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Time lapse of part of this morning's class. #ybcyogis #ybcgreece #ybcretreat #yoga #morningpractice

Flashback FriYAY to Costa Rica a few months back when I was trying not to die from food poisoning 🤢😩 (don't let the 'gram fool ya - I was legit trying not to throw up on myself in this pic). Hoping for a food poisoning free long weekend for us all! 🙌🏽😂 I'm off to Key West early mañana and am looking forward to sunshine, vitamin SEA and key lime pie, which I've never had but apparently is *the* thing in Key West - who knew?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I'll be in town for work but should have some down time - anything special I should see or do?! #ybcyogis #yogabycandace • swimsuit by @marygraceswim

A while back, I dreamed up this idea of creating a discovery box program that would highlight health and wellness products from small businesses you've never heard of. I'd call it the YBC Mantra Box® and include a mantra to help inspire people to live their best lives on and off the yoga mat. To keep it small business friendly, we'd only have 150 of them. We'd offer vegetarian, gluten-free and "I eat everything!" options. When I started talking about it, I was met with comments like, "Meh, there's so many of those types of boxes already." (There actually isn't.) And, "Oh that won't sell." Well fast forward to nearly a year and a half later, and we've sold out every single time. Now is your chance to pre-order our Spring box, which will ship in June. And up on the blog, I'm giving away our Winter box. Head over to YBC to enter to win or link in profile to purchase the next one. Check #myybcmantrabox to see what we've featured in previous boxes. Thanks for shopping small and supporting my vision, and remember to take feedback and criticism of your ideas and dreams with a grain of salt. Always go with your gut intuition. If you believe in something to your core, keep at it. #NAMASLAY 💕 Follow @ybcmantrabox for updates and new discoveries. #ybcyogis #yogabycandace

Throwback to my London workshops! When my book was first published, I agonized over what to write during signings. Now, I think I've got it down🙌🏽 don't forget to bring your book if you're signed up for one of my workshops! Next up: NYC on Sept 16 (link in profile), NJ in October (link in Stories), Detroit & Los Angeles in the works (check Stories for how to get on the info list! Can't wait! 💃🏾 #studentforever #teachersometimes #yogabycandace #ybcyogis • and check #NamaslayBTS if you want more behind the scenes bits from my book Namaslay, now available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and most major bookstores everywhere.

Bumpin' along! Team YBC will be growing by one in just a few weeks. If you have any must-have new mama or baby recs, I'd love to hear! -Lauren #ybcyogis #yogabycandace #bumpinalong

Last night's solution when I was under all my macros and about to start the show Ozark on Netflix 🙌🏽 🍪 • I threw these together quickly & they were great (but add more sugar if u like it sweet): 1.5c @onedegreeorganics sprouted spelt flour, 2 eggs, 1/2 stick butter, 4T coconut sugar, 1/2 scoop of @vitalproteins collagen whey protein powder, 1t sea salt, 1t @wedderspoonofficial manuka honey, some @enjoylifefoods dark chocolate mini chips and a pinch of cinnamon. Bake at 360 for 10 min. #nomnomnom #food #ybcyogis #yogabycandace #cookies

Juuuuust making it in time for Day 5 of the 10 Day Namaslay® Instagram Challenge and today's pose is Standing Pigeon. This is such a feel good pose - especially good if you have tight hips. Remember to keep the toes spread to keep leg muscles activated and intend to keep your low back long. Swipe left to see more alignment tips from my book, Namaslay, now available at most major bookstores everywhere. #namaslayyogis #ybcyogis

Today's Day 3 of the 10 Day Namaslay Instagram Challenge and the pose is baby grasshopper. This is one of my favorites to teach because I always get eye rolls and "I could never do that's" and then, lo and behold, they do it. Swipe left to see how to use my book Namaslay to get into the pose. Namaslay is available at amazon, Barnes and Noble and indiebpund.org. #ybcyogis #namaslayyogis #yogabycandace #yoga #yogarverydamnday

It's Day 6 of the 10 Day Namaslay Instagram Challenge and the pose is seated twist. This is such a feel good pose for me and there are a number of variations to take. Swipe left to see alignment cues from my book Namaslay, now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most major bookstores everywhere. While it's primarily a yoga book with hundreds of poses broken down cue by cue, it also weaves personal stories from my life discussing lessons I've learned through battling Lyme disease, which left me at one point barely able to walk due to extreme joint swelling and pain. One of the life lessons I discuss in the book: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. This is where the magic happens. Whether you push yourself to do something you avoid - like going to a hot yoga class when you're more of a yin person, or forcing yourself to take a rest day when you're more of a go-go-go type - all the good things happen, all the growth happens when we make ourselves do the things we avoid. So take a deep breath, and strive to find a bit of comfort in the discomfort, knowing that once you get through whatever it is, you'll feel so much better. 💕 #Namaslay #namaslayyogis #ybcyogis #yoga #yogabycandace


When your yoga pants match the studio😍🌈✨taking a break from food for a second to tell you I'll be filling in teaching at @b_yoga_simply_b this Saturday morning from 8-9:15 at the cutest studio everrr so if you're in the area come get your flow on! First class is free🙌🏻ps: wellness retreat is next Thursday in Winter Park, CO and we still have a spot left if you're interested click on workshops tab on my website link in profile😘❤️


The number one thing I focus on when I speak one on one with someone while at a workshop is listening. I don’t listen to reply. I just listen. I try to figure out what’s got them stuck on the particular pose we’re working on by listening to their thoughts surrounding the pose. • Next up on the teaching schedule is our Colorado Yoga & Gut Health Retreat in two weeks with @fairygutmother, followed by an Empowering Evening Garden Party Workshop in LA and a weekend of workshops at @startinglinehealthandfitness in Michigan in November. Link in profile for the workshops. The gut health retreat info is at the top of my site on Yogabycandace.com. 💕 #Yoga #Yogabycandace #YBCyogis #yogaeverydamnday

Day 15 of new you yoga with @yogabycandace and, trying some poses I haven't in a while. I am so excited to be able to get up off the floor in baby dragonfly pose. A few months ago I was nowhere close. Now off to do a little Christmas shopping ❤️ #yoga #babydragonflypose #yogi #yogabycandace #ybc #momlife #fall #sundayvibes #werk #practice #core #ybcyogis #newmewithybc #morningpractice #practicedaily #yogalife #month8 #day15

Day 25 of 31d Balance: Forearm stand is becoming more comfortable. A little too comfortable 😂. So moving away from the wall. My body says we’ve got this! My mind says whoa whoa whoa body let’s take it easy cause we’re gonna fall over. Let the epic battle commence of body vs mind. I’m rooting for body! ❤️ #ybcbalance #ybcyogis #yogaeverydamnday

So I haven't posted anything in a while. Been feeling kinda blah about everything really. Lacking motivation to workout or yoga. If it wasnt for @weights.and.wings I probably wouldn't have been doing either for the last few weeks. So big shout out to her for being my workout partner and keeping me on track. Today I was finally motivated to workout on my own. It was a fantastic workout! Got my heart pumping and the sweat flowing! Then I hit a new PR on my deadlift! 195lbs! It felt so amazing to hit this max! Then I've been working so long on forearm stands! Swipe right for the video of my practice and hardwork paying off! What an awesome workout day!
#practiceandalliscoming #progressnotperfection #letsstartyoga #momswholift #yogiswholift #yogaforlife #yogamom #yogaeverydamnday #yogafit #yogafitness  #shineeverydamnday #fitmom #fitmomlife #namaslay #tribe #ybcyogis #hiittoinvert #namaste #musclesaresexy #weightsandwings #strongnotskinnymom #yogahealthy #yogamom #yogastrong #strongnotskinny #deadlift #liftheavy #growbootygrow #squattillyoudrop #weightsandwings #doyouevenlift

When you’re a legit writer... (that’s right, cue the celebration I have a real content gig!)
You get to justify even MORE coffee shop meandering for research purposes of course.
#oev #10eighteen #ilovecoffee #gingercookie #momblog #crossfitblog #healthblog #wabisabimom #ybcyogis #yogalife #tolegittoquit #instainspire #embraceimperfection #imreallyexcited

Day 11 of new you yoga with @yogabycandace and, it was the second set of videos. I'm really hoping by the end of this month I can do this pose on my own!! #goals #justdoit #nike #momlife #mommyof6 #ybc #ybcyogis #yogabycandace #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogi #month8 #wednesday #day11 #ontoportion3 #werk #core #forearmstand

This morning’s workout was broken up into two sessions. First was 30 minutes of yoga (I did two different videos because I needed a longer warm up because I haven’t done much yoga lately and just wanted a quick 15 full body flow) and meditation. Couldn’t sit through the whole meditation. I gotta get back to my daily routine of meditating. And then I went to the gym for 50 minutes to do legs/booty. #LG #lgaccountability #lgcommunity #lgfallchallenge #laurengleisberg #tiuteam #tiu #toneitup #yogabycandace #ybc #ybcyogis #tiumember #tiubootycall #tiubride #tiucheckin #tiucommunity @tiu_amandadesjarlais @ali.aserms.tiu @heatheronhome_tiu

I started my assigned readings and journal for my yoga teacher training a few days ago! I still keep having these "holy shit!" moments. The excitement is real! 😍
#namaslayytt #namaslay #ybcyogis #yogabycandace #yogateachertraining #yoga #yogini #yogi #yogajunkie #yogalife #yogalove #yogagirl #yogamom #igyoga #igyogi #instayogi #tattooedyogi #yogababe #tattooedyoga #tulsayoga #oklahomayoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #practicemakesprogress #practiceandalliscoming

Get into your flow in-room and #Namaslay all day 📷: @yogabycandace

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