic infections resulting in heart failure. I plan to share my entire story online, because not enough people have and even my amazing vet wasn't familiar with chameleons getting CANV. I am also endlessly grateful for all the support friends. Thank you. #gofundme #chameleon #canadianchameleonkeepers #eras #edmontonreptileassociation #edmonton #yeg #alberta #canada #chameleons #veterinary #herpvet #herp #reptile #yellowfungussucks #yellowfungusdisease #chrysosporium #reptiledisease #chameleonsofinstagram #chameleonforums #chameleons_of_ig


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