IDX teaching deadly digital media!
Check out the recent work with the Yarrabah community, sharing knowledge and using drones to map Gunggandji country, near Cairns Qld.
IDX Flint is a national program led by the IDX initiative. It brings together a dynamic set of resources, workshops and professional development opportunities to spark the interest, talents and ideas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in digital technology.
IDX is a partnered program between ILC subsidiary @thencie and the @telstra Foundation to unlock the opportunities the digital world can provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. #IndigLandCorp
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The program gained more interest from the Yarrabah community with two more local facilitators joining the workshops and training. On #WorldEnvironmentDay we looked at drone usage and shared knowledge on how to map Gunggandji country and how to manage and edit content.

lDX is everywhere!
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"What I like about Yarrabah? First of all the geographical part of Yarrabah where we are close to the sea with the back ground of mountains. They kind of shield us. Where the Gunggandji people, like my Father's side had their tribes. The only way other tribes came into the community was by sea. At times they would come through land around the rocks and other areas from Yidinji country which is Cairns country to come up and trade. We traded with the Yidinji from Babinda. There was a lot of exchange of culture, exchange of friendship. Having that friendship was a positive for each and everyone of us to unite and move forward in the name of survival. I enjoyed growing up in Yarrabah. Going to school was good. I didn't look at school as schooling, I looked at it as growing up and engaging with our community and the other children in the community. We got together and done a lot of fun things within the class room and outside. Before we went to school in the morning, we use to go down a bit early and do some culture stuff. I remember going down to school which was near a creek. We use to go there and strip this certain tree, plant, it was like a rope tree. We would crush the gel out of it and wash it, the rope part of the bush, the plant, we just left it there to dry. So after school we would take it (dried rope) home and put colour through it. We had different colours of rope. Red, we tried to get more of the earthy colour, our Mums and Dads traditional colours. There was a bright yellow. The tree is still around. Also the old beetroot with the red. That was the interesting part leading us into school (for the day), something to do before class as it got us motivated before we went inside the class room. We were then ready to take on that kind of school work and then go back to our culture work, before and after school. We went to an old school where the cemetery is now.”...

After PTS students choose the course and uni they want to study. Chantae is studying nursing at ACU #yarrabah #indigenous #aboriginal #IndigenousX #indigenousnurses #aculife #becauseofherwecan #batchelorinstitute

Saturday morning with my love! 😍 #Yarrabah #yarrichino

Going bush?⠀
Many couples ask if our vintage limousines can handle gravel roads. The short answer is yes. 1930s to 1950s cars where designed in an era when a lot of roads and even highways in Australia where still just gravel roads with all of the corrugations, pot holes and flying dust. The long answer is that we also value the cars so will assess every road and situation on the day. Water-logged clay roads may become unsafe in which case other plans will need to be made. These images are taken on the entry drive to Yarrabah Retreat at Whitby.⠀

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