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Moja tohtoročná challenge #rokbeznakupov sa chýli ku koncu. Už ostáva len 58 dní 😊 Ten čas ale beží, však? Začiatkom roka som mala veľké plány, ako napíšem veľa článkov a urobím milión fotiek outfitov, no nejak som sa tomu nevenovala, ale chcem to napraviť a potrebujem vašu pomoc. Čo by vás na mojom roku bez nákupov zaujímalo? #yearwithoutshopping 😉

Just want you guys to remember: there are just 6 days till my #yearwithoutshopping ends. Finally! #shopstopyear #buylesstravelmore #vacationmode #wearyourstuff #wearwhatyouhave #challengealmostcomplete

Guuuten Morgen! Ich liege schon am Strand und zelebriere, DASS MEIN #jahrohneshoppen ZU ENDE IST! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 und das erste, was ich jetzt tue: umdrehen und von der anderen Seite bräunen lassen. Gerade brauche ich eh keine Klamotten! #yearwithoutshopping #challengecompleted #challengeaccomplished #finito #done #fertig #geschafft #happyface #beachface #project365 #omg #ichso #wohoo #challengingmyself #undjetzteinbier

... nebyť #yearwithoutshopping už sú moje... dnes po druhý raz tak výraznejšie ľutujem, že som sa na to dala a celých 5 mesiacov si nič na oblečenie nekúpila... no zároveň som na seba hrdá, že mi to tak ide... #inlovewithdress 😉


Minsgame 29: Almost at the finish line, don't want to stumble now. So I'm now going to recycle some of my older medals, a number of folders, and a lot more photos. I like how I can get a little nostalgic before having to give these away. On the other hand, it is a little hard to say goodbye but I know that this is what decluttering means. I'm just happy to know these will go to better uses. :D ~ A, shopstopyear

Tis' the season! Well, a lot of people are shopping for gifts, decorations and much more. I prefer to make what I can and that's pretty fun. Today I'm making some decorations that I can place around the apartment to make it more festive. So far things are looking good, can't wait to place this ornament by my door. I'm hoping everyone is having as much fun as I am! I still have so much to make and almost no time left, it is pretty fun to do but still tiring whew! It will all be worth it after all things are said and done. Cheers! ~ A, shopstopyear

Minsgame 26: Some more photos here which I will recycle as well. Once more I saved them on my computer, so it's time to say goodbye to these. I must say, I love that picture of me in a sailor hat, ahoy! Few more days and I am done with the minsgame, let's do this!

Minsgame 25: I have a ton of photos, and despite a heavy heart, I think it's better to declutter my life than keep these. Don't worry I saved them in my computer, so I can always remember and look at them whenever I want. In the mean time, the physical copies will just need to be recycled. Isn't great that we can keep our photos online and on our computers with a snap of our fingers? Technology really does change the world. :)

Minsgame 24: I found an old sewing kit and despite how useful it was over the years, I think it's time to let these go. I like how I was able to maximize them but it's about time to say goodbye. I also found some tin cans and some foot... huh never really figured out what to call these, but you place them in your shoes so it's more comfortable. Anyone familiar with their names? One more hairpin and a nail file. Whew, I am so glad that I went on that scavenger hunt earlier this afternoon...

I know the adventure has been taking awhile and today it will likely be the last one for this year. I want to focus on preparing for the bigger adventure which is the upcoming #shopstopyear2018 that will be starting on January! Again, the invite is open and I plan to be a great support to all the challengers.

In the mean time however, I plan to go on a scavenger hunt today! Many of you know I'm nearing the end of my #minsgame and I am on day 24 (I think) and I'm at my wits end! That's why for today's adventure, I'm scavenging my entire apartment! I plan to turn the couch upside down, stare down the corners of my closet and invade my desk drawers! I know all the things I can sell, give away or throw away, are still there. I just need to look for them. :) This is going to be a fun scavenger hunt, especially since I don't know exactly what I'm going to hunt down LOL! :)) ~ A, shopstopyear

Minsgame 23: Really stretching myself thin here, but things are looking good. I have raided quite a few of my drawers and found a lot of random stuff. Goes to show you that things aren't really finished until it's finished. As you can see a lot of these are hairpins, some jewelry, a shaver and even earphones to name a few. I'll throw some away and the others I'll give away. At least, from the looks of it, I no longer have candle holders. :D

Amazing what you can find when you clean out your handbags! Other than used up tissues, receipts, and last year's coupons, I found 3 lipsticks and some jewelry. Clearly, I have a hard time keeping my purses clutter free. * * * #declutter #decluttering #organizing #clutterfree #yearwithoutshopping #shopstopyear #purge #minimalism #roomforimprovement #minimalist #minimalistcloset #minimalistwardrobe #pursecleanout #handbagcleaning #handbag

I know that we are taking a break for #shopstopmonth but I just want to look back and say, it was an awesome trip! :) every challenger did such a great job. I just want to take a moment to really celebrate how you achieved shopstopmonth! I know there were hard times and there were times you weren't sure, in fact, some of you even ended up buying something outside of the accepted rules, but that's ok! It´s all part of the process.
Shopstopmonth and of course #shopstopyear isn't about just cutting off unnecessary shopping, while that is part of it, the biggest goal of the two challenges is to improve ourselves. In this day and age, that's all we can really ask for. Let's improve and become conscious of our spending. Everything we consume has a bigger effect and in the end, we really don't need so much stuff. I like to think that when we free ourselves from shopping, we get sooooo much more free time on our hands and we can spend it in anyway we want. #Shopstopmonth could be a good option for you who feel you have to little time. My favorite is spending time making new memories with friends and family. Like this lovely person on the picture, my dear brother @enriquue. I do hope the challengers enjoyed having some extra time, during their shopstopmonth and if they did complete or not, you are totally a winner already! ~ A, shopstopyear

Shopstopyear has been an amazing event in my life. I am so proud of how things progressed and how things are looking over the horizon.There´s a lot to look forward to (#shopstopyear2018 oh yeah!). I'd like to appreciate how it also takes affect around the holiday seasons. Many people assume that it's a crutch and that it's quite difficult. However, it's quite the opposite. I am pretty relaxed not having to keep up with the consumerism that has been given along with the holidays. I can take things easy and happily choose gifts, like a dinner together, a movie or just spend time with my loved ones and family members. I don't really need anything for myself except toiletries, food and the basics. Aside from that I am more than content to rest in my apartment and enjoy time along side my friends and family. You are more than welcomed to join me and just relax, instead of running around, chasing after all those sales, just enjoy the season for the wonderful experience that it is and spend time with family and friends. :D ~ A, shopstopyear

Minsgame 21: I told you I was out of candle holders! Although I didn't say anything about hairpins. As mentioned, I used to be involved in fashion and the photo shoots were grueling but fun. So nowadays, don't really need them anymore and they can be used elsewhere, makes sense doesn't it? Let's hope they end up with someone who will make it big in the fashion industry someday or if anything at all, look fabulous period. I think I like the latter more than the former, don't you?

Minsgame 20: I had to raid my drawers this time and found quite a few goodies to give away. Quite a few nice things, some booklets to learn English and so forth, so useful and has helped me improve ever so much! A planner, several blank letters, a cute little children's book and a photo frame that I was never able to use but still always thought the world of. I'm hoping they are all put to good use. A third of the way done for the Minsgame! Just a bit more!

Minsgame 19: Please excuse the delayed post, will send both of day 19 and 20 today to make up for it! :D Again, I'll admit it, I'm having a harder time finding things to give away or sell so the randomness of what I'm getting rid of today is quite out there. As you can see there is a bag that I have loved forever, but it's time to go to a new home. A pair of shades, a plate a couple of boxes and so much more. And yes, your eyes do not deceive you, oh my gosh I still have candle holders to give away! I really, really, really think these are the last ones... well, I'm almost sure. 100%... 90? 70% sure this time :) LOL. Did I ever share how I love aromatherapy and how soothing a lit candle is? Anyhow all of the items in the photo are going to a good home, so yay!

The season of holiday parties is here and with it, the dreaded question: "What will I wear?!" I was very tempted to throw in the towel and just order something online. I made it 11 months without buying any clothing and this is the last stretch. Then a magical thing happened. I actually looked at my closet carefully and found couple dresses I completely forgot I had! In my defense, they were hiding in our apartment in Italy. When you forget the items of clothing that you actually own, then it means you own too much. Even though I haven't added to my closet and I've been purging consistently, I still have too much. #shopstopyear #toomuchstuff #minimize #minimalistcloset #minimalistwardrobe #minimalism #minimalist #nonewclothes #organizing #decluttering #declutter #capsulewardrobe #yearwithoutshopping #yearwithoutnewclothes #yearofme #slimcloset #icandoit #newyearsresolution #holidays #holidaypartyfashion #holidayparty #holidaypartydress #christmasparty #fashionchallenge #project365 #365daysnoshopping

As mentioned earlier, I am super thrilled for 2018! In fact, as early as now, I want to announce shopstopyear 2018! Woohoo! Can you feel how awesome this is going to be? I am inviting anyone who wants to change their lives!
Anyone who wants to save and knows that they are spending too much money on wants rather than needs, anyone who is tired of spending way too much for a consumer driven world, anyone who just wants to improve themselves, I welcome pretty much everyone. Don't you worry, the point of this challenge is not to do it perfectly, but to always, always improve. :) Let me know if you're interested and simply PM me or make a comment, I'll introduce our goals and some guidelines soon. Get excited! ~ A, shopstopyear

Minsgame 17: Today its time to hit the jewelry boxes. I love jewelry, even though I'm not shopping, but these aren't my style anymore so time to declutter them. Good thing though, I bought all of these second hand and I think I've used them quite a bit. I'm glad that most of them will go to a good home except for one wristband, which is pretty much busted and can't really be fixed anymore. That will have to be recycled. However, the rest I'm hoping will bring the new owners as much joy as I got out of them. ;)

Minsgame 16: Looks like I had to dig deep for these recyclables, in fact I found an old red #LV lipstick, the golden stick, that I have gotten from my dear cousin. I loved it but i'ts all used up now, so it's time to part ways.
Additionally I found a #nyx, that's a black make up for those not familiar and it is an eyeliner which I used very often but it has dried out and it's time to say goodbye. Of course if anyone wants to buy me a new one this Christmas I woulds totally be beside myself, hint hint ;) Finally, found some nail files that have seen better days and an odd pair of earrings, that well, just doesn't match. Why I kept them longer than today, I'm not quite sure...

I think the #shopstopmonth challengers for November are doing awesome! It's almost the end of the month and I want you all to power through! I'm always here for support and would be willing to do anything to help you finish this month.
In fact, everyone who has ever done the shopstopmonth challenge has done such an awesome job that I want to give you an early holiday present: the shopstopmonth shall take a quick break for the month of December. Not so that we can go crazy with shopping, of course not. We are doing this so you can take all your attention and focus it on what is important this coming holiday seasons - family and friends. Take the time to spend and rain your attention on them. I believe, this is the best time to enjoy and make memories with the people that really matter. Enjoy every second of it! PS: Love this photo, it's a throwback to the wedding of Matilda who is my partner on shopstopyear, it was a wonderful memory that I will treasure forever! ~ A, shopstopyear

Minsgame 15: I found a number of #pantone pencils that need to be recycled. I'm happy to report that I've pretty much used them and love them to pieces but it's time to part ways. I found a #hunkemoller gift card and will be giving it to a friend in need. Let me know if you want it in the comments below. I want to use it but I think it would be better of me to give it away now that i have a shopstopyear. And in the end, I'm just happy it will be used altogether. :)

It's snowing here in Switzerland!!! That means it's time to organize the scarves and hats drawers. I will donate two scarves (first I'll see if any of my friends want them) and the rest I folded trying to follow @mariekondo #konmarimethod not bad for my first attempt! Most importantly, it took me all of 15 minutes to watch some videos and do 3 drawers. So easy! #declutter #decluttering #easydeclutteringtips #minimalism #yearwithoutshopping #stopshopyear #intentionalliving #purposefulliving #intentionalism #organizing #clutterfree #minimalist #housekeeping #simplifying #storage #reuse #recycle

Minsgame 14: I found more cards! Mostly for hair salons and such.There are even some pens that have run out of ink, which I have no idea why I keep those around but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these lying around. And now it had to happen sooner rather than later, but found some candles that must have, at some point been paired up with my one million and one candle holders lol :D I'll also be giving away a reflex as I have quite a few already and a batch of bubbles, I'm sure some kids will enjoy waaaayyyyy more than I will. Alright, Today is all done!

Minsgame 13: As mentioned yesterday, having a bit of a hard time here but found some more stuff after going through my closet! I found 2 rulers that have seen better days, a medal for a 10K run which I am proud of, a number of cards, all of these I'll recycle. And finally, I STILL have more candle holders LOL! :D I must have gone through a candle holder phase that I don't remember but hopefully these are the last. Goes to show you that there are always things to find if you really put your mind to it!

Ever since my New Year's resolution not to purchase any new clothing for an entire year, I've been taking better care of the clothing that I do have. Once in a while, I'll spend an hour or so mending my garments. Usually, it's just a button that fell off or a hole in one sock. Before this year, I'd discard the entire pair of socks. I would wait to sew that button back on for probably a year or two before deeming that item no longer in fashion and discarding it. I know how to sew, I have all the tools and the skill, so why not do it? It only takes a few minutes! #respectwhatyouhave #yearwithoutshopping #capsulewardrobe #minimalism #intentionalliving #intentionalism #purposefulliving #lifewithapurpose #nowaste #truecost #buynothingnew #minimalistcloset #minimalistwardrobe #smallwardrobe #shopstopyear

Minsgame 12: Ok I'll admit it, it's getting a little tough to get rid of more stuff. This is going to be an uphill battle but I'm really going for it! I'm glad I have everyone's support and Matilda is also in my corner. I found some more clothes that I don't really use, like a pair of #filippaK pants. I will give these away and they will be used more by someone else. That makes me feel better and energizes me to continue to find more strength to declutter. I'm truly hoping that tomorrow will be a little easier to find some things to declutter, so I'm really going through my mind to find something great to declutter. Time to dig! And I will dig deep. Quitting is not an option. Thanks for cheering me on! 😘

Minsgame 11: Let’s continue the random stuff you find at home and don’t really need. I have a belt that has outlasted it’s use, it has served me well, I’m happy to report. I also have a food box that needs to be recycled. The rest I’ll be happy to give away to someone, especially someone in dire need of a tiara, who doesn’t need that right? Also we have some rings, a microwave lid, a pepparmill and a watch that is looking for a good home. I love how this is really decluttering my home. 😄

Minsgame 10: Things just keep getting more and more random but I’m pretty sure I got a good hang of this. I’m planning to give away a spire, great for costumes, a pot for plants, a lightchain which is awesome for parties and candle holders, this time I’m hoping these are the last ones around.

On top of that I have a mobile phone that no longer works and can be recycled. Along with it a pair of headphones and a strainer. Hoping these can be recycled well and not to pat myself on the back, but this is a good day for #minsgame. Let’s keep the steam going! 😀

For this adventure, I plan to launch another 30 day challenges, but not like the #minsgame this time. I want to spend more time meditating. I'm not sure how many of you have started to do this but all it takes is 5 - 15 minutes a day, that's it. i would like to try it to focus or refocus depending on my needs for the day. To really power through even the tougher days. You who are already doing meditation, what is your take away from meditation? Why do you think everyone should get this as part of their daily habit?

I would love to hear what helped you get this habit going and how it's improved your lives, let me know! ~ A, #shopstopyear

Minsgame 9: Another random batch, as you can see it's some food containers with caps, a pillow and a couple of rackets. The food containers have run their course and I need to have them recycled at this point. The pillow cannot be salvaged so once more with the recycling. I was hoping to give the rackets away but the ball is missing and that really just breaks up the set. Shame, so also will recycle these. At least it's an awesome day to recycle stuff.

Minsgame Day 8: I have a batch of clothes that I will be giving away for today. I think I have enough in my closet already, so I'm more than happy to share these with some other people. The bonuses of using a #capsulewardrobe can really help you keep your closet to clothes that you need. Nothing more and nothing less. Today is a good day for Minsgame!

Minsgame Day 7: I apparently still have some candle holders, 3 more actually, wow I just realized how many of these I have in the house and how many I don't need any more. I also have a couple of pizza plates, which are great and fun but not really all that useful as you can eat pizza on pretty much any plate. Add a glass vase that I don't really use and a tea bottle to be given away and I am done for day 7! Things are looking good so far.

Minsgame Day 6: Well here is a rather random group for today's #minsgame, just goes to show you what you can really get rid of if you put your mind to it. Anyhow I'll be throwing out 2 cutting boards, a glove, a bottle and a pair of shoes. I'll of course recycle what I can but like the shoes, I've used them quite well through the years and they are beyond repair at this point. I'm glad I was able to maximize the usage of all these 6 items and hope I can keep finding some more stuff to give away, throw out or sell.

Minsgame Day 5: I have quite a few stuff that are very arts and craft like to give away. A couple of reusable straws, a paintbrush, a foldable measure and finally a towel. All these are used for various uses and much more, but I realized I don't really quite need them any more so I would rather they go to a good home who can actively use them. Hoping they get as much use in them as I did!

Minsgame Day 4: Remember those candle holders I mentioned yesterday? Well found some more of its relatives. Four candles that are a little too wilted to do any more lighting, I think it's time to put them away. Will recycle them and count them for the 4 items to be decluttered from the apartment.

Minsgame Day 3: I apparently had another glass vase in the same corner. Still not sure why I needed more than one, seemed like a good idea at the time however now thanks to the #minsgame it is time to clear up some clutter. I also noticed a couple of candle holders that I don’t really need either so best to focus on giving those away with this glass vase too. Day 3 pretty much done!

For the adventure today, I went to the zoo with my family. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a zoo, so I was just beside myself with excitement for this trip. And let me tell you it was pretty awesome! We saw a live bear today, it was huge and very fluffy, in a menacing and not so cute way, but for some reason it was still adorable! Don’t play with wild animals kids! However seeing them in a zoo or in a wildlife preserve is pretty cool.

Showing how many different kinds of animals are in the world to kids and even to us adults, makes us realize that we are truly just part of a super huge eco system and that we should be aware that our movements and actions have a bigger impact on the world. So enjoy life, but make sure that you don’t ruin it for others, especially the many creatures out there because they want to live as much as we do too. - A, #shopstopyear

Minsgame Day 2: I have a couple of glass vases in the house, you know, just like how most people do. You always keep them around for emergency flower concerns or other glass vase based emergencies... wait how many of them are there? A fish in need of a new fish bowl? Flowers? Um. Can’t really think of more. Anyhow, I have opted to give away these two glass vases just sitting in an awkward corner. Here’s to hoping whoever gets them will have more glass vase based emergencies in mind for them.

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it invitations to Christmas parties and all sorts of events. I am just itching to buy a new dress, already have a dress in mind and I have at least 3 occasions to wear it to. Then I think about how long I've come in my New Years resolution. It's been 11 months since I purchased a new item of clothing and "survived." #capsulewardrobe #newyearsresolution #yearwithoutshopping #yearwithoutnewclothes #minimalism #minimalistwardrobe #bemorewithless #youcandoit #purposefulliving #intentionalliving #intentionalism #consumerism #consumerismrehab #shopstopyear #buylesstravelmore #sustainablestyle #lessbutbetter #declutter

Minsgame Day 1: First thing I will be getting rid of the the Minsgame (For those who don’t know the Minsgame, quick explanation, it is a challenge of 30 days, where you give, sell or throw away items on each day. Day 1 - 1 item, day 2 - 2 items and so on.) So today I’ll start off with recycling this reusable shopping bag. It’s seen many days and made shopping much easier. Unfortunately it has an irreparable hole in it and I’ll have to put it away. First day down!

I'm not sure if any of you know of the #minsgame. It's a pretty great way to fix up your life and get rid of things you don't need anymore. The idea is to find a friend who wants to declutter his or her life as well and on the first day, just before midnight you both get rid of something. You either donate, give to a friend/family member or sell an item before midnight of that day. The next day you get rid of two items, and the next three and so forth. It sounds easy but it can really snowball on you. Since I'm already living with a minimalist lifestyle I think this will be a great way to declutter even further. I've been thinking that this would be a perfect challenge for my shopstopyearadventure and I'd like to have you all join me and Matilda, my super awesome friend who will be the one who will monitor me as she already decluttered her house but she will help me out with the challenge and let's make life simpler and better at the same time! Oh I will start on Nov 16. :) Angela, #shopstopyear

There's something about a happy crocheted monkey that makes me giddy with pleasure. Wouldn't you agree? I learned to crochet this lately and they make great house decorations that you can pretty much use to lighten up any part of the house. The best part is that my mom gave me the crocheting material and that means I could spruce up my home, without having to buy already made products., which in turn falls under #shopstopyear and that's an awesome bonus with these cute monkeys!

I find crocheting to be a great way to get my thoughts in order and get a moments worth of meditation while being successful at something. I really can't suggest crocheting enough, if you already know how I hope you have time to do some crocheting this month, if you haven't learned I hope you have time to pick it up soon. I mean look at these monkeys, aren't they cute? Happy croching everyone! - Angela, shopstopyear

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite sites: @TheMinimalists. As much as I want to share the link directly, kindly search for them via the search function on Google and you should see the topmost option or here on Instagram. Anyhow they have some great tips and some really wonderful inspirational stuff for you who wants to follow the minimalistic lifestyle. It's also great that they make things a lot more fun, while still having the underlying message of less is more. I strongly urge everyone to check out their site and even start to follow them as well. Oh and if you are lucky enougInline image 1h to be in an area that they will visit, perhaps you could even join them for a talk, that would be beyond awesome and I'd love to hear more myself! If not maybe you want to try their 21 days to minimal plan and start or improve you minimalist adventure :)

So for today's shopstopyearadventure, I wanted to see if I could make my own facial scrub. While I know it's alright to buy toiletries for the #shopstopmonth challenge, it's always great to be able to be self sufficient and know what you are using. What better way to know exactly what you are using by making it yourself?

Given that I have done some home made items and cooked some meals, quite well if I may slightly brag however a facial scrub is a little new to me. I'm trying it out as we speak and so far so good. I'm happy with the results and I'm even happier that it's quite easy to make. For the recipe please PM me and I'll happily share with you how I came about this discovery. Look forward to the next shopstopadventure! - Angela, shopstopyear

Moja tohtoročná challenge #rokbeznakupov sa chýli ku koncu. Už ostáva len 58 dní 😊 Ten čas ale beží, však? Začiatkom roka som mala veľké plány, ako napíšem veľa článkov a urobím milión fotiek outfitov, no nejak som sa tomu nevenovala, ale chcem to napraviť a potrebujem vašu pomoc. Čo by vás na mojom roku bez nákupov zaujímalo? #yearwithoutshopping 😉

I realize that #shopstopadventure has just started but I'm at a loss as to what I really want to do. There's so many things to do here in Sweden that I'm perpetually confused and need help! So I turn to you guys to post suggestions on what to do. I have some in mind but I'd love to hear out whatever else you have in mind nowadays.

Please feel free to message me and tell me what you want to see me do. Make a new scarf out of old clothes? Awesome, I can totally do that. Scuba dive? Maybe in the summer when the water won't freeze me in place but definitely cool! Bungee jump? Um... maybe not that but good suggestion! It would be great to hear from all of you and I welcome any suggestions, but can't handle them all. Let your imaginations run free but don't go crazy ok? Happy day! - Angela, #shopstopyear

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of Eco Nuts yet but I just want to share this with you. I know we all have laundry, regardless of how much clothes you have in your closet, one way or another we all need to do a load of laundry every now and again. Of course we want to avoid as many harmful ingredients as possible but it's tough with what's available in the market nowadays.

Thankfully Eco Nuts is now available. It's an organic laundry detergent and when I mean organic, I mean organic! They proudly state that they have no hidden chemicals, toxins or such in their soap berries, yes you read that right soap berries. They are all natural and completely clean! So they are not only gentle on your clothes, they are great for nature as well. They covered everything from packaging, procurement and manafacturing, they are actively helping everyone while being conscious suppliers which I totally applaud them for and support them even more! Check out their site and if you are looking for a sustainable way to do laundry, this is definitely something you want to check out.

November is coming around and I would like to invite some challengers for the upcoming month. Previous challengers are more than welcomed to join again and all you have to do is message me that you are interested to join, and I'll be sure to drop in once in awhile to check how things are progressing. I want to be as much help to you as I can and I want you to experience the amazing results for yourself after you achieve the challenge.

I am proud of current challengers and the previous one's as well, they have done so wonderfully that I am inspired to keep doing this each month! You are all more than welcome to try out this life changing experience. /Angela #shopstopyear

With Halloween coming up, I'm not sure if many of you have prepared or have plans, as for me no Halloween party this year and to be honest it's good to have a quiet one every so often. I am however sure that costumes are still super fun! For those of you who find store bought ones too pricey and can't think of getting something that you'll likely only use once, it's time to bring out the arts and crafts kit. I especially invite the #shopstopmonth challengers to do the same as this is pretty much one of your options instead of buying.

I was going online to see if I could get some articles about costumes and how to keep it simple, while making it fun and I stumbled on the Seventh Generation website. Props up to them, as the article I read up on is about 4 years old but please see the link here: https://www.seventhgeneration.com/how-tos/how-to-make-halloween-costumes?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=halloween and hopefully it will help give you ideas. While Halloween is fun, we need to remember the overall effect we are having on our environment. Just because it's an event, doesn't mean we should forget to keep ourselves within reason. Go have fun with it, but keep in mind the need to keep it simple and economical. Boo! - Angela, #Shopstopyear

I just couldn't wait to share this with everyone, but this Saturday is our Ecoday for our town and I'm just beside myself with excitement! There are many speakers who will discuss living simply, the minimalist lifestyle and more, so much more. Another bonus for this event is that I'll get to meet and greet one of my followers and who I follow as well, @JohannanSwe who will be a speaker at the event too, so let's give her some love!

The Ecoday will also hold a clothes swap and I can just tell you that it's a great way to replenish or renew your wardrobe clothes without the need for shopping, it's going to be beyond awesome. I am so excited to go that I'll have to regrettably postpone shopstopyearadventure on Saturday to give you an update of what's happening on Ecoday. Don't fret though, shopstopyearadventure will definitely come out next week. Talk to everyone soon! - A

We are winding down the month and the challengers are doing great so far. I'm sure there have been challenges and more during this month, every set back, win, failure or triumph, please let me know how things went! I'm so excited to hear about how everything is progressing and would love it even more if you can tell me how else I can better support you. It's been an exciting month with one week left, just a few more days and you can successfully say that you've achieved the #shopstopmonth and I couldn't be prouder!

Remember everyone here is going to support you in the challenge but only if you need it. Know that I am cheering you on, when things get tough always chant this in your mind or out loud if you want, either or it will help you power through; You are a winner! You can do this! You are a shopstopmonth achiever! Everything that is worth something, is always a challenge. You can do it! /Angela #shopstopyear

There are so many challenges or fun things I want to do now that I've gone through a successful shopstopyear and the toughest thing is to figure out what to do now! Well that's a fun problem to have actually, but still a minor problem wouldn't you agree? With so many options to choose from, I opted to have a little fun with it and decided to visit my local trampoline park!

Let me tell you - this is the first time I've ever visited this place and even before entering I could already feel the excitement boiling up from deep inside! As fun as this experience was, it really brought me back to being young again, to when I was younger and was a gymnast. It brought back many fond memories and I can't even imagine what I'd do if I hadn't tried going to the trampoline park, now I have a new memory that I will cherish forever. And did I mention how exhausting it is? The fun exhausting, but still very exhausting! It was indeed a successful first shopstopyearadventure and I can't honestly wait until the next one! How about you? Any adventures you want to share with me, feel free to post! /Angela #shopstopyear

I just want to start off by saying, #shopstopyear has been a game changer for me and my loved ones. I have spent so much time with them making new memories instead of wasting time shopping, I was able to freely spend time with family and friends.

Now I am also turning towards new memories and would like to announce #shopstopyearadventure as a new way to keep making new, awesome memories! Best part is, Linda one of my best friends will be joining me in this shopstopyearadventure and it's so much more fun with someone to join me! The idea is to find a new challenge or adventure and do it, it's so simple isn't it? It can be as easy as a new recipe, a fun way to create something new or something as daring as bungee jumping (oh my gosh!) but whatever it is, I'd like to share it with all of you each week! So be on the look out every Saturday for something brand new. I encourage everyone to join in and expand your world by getting out of your comfort zone.and go on an adventure!

Mittens are a must for these colder seasons and if somehow you don't have an available pair ready in your closet somewhere, it's time to get creative!

Assuming you have an older pair, perhaps all it needs is a little sprucing up? Maybe a few touch ups here and there, and presto! You have a relatively new and warm pair of mittens. Now if you have the knitting skills, go for it! DIY supplies are 100% supported in #shopstopyear and #shopstopmonth and why shouldn't they be? It's wonderful to be able to make the things you need without succumbing to the temptations of overly expensive options or fashion designs. It's really fun to try out, give it a try and see if knitting is for you. Now if you aren't into DIY, that's alright too. Go to your good friend, hopefully someone with like sized hands, and see if you can borrow a pair for the time being. After all, if you have awesome friends and family, then you shouldn't have any problem at all. Nothing starts a great Autumn season like a comfortable pair of mittens. Share with me how things go! - Angela, #shopstopyear

Brrr... can you feel that slight chill? That oh so wonderful breeze, that just sends shivers down your spine while cooling your brow, with each passing wind you can feel Autumn singing a sweet hymn that has a rhythm that is undescribable but ever so familiar. That's the time when winter will be knocking on your door but you get an awesome time where you can enjoy a slight breeze.

Well maybe... a bit more than a breeze... which makes us in the need of warmer wardrobes. Hopefully you're as ready as you can be despite joining the #shopstopyear or #shopstopmonth and if not don't worry, there are ways to always improve your wardrobe without having to buy. You can improvise, repair, borrow or even buy but only second hand and the latter is best reserved for emergencies, otherwise it's time to get creative and have a little fun with it. Try it out, you're more resourceful than you think. Let me know if you have an awesome DIY you want to share, I'd love to hear it!

"Now that #shopstopyear is well on it's way and #shopstopmonth has started a new challenge, I'd like to share with you how freeing myself from shopping has been a life changing experience! Without shopping to consume all my time, I can finally do all those things that I've always wanted to do, things I've promised to do and things I've always dreamt of doing... and let me tell you, I can't be more excited!

With the freedom that comes with not shopping, I can enjoy the wonderful company of friends and family, make so many more memories with them and best of all go on adventure with them. I can smell some adventures coming soon, keep posted as I'll want to share them with you all. Look forward to next week!"

...jesenôstka 💭 ktorá bola pôvodne letná, no hodí sa na tieto mesiace 🍃 sa mi po roku a pol v "zabudnutí" vracia do šatníka... Áno, chápete to správne. Stav núdze cez #yearwithoutshopping 😂

How has the month of #shopstopmonth been going so far? I want to hear from you. What have you discovered about yourself? What have been the the biggest struggles so far? Do you feel as though there was some support you needed but couldn't find? Despite any hurdles or problems, know that I am very proud of you for your achievement thus far and I am always in your corner! It can be difficult at the start but think back and imagine the many new memories that you've created thanks to shopstopmonth and remember I know you'll be able to power through for the last part of the month.⠀

Everyone wants to hear what you've been through and I would love to know how else I can better help you get that win for your shopstopmonth. Drop me a message, cause I want to hear from you! #shopstopmonth #shopstopyear #shopstop #consciousbuying

(DE⬇️) This month I joined the challenge #shopstopmonth by @shopstopyear. It is almost over and Angela asked me how it went. To be honest, it was not hard to do a shopstopmonth for me, because I have lots of practice from my #shopstopyear (Angela and Mathilda were a big influence at the time!). The only things I bought this month (except for food, toilet paper etc) were some WECK glases (our German mason jars) for my food pantry because we had moths 😱 I also bought 2 books about zerowaste. This month without shopping inspired me to intensify my interest in a plastic free lifestyle (I even made my first attempt to DIY washing powder!) So thanks a lot Angela for this challenge!

Diesen Monat habe ich bei der Challenge von @shopstopyear mitgemacht, einen Monat nicht zu shoppen. Er ist fast rum und Angela hat mich gefragt, wie es lief. Super, lief es! Durch die Erfahrung in meinem Jahr ohne Shoppen fiel mir diese Challenge gar nicht schwer (Angela und Mathilda waren damals meine Motivationsquelle)! Die einzigen Dinge, die ich diesen Monat gekauft habe (außer Essen, Klopapier etc) waren ein paar WECK Gläser, weil wir Motten hatten 😱 und 2 Bücher über zerowaste. Die Challenge hat mich dazu inspiriert, mich mehr mit müllfreiem Leben auseinander zu setzen - ich hab sogar einen ersten DIY Waschmittel-Versuch gestartet! Vielen Dank, liebe Angela für die Initiative!

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