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Announcement 🌸🌸🌸 thanks for watching!! #yegmade

Trying to make the most of the snow when you are way over it 🙈 praying for some sunshine and springtime right about now! •
Also, this sweater from @shoppinkblush I am wearing... SO COMFY. I think I have worn it probably 10 times since I got it. LOL. Best lazy day mom shirt!
. . . . . . . . . . .
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Enjoying a silent house and a warm bath.
Almost five months have passed since I was right in this very place, breathing through serge after serge. Urging my sweet son to come Earthside. I still can’t put into words the journey my body took, or the place I had to go to get him here, but I’m trying. I hope to write out my birth story soon, but I’ve heard these things take time. Any other mamas know what I’m talking about? ✨

These past 5 days have been busy, I feel as though I’m being pulled in a hundred different directions. I always try to do my best to take care of others first and help out others. They say if you want something done ask a busy person. This couldn’t be more true. I’ve said yes to everything. I have to start saying yes to myself! My needs, my dreams and my goals. Don’t get me wrong I love being the person others count on. And of course my family and friends always come first. But this is also my time to shine. This #standupandshinechallenge has lit a fire in my soul. Life is good no matter what you have been through, or the cards you have been dealt. Shine your light friends and be the light for others ⭐️ friends head on over to @theshineproject and be sure to listen to Ashley’s story, it will literally break your heart. 💛

Sooooooooo excited about this self care giveaway bag I was asked to make for @heelstylezdancecompany for their event on Sunday 🤗 It’s so cool! Check them out and preregister by Saturday for a chance to win this awesome gift bag AND a 12 class pass for heels fitness 😍
Do you notice TWO NEW PRODUCTS in this photo?? Positive Lovely Life now offers Calming Bath Salts AND an Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub 😘 Love them both!!!
Message me for more details and stay tuned for another exciting product launch happening soon 😃
Positive Lovely Life Products make the perfect gifts or are perfect for treating yourself!
Have an amazing weekend 😘
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Mini Zaatar pies! Pretty much the best way you could say I love you to whoever your trying to feed....including yourself!

To all the mamas having mom guilt.. STOP ✋ right now! 👉working mamas
👉stay at home mamas
👉mamas that run their own business
We are all doing our best every F&@?ING day.
👉bottle fed
👉cry it out

Everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE, will do what works for THEM...
Until it doesn't work anymore, and then they will figure out something else!
It's okay to cry..
Feed your kids cereal for supper..
Drink some wine..
Take them to daycare and spend a day ALONE..
You need and deserve a break!
When you take that break it makes you a better mama to your littles 😍
We are all doing the very BEST WE KNOW HOW!
There isn’t a guide book on kids.. you take it and learn as you go!
Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes you know you are KILLING IT 🤜💥🤛
☝️ONE RULE for all the mamas.... WE are all doing this. So let’s support and cheer each other on.
Tag and share with your biggest mama friend cheerleader 📣

We are SO EXCITED to be one of the first Canadian retailers to carry @freshlypicked diaper bags! They are made by moms for moms, and are highly coveted! They are made of Vegan Leather and can be worn 3 ways! Online and in store now. 😍 #yegmama #babyplum

Stuck like glue forever. Even when their parents are past 100 and turned to dust... (taken from conversations with them, obviously.)

I was looking through our family session for a few to print.. I'm thinking this one sums things up perfectly. 😏

My boy. ❤️

What are you doing to take care of yourself today?

Be the best parent you can be with the support of our night doulas. We will take the night shift and you get a full nights rest!
Worried about your breastfeeding relationship? Our doulas are equipped to create a plan that will give you maximum rest while ensuring your feeding plans are met.

Ladies!! 💥
Are you ready to experience #YEG’s first studio dedicated to pregnancy and postnatal fitness?! Our brand new schedule begins March 19 and is loaded on MindBody for you to check out!!

Three brand new Signature Class styles have been added to the existing favourites and we cannot wait for you the check them out! Read full descriptions via the link in bio! •

Excited yet?!? 🙌🏼❤️✌🏼

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This little man is on the move now. He is crawling now, pulling up on everything and loving getting from one side of the room to the other with all the new moves he has. It is so neat watching him learn all these new skills and be excited about them. The kid never stops moving and loves every second of it. While watching him today it got me wondering, when do we start looking at movement as work? As adults exercise is something most have to schedule into their days, and a good chunk of people don't even enjoy it. When do people loose their joy for movement? Our bodies are meant move, but yet we have a sedentary society. Imagine if everyone loved movement and exercise as much as this little guy? If society looked forward to workouts and taking care of their health and fitness? Moving our bodies should be something we all enjoy doing as much as the little babes do. Some food for thought today. #movedaily #fitness #fitbaby #fitmom #mommyandme #postpartum #postpartumfitness #flowpower #yegbaby #yegmama #sweatdaily #fitspo #fitfam #health #babyboy #onthemove #personaltrainer

I wear this shirt pretty much every day! It’s so comfy and soft and of course I love the message! If you don’t have yours yet, you NEED one! head on over to @littlest_warrior to get yours today! ❤️ and always remember to BE KIND, you never know what battles people may be fighting. A smile goes long way!

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