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What you've never seen a fat powerlifter at a cross country meet before? Neither have I. Here's the first picture I could find. Sitting on a tailgate of a truck eating a pizza lunchable. Yep, seems about right. Do it for yearbook tho. #yearbooklife #whiteteegang #imjustafatpowerlifter

Thanks cantik cantik💕 Results of : Fujifilm X-A2 #yearbook #yearbooklife

Yerds takin' over HoCo Court! #YearbookLife #GreeceVsGrease #SCHoCo15

Oh to be 16, 'can you sign my pass Mrs.dacany, I'm going to shoot the surf team' 😂😂😂😂 #yearbooklife

Long editing nights at school. 😅 #yearbooklife


Yearbook representatives should love what they do because they must work side-by-side with students and be available to answer their questions at any moment of the day or night. This commitment especially becomes significant as deadlines approach and stress heightens. Our UYB trainers prepare and respond at a moment's notice to requests for technical assistance or to answer questions concerning an immediate yearbook need.
Whether at a workshop training onsite at your school, or via email or text, our local personnel always make themselves available to you and will respond
as soon as possible. We keep the connection between students and yearbook advisers tight!

What do you appreciate about your yearbook rep? Please give us a few words.

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." Abraham Lincoln The employees of UYB love this quote from President Lincoln because of the power of its message. There is a challenge in these words to put time and effort in the right place, so that whenever life's storms and challenges buffet and batter us, we can stand firm. Whatever the dream or goal, such as completing school, pursuing a career, learning a new skill, starting a family, there will be obstacles. Keep the fight, endure over the long haul! Stand Firm!
Which past President has made the most impact in your life, and why? Here is the place to post!

Several years ago, this adorable 3-month-old puppy, Frisky, was our office mascot and we loved her bubbly, energetic personality! She brought so much joy to our colleagues and friends at the office. She loved attention, so we put her through one of our yearbook photoshoots. Looking at her expression, do you think she enjoyed it? ⠀

Her time with us was sadly brief. Frisky's little twin sister unexpectedly died, and she was returned to her parent's home. When the father came to pick her up from our yearbook headquarters, he burst into tears of joy.⠀ Although we were sad to see her leave, we knew it was for the best. She brought happiness and comfort to the whole family, but especially the children. Thank you Frisky for bringing life to our office!

Equipping, empowering and developing future sport photographers through hands-on training and experience!
In the Inland Empire area of Los Angeles, the last few days have been filled with rain off and on again. Our UYB reps were prepared, come rain or shine, for the sports photography training session already scheduled with Rancho Viejo MS. As we made our way to campus, the sun began to peep out of the clouds. However, by the time we arrived at the soccer field, the sun had retreated and the sky returned to overcast. To begin our training, we provided the correct camera setting for the natural lighting to the students: ISO200, 1/2000 shutter speed and f4. By the second half of the game, the overcast clouds became darker and darker. Therefore, they had to adjust their camera settings by increasing the light sensitivity from ISO200 to ISO400 to ISO800 and then all the way to ISO1600! Thankfully, it did not rain during the game and photography session. The students completed their first sport photography training with enthusiasm and excitement. Our reps were thrilled to view some of the winning photos captured by these eager beginners. The day was capped off with a home game win by the Rancho Viejo soccer team!

"Go to the ant, O sluggard; observe her ways and be wise." (Proverbs 6:6)
Our yearbook staff meets daily for a time of meditation, and recently we were reflecting on what we can learn from ants.  As we reflected on the bible verse above, we considered the character of this tiniest of God's creatures and asked ourselves how we could apply their work ethic to our work at United Yearbook.
Now we ask you the same question:  What are some things you will learn from ants and apply to your personal attitude, to your group attitude, to your yearbook class, and so on?

Saturday school with my yearbooks kids... they work hard and they play hard 😎 #yearbooklife

Our Push for 2017:  Embrace the Journey - Celebrate the Results - Ignite the Passion for Leadership!

We tailor each experience for the sole objective of investment in your students: to raise future leaders!  Whether we are crafting our yearbook workshops to draw the best out of your students' creative teamwork, or encouraging your students to design an innovative yearbook cover, we are all about leadership development!  These programs match your yearbook lesson objectives.
Contact us today to inquire about our yearbook programs available to you year-round.

"Talent does not make you gritty!" Seeking to make a difference, Angela Duckworth left a demanding job for the purpose of teaching math to seventh graders in New York City. As a twenty-something, she knew life consisted of more than working your way up the ladder. She went on to receive her PhD in psychology and is now teaching at the University of Penn. This is why we are excited to announce Angela will be one of the key note speakers at the 2017 Global Leadership Summit! Stay tuned for details about how the yearbook advisers and your yearbook editors may attend for FREE.

This is a Ted-Talk Ms. Duckworth presented about helping students develop a growth mindset (GRIT) so they will succeed in school as well as in life. Enjoy!


We offer upcoming workshops on Sports Photography where you can learn how to take those "action" shots on the field of the home games.  The majority of the Rancho Viejo Middle School yearbook staff will be joining in the workshops to learn and apply their skills, and we are so excited.  Will you join us too?

Do you encourage your yearbook staff to get involved, or to participate in opportunities to develop their volumes of tasks throughout the year?  We offer what you need all year round, so stay tuned!

Photos of the displayed yearbook: GGHS Yearbook Staff 2015-2016

7 years ago, our UYB teddy bear mascot was a huge sensation at the SPAC Annual Conference!  It is surreal to think time has passed so quickly.  Our "little" mascot brought so much joy to these attendees.  Their smiles light
up their faces!  Visit our FB page (in bio) to view the photo album.

We give a bold, powerful shout out to Ken Buehrer, the Founder and President of Gateways to Better Education and host of the conference: “Faith, Freedom and Public Schools” which occurred this past weekend.
Teachers, staff and school administration from school districts across Southern California gathered with one common goal:  to learn how to confidently give instruction of America’s Judeo-Christian culture, history, and values throughout the curriculum of their schools.  These educators came away empowered and equipped to lead their students with confidence this new year!
Below we display the list of topics covered at the conference.  If you are interested in finding out more about future events to equip and empower you, please visit www.gtbe.org. * State Standards
* U.S. Dept. of Ed. * Guidelines on Students’ Religious Liberties
* The Case for Teaching about Christianity in Public School
*Keeping the Faith in Public Schools
* & More…