My October 🍂🍁 @knitcrate has arrived. This month i received the Ash colorway which a beautiful light blue. The blend of Alpaca, Merino and Nylon makes it super squishy and soft.

I think i might use this yarn to crochet a pair of mittens for myself. 😊❄️
If you're interested in signing up to this monthly yarn subscription, check out the link in my Bio and use the coupon code KRISTINE20 to receive 20% off on your first order. 😉
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We love putting together our Monthly Flower Yarn boxes Novembers is Crysthanamum ★★★★★ "I can't believer the items you get each month! Yarn and goodies, so wonderful, can't wait for November and December!" cgpmommy #etsy #homespunwonders #yarnbox #yarnclub https://etsy.me/2P9EkmP

Thanks for the kind words we love dying our fairy, unicorn or mermaid yarn! ★★★★★ "Definitely the best yarn box I've ordered!
Arrived within a week and on my birthday which made it even more special. Thanks 😁" Emma H.
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The #hogwartsorderofmagicalmakers #yarnclub and #fiberclub shipped the other day, and I am putting the finishing touches on #tourdetolkien to ship tomorrow! I can't wait to show everyone these two... the #harrypotteryarnclub is especially creepy! These were my button designs and I am quite happy with how they turned out since they were 100% my designs! Figured I'd show everyone since they don't give too much away 😉-Sam🐝

Here we have the last part of our little #strickmichclubhistory: the yarns of the current club year 2018 – except for one which will be on its way to knitters around the globe in November! To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we decided to "go big" and have a whopping 150 g of yarn in every shipment. We have had a stunning, intense blue by @zauber.wiese (who is such a lovely person and a real professional when it comes to all things yarn – it is such a pleasure to work with her that I would love to do it again sometime). The skein is speckled with dark purple and mustard-yellowy bits that make it reminiscent of the pictures of star nebulae. Our second shipment consisted of two skeins of the amazingly soft and gentle "Blacker Swan" by @blackeryarns with Merino fibre from the Falkland Islands, composed by the amazing Sue Blacker, who came all the way from Cornwall to be part of our cast-on event in May. Looking at the picture, you would probably guess that the dyer of the third yarn combination (the Lipstick Red and the supercreative multicolored skein) comes from a very different place than northern Europe? Bridget Henderson aka @cowgirrlblues is from South Africa, and the colors of the fauna and sun of her native certainly inspired this colorway! Amazingly, Bridget also made her way to be here at our cast-on event, we had a lovely chat on our stage, a fun day knitting at my house with lots of enthusiastic knitters, and pizza at night. Our next cast-on event will take place on November 24th, and the dyer of the fourth shipment (it's no secret anymore that it will be @dibadu_dyeworks ) will also be here for her interview and bring lots of lots of her amazing yarns for you to shop :)) Strickmich! Club will continue in 2019, sign-ups start in November on http://www.strickmich-club.de
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2017 was an exciting year in #strickmichclubhistory – we have had an exclusive colorway by the legendary @missbabsyarns! You will probably spot it immediately (second skein from the right). The colorway is called "Ziggy Stardust" and was inspired by a picture of a market in Thailand. Miss Babs' Yummy 2-ply base made for a cute shawl that was lots of fun to knit! The most amazing thin of having Miss Babs in the Club was that she actually came here to our Cast-on event, and we had an interview live on stage. Equally exciting was having @bilumyarns from Hungary in our line-up: I just loooove her color-changing yarn cakes, and the one she dyed for us on her "Loli" base was both subtle and intense. I made a spirally cowl out of it ("Spiral Escape"), and I was overjoyed that she made the long journey from Hungary (suitcases full of yarn!) here to Damsdorf. @dasmondschaf – one of my favorite dyers to work with – was part of Strickmich! Club for the second time around with a combination of a speckled single-ply with a contrasting mini-skein. And Danica of @naturesluxury dyed a soft and gorgeous pink on a silk-blend yarn for us. All dyers were here to participate in our cast-on events and brought more of their yarns for our club members to shop. It was amazing! :))
Strickmich! Club will continue in 2019, sign-ups start in November on http://www.strickmich-club.de
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⭐Giveaway⭐ is still running on the Sheepish Facebook page. Head there now if you want to be in with a chance of winning 🤞

I've just made a very small number of these available in the shop. Link in bio

i know last night's 6pm release wasn't ideal for a lot of people, especially you european folks, but luckily there are still some fibreshed experience boxes available! we've sold out of some of the fleece-specific options, but there's still at least 1 skein available of socks and cookies, and lila's celebration has a few left! head to fromfieldtoskin.com/shop to grab a box if you haven't had a chance yet 💕
fun little side fact: did you know that christel dyed the gorgeous dusty pink to celebrate her newest bébé's birth? 🥑 lila makes everyone smitten with her - just ask my mum, who absconded with her during our set-ups for @manitobafibrefestival 😂 built-in babysitting services right there, that's for sure.

oreo's skeins have been snapped up, but if you want to make a similar hat to @brycetylr's, there is one skein of canelle's yarn left that's pretty close! i know some folks are having issues with payment windows, so if you're trying to grab a fibreshed experience box and paypal/the interwebs are being a jerk, send me a dm and we'll try to sort it out together so you can grab what you really love 🖤 thanks so much for the wonderful reception to these boxes so far! i'm so excited for you all to start playing with your @fermefiolafarm yarn 🙃

less than 20 minutes to go! profile links are updated for this profile, @sunflowerknit's profile, and @fermefiolafarm's profile. ten of these beauties (in skein form) are available, and then 10 other fleece-specific skeins too! that's it 😱 hope you get something you love 🐑💕🥑

half an hour! we have half an hour before @fromfieldtoskin's fibreshed experience boxes go live! links are up in my profile, @fromfieldtoskin's profile (you want the shop option), and @fermefiolafarm's profile! cutie patootie sheepies courtesy of christel's farm - hope you get something you love 😘

well, my phone is almost dead and my charging cord is also dead, so i won't be on instagram very much until i can find a new charge. perfect timing for today's @fromfieldtoskin fibreshed experience box release! hopefully i've given you enough info already to help you make your decision and get through the ordering process smoothly though! remember, the boxes go live at 6pm tonight winnipeg time, so check any time zone differences with the magic of google and set an alarm to make sure you don't miss the release 🐑
the pattern i designed to go along with this first box is a hat with two size options, to fit a smaller adult head (or teenage head i guess, heads are kinda big...) or a larger adult head. the larger size is slightly taller thanks to the extra decreases, which also makes it ideal for folding up the brim if you/your recipient prefer a more fitted look rather than floppy style. swipe through the photos to see the styling differences - i wear the smaller size in lila's celebration colourway and bryce wears the larger size in both floppy and fitted in oreo's gorgeous charcoal fleece-specific yarn!

Going back another year in #strickmichclubhistory: This is the year when we finally persuaded perfectionist Claudia of @rohrspatzundwollmeise to attempt a multicolored skein for our club members – and look how beautiful it became! I made my design "Puerto Montt" out of it, which is still a favorite among knitters because of its unusual shape. The ice-crystal inspired color by @zauber.wiese turned into "Snowflake Party", the berry-colored skein by @manosdeluruguay became a shawl/vest/scarf hybrid named "Smooth Sailor" and out of the extravagant pink-and-yellow combo by @westknits favorite @walkcollection I made a comfy and colorful cowl. A Strickmich! Club year of multicolored fun!

Strickmich! Club will continue in 2019, sign-ups start in November on https://www.strickmich-club.de/en
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okie doke, i promised you a rundown of everything in the first ever fibreshed experience boxes and all your options so you're prepared for their release tomorrow at 6pm winnipeg time, and it's ready for you! head to the website and under the interviews page, you'll see an additional blog post. i've also walked you through getting through check-out, because you'll actually need to place TWO items in your cart to complete your order - select your @fermefiolafarm yarn in the main listing, and add your @naturalknotwood ornament from the second listing. that will give you a complete box 📦
i'm really excited about these boxes, and also about all the gorgeous materials in the boxes - wool, wood, beeswax, sunflower oil infused with foraged and homegrown plants... i hope you're able to grab one you love. give me a shout today or early tomorrow with any questions! and if you want more @pembinafibreshed goodness, have a listen to my interviews with @fermefiolafarm and @longwayhomestead, and join us for a documentary screening and slow fashion market on wednesday evening. i'll pop details up in my stories, or you can head to @pembinafibreshed's grid to find them 💙

@fromfieldtoskin's fibreshed experience boxes celebrating @pembinafibreshed go live tomorrow at 6pm winnipeg time, and i've written a blog post on fromfieldtoskin.com that takes you through the options within the boxes and how to go smoothly and quickly through check-out. this is such a big experiment for me, and the buzz around them is both super exciting and a little bit nerve wracking because i just have my fingers and toes crossed for no tech hiccups 🤞🏼
if you swipe to the second photo here, you'll see the ornaments made by @naturalknotwood. i've been planning these boxes for months, and had planned on talking to wayne in the summer about making some of his darning mushrooms for them. wayne always made the most beautiful and well-designed tools. when he passed suddenly, i got in touch with his wife kelly and basically bought up the majority of the remaining ornaments because i was determined for wayne to be represented in this celebration of our fibreshed. he was so talented, and the kindest man, and i wanted other people to experience his craftsmanship. there are actually a few items still in their etsy shop, and kelly is still shipping them, so if you are looking for some beautiful woodwork, please go check out @naturalknotwood's shop. and if you're planning on getting a box tomorrow, be sure to have your favourite ornament and yarn picked out, plus maybe a back-up just in case 🖤 ---
i hope you're excited about these boxes, and that you get one you love! all will come with some beeswax tapers, a special skin salve, download code for the #wildbergamothat, and a keychain from @longwayhomestead 🐑

Last day to order your Cornbread and Honey Sock Yarn Advent calendar is Saturday! Dont miss out!
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Tomorrow is your last chance to order the Fall yarn box! Snag yours before they are gone!
Link in bio.
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