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This lovely artwork is for Out of the Water by MojoFlower, which is a oneshot inspired by Out on the Rocks by HarleyMischief (both on AO3). This artist has also drawn amazing art for another mermaid!JohnLock fic, Riptide Lover.
Riptide Lover is an absolutely gorgeous fic that I must recommend- and I need to stress that Sherlock is really wild/ dangerous (as usual tbh) in this and he does not consider a human's perspective sometimes. It's ongoing but I think there's just an epilogue left. It's immensely difficult to sift through all the JohnLock fics to find a good one and I'm so glad I've found this ☺️
Artist: meetingyourmaker (Tumblr)
Post link: http://meetingyourmaker.tumblr.com/post/77192703642/
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Heyooo gang I'm back with another MidoTaka fic rec! Also with prostitute!Takao because he just suits being a tease so much.
The fic is titled "I'll wait for you where the chrysanthemums bloom" and you can search the title for follow this link:
(If you like, DM me to ask for the link since you can't copy captions on IG unless you're using a browser)
The fic has lovely world building, set in olden day Japan. Basic summary: Takao comes from a samurai family and sold into sex work to pay off his debts. You only find this out explicitly in the 3rd chapter, but it's pretty much obvious in the first if you watch for the hints so I don't really think it's a big spoiler. Bonus points for Kiyoshi looking out for Takao too, there's a bit of action between the two but it's more like exchanging favours/scratching an itch/ practicality really.
There are little notes about the terms used and it is very informative- like a mini history lesson. It is, however, on hiatus since late 2015, but I personally am not the sort who would avoid a fic because it is incomplete- I just appreciate the writing in the moment haha. But if you absolutely dislike incomplete fics, consider yourselves warned. It reminds me a little of The Vindictive Paradise for the historical setting and little stifling uptightness, but this is definitely a lot more well-researched + more worldbuilding.
TakaMido Dj- Erohon
Artist: Zenda (Nue)
Unscanlated. Scans by edisyaoi on Tumblr. Do not repost without crediting them.
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I hope y'all like TakaMido because I really love Zenda's art and I realised I have a whole folder of their pics that I posted a little bit of months ago but have forgotten about πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ my favourite KnB dj is this amazing MidoTaka one called:
"That For Which You Do Not Yearn" by Lys ap Adin (lysapadin) on AO3.
It's prostitute!Takao (nothing of the exploitational, seedy sort), and doctor-in-training Midorima. It builds carefully, is written really well, and usually I tend to avoid anime fics since they don't translate as well to English fics but the pace, plot, characterisation and language is executed perfectly πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
AUs mean the characters run the risk of being ooc (out of character) eg a Harry Potter AU where Snape is a slutty stripper and you read a magnificent train wreck of a paragraph where he dirty talks Harry and calls him Daddy while Dumbledore watches in the background πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ you know, when the names could be substituted with anyone else and it wouldn't be different? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ and you're like is this a crack fic or naw bec it's hilarious
But yep this MidoTaka dj is πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ AU done right. Only wish it was longer.
TakaMido Dj- Erohon
Artist: Zenda (Nue)
Unscanlated. Scans by edisyaoi on Tumblr. Do not repost without crediting them.
#takamido #midotaka #yaoi #midorimaxtakao #takaoxmidorima #yaoiloverficrecs #knbyaoi

Title: What We Pretend We Can't See
Author: gyzym (ao3.org)
Auror Harry, museum owner Draco of sorts. The characterisation is spot-on: the snippy arguments back and forth perfectly written, Harry being clueless as always, and long-suffering friends. Basically 90% of all the classic elements of a Drarry fic but magnificently executed. Basically Harry moves our of Grimmauld Place, lives a generally unfulfilling life, and is shocked by how different Malfoy is. I probably have read at least 50 fics where Harry is 100% clueless and still holds on to his Hogwarts mindset too strongly but it's just as well, for that is the characterisation I like best πŸ˜‰
I can't stress enough how prettily written the falling in love bit is;;; ; when it hits him my heart just swooped and I had to put my phone down for a bit and then reread because I was so happy ahhhh
Tumblr ID: istehlurvz
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Part 1/3
Btw I forgot to mention this but canis_m updated their latest fic "The Standard Book of Spells" and that is original Percival Graves x Clarence Barebone. The fic is set in a timeline without Grindelwald but essentially almost everything else is the same.
It's a lovely slow burn fic like most Gradence fics tend to be, and canis_m has done a lot of really good omegaverse Hannigram fics too, if you're interested. I would highly recommend their works πŸ‘πŸΌ link is in my bio.
Tumblr ID: j-witless
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Part 1/2
I have more fic recs for you guys btw! It's a bit of a weird one since it's not anime/ recent TV series/ blockbuster movie but I seriously admire the writing style of some of these authors. Are you familiar with the works of P.G.Wodehouse? His characters are full of stereotypes and clichΓ©s- and he was an inventive man- much like what we do today, he creates new words through adding or removing prefixes and suffixes to comic effect.
Some good egs from his Wikipedia page:
πŸ‘‰ When Pongo Twistleton removes the housemaid Elsie Bean from a cupboard, Wodehouse writes that the character "de-Beaned the cupboard"
πŸ‘‰ Wodehouse created new words by splitting others in two- dividing "hobnobbing" when he writes: "To offer a housemaid a cigarette is not hobbing. Nor, when you light it for her, does that constitute nobbing."
Ok back to the recommendations! If you find this style of writing difficult to adjust to, I recommend starting out with "The Long Road" by triedunture (link in bio). There are elements of Wodehouse's style, but not overmuch and it makes for very sweet and compelling reading.
For the seasoned and indoctrinated reader, take up "Jeeves and the Amatory Dilemma" by who_la_hoop (they have also done an EXCELLENT Drarry fic, Written on the Heart- check the #yaoiloverficrecs tag for a longer brief).
In fact, who_la_hoop is the reason I got into reading these- I truly believe a talented author can write anything and without knowing the fandom/ characters, it should still work πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
"What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing" by
malacophilous (orphan_account) is not slash, but hilariously done and written in Wodehouse's style. They are a very prolific fic writer and I have read loads of their Hannibal fics.
I highly recommend you give them a try (at the very least, the first one!) πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I've put the link in my bio.
Feel free to message me anytime to chat about fics- I may not post like 20 pics a day but I will happily chat with everyone ☺️❀️
Twitter: @/kisenoi
Tumblr: oekaki-chan
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Heyooo I'm back with another Drarry fic rec! I've been going back to Ironfrost fics this week but I'm glad I took some time to read this amazing fic by who_la_hoop on ao3 titled "Written on the Heart".
It's a soulmates AU that I know has been done to death, but this fic is SPELLBINDING. Literally. Can you tell I love bad puns lol
Basically a bunch of the old gang go back to spend another year at Hogwarts, where everyone is resorted into just two houses since there isn't enough of them. Harry gets put into Slytherin and has to deal with rabid fans, teasing from the Slytherins, and Draco's death glares on top of passing his NEWTs. A nice handy curse just about tops it all.
I love Draco's characterisation in this, he's the brooding-but-secretly-vulnerable stereotypical bad guy in trashy romance novels girls just adore and want to protect lol. Zabini is another fave, he's basically the annoying best friend who acts gay to piss you off and shock everyone else and has ZERO CHILL. I love him πŸ˜‚
The Slytherins are all sass and full of snarky ribbing back and forth and I love them hahahah. They remind me of the little snipes my housemates carry out everyday, tear each other to bits but we all know we love each other and we might hit some sore spots but it's all in good fun.
Granted, there could be more fleshing out world-building wise but given that the focus is on the whole soulmarks problem this is a little transgression easily forgiven given how well most of us know the HP world anyway πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I would definitely recommend reading it! I've put the link in my bio and it probably won't be there forever so make sure you click on it soon and get reading!! πŸ“–
Manga: Nii-chan
Mangaka: Harada
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Sketch of the meetup scene.
Anyways guys!! I'm back with another fic rec and it is JohnLock from BBC Sherlock this time πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
The fic is "John Watson's Twelve Days of Christmas" by earlgreytea68 and it is a really lighthearted, funny fic that would be perfect for Christmas... but seeing as it is still winter, curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and settle in to read this πŸ˜‰ plot roughly goes like this:
John runs into Sherlock on one of his cases while he is helping out as an elf at some random Santa's meet-and-greet and of course he gets thrown horribly off-course because of Sherlock's detective melodrama. And, in spectacular k-drama style, he gets hired as a pretend boyfriend to spend Christmas with Sherlock's family.
The language and expressions aren't quuuite as elegant, but I am a very fussy reader- it is a very sweet and overall well-written fic that I would recommend πŸ™ŒπŸΌβœ¨
DM me if you'd like a list of fic recs or let me know if you read just about anything and would like to be tagged whenever I post a fic rec! All previous recommendations are posted under the tag

Hey guys I'm back with another fic rec whoop whoop!!
This is Greg Lestrade x Mycroft Holmes from the BBC Sherlock series but I've read through the fic and you honestly do not need to know anything about the show to enjoy the fic. It's very well-written and easy to read, where Mycroft is both capable and shy; sweet and halting; and like Greg you will feel an immense need to give him a cuddle. While watching the series, you'd never see him being portrayed as sweet, but bless him, he tries so hard to protect everyone and keep them safe. I'd like to think this fic explores a bit more of his character what the show couldn't, and I am 99% convinced Mycroft would swear with insults from the Bard himself (read: Shakespeare) when his football team doesn't do well.
The series is called "At Least There's The Football" by sheffiesharpe on AO3 and I highly recommend it for the right balance of humour, domesticity, and boyfriends who save England on a regular basis, the people just don't know it.
I promise it's not a superhero fic.
It's not half as sensational.
Still good, though.
PASH spring. HQ version from http://www.moetron.com/post/157026457688
Tumblr ID: pkjd-moetron

The fic is "Turn" by Saras_Girl on ao3 and it is a Draco/Harry fic. It is vaguely inspired by the film β€˜The Family Man’ but it's a play on a common theme of redoing over things/parallel universe and it is a very beautifully written and poignant fic full of what-ifs and could-haves. I can't recommend it enough.
Artist: @/loveulatte
Tumblr ID: kitkatsgalore || kitkatartarchive
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"Where are you Mr Graves?"
If you liked the previous fic rec I gave you guys, This thing of darkness by maggiedragon is a similar fic. It's completed, too, so no agonising wait :)
Artist: @brilcristz
Tumblr ID: brilcrist
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Hey hey hey! Harry Potter fans, I have a Graves(original)/Credence fic rec for you guys. Now, if you've watched the Fantastic Beasts movie you might have realised how manipulative Grindelwald/Graves was and how much some of his scenes with Credence rankled of emotional/sexual grooming. That made sense to me bec Credence would have been doubly trapped with both anti-magic and homophobic sentiments rife then and Grindelwald made use of that. It's just sad but if the cut scenes just hints at a possible return of Credence πŸ‘€
BUT ANYWAYS. This fic "Other People's Poetry" by oppisum (AO3) comes post-movie, where Credence ends things by seeking Graves for revenge, but finds someone different entirely (I'm so bad at explanations but basically Grindelwald is keeping him for the Polyjuice potions and Credence leads Aurors to the real Graves instead of Grindelwald). The real Graves takes him in and teaches him all sorts of things from magic to writing and Credence wonders if he is paying enough for his sins, since he is falling in love again. Definitely worth a read! I love mentor-type tropes. It's currently ongoing and there are two more chapters left.
Again, the title is Other People's Poetry by oppisum. πŸ‘€ enjoy

Currently reading another Drarry fic that is very Draco-centric. He and Harry have a rivalry even as professors at Hogwarts and sorta prank each other. Malfoy decides to curse him with a full-body bind whenever he takes points from Slytherin and Harry ends up in a very permanent one when he tries to cast a spell at the same time.
He gets assigned to take over Harry's tasks and deals with it very badly initially, but goes on a sort of self-discovery as time goes on.
I adore his pet beetle, Stanley (such a common, un-Malfoy name ahahaha), and Stanley is an adorable delight.
I'm not changing the link in my bio yet but the title for this fic is "All Life is Yours to Miss" by Saras_Girl.
Imo the writing isn't /quite/ as elegant, but it is simple and descriptive without being over-the-top unnecessary and that isn't something everyone can pull off the right balance of without sounding like a primary school oral exam where students point at a picture and describe everything down to a T.
Anyways. That's my recommendation for today. I'm currently on 11,800 words for my essay and I don't even feel halfway done. πŸ˜‚

HI HI HI I'm back with another Draco x Harry fic (not indicative of who tops/bottoms) and I've put the link in my bio!
It's called "Lumos" by birdsofshore and it starts off being quite smutty and pining but quickly develops into full-on feels (and pining) and it's only a oneshot, but a lovely long one at that and I 100% recommend it!! ❀️
I'll put down all my fic recs under this tag (#yaoiloverficrecs) in the future so just click it to access all the previous ones. I'm currently on a Drarry fic marathon but it isn't limited to Drarry, message me if you'd love another pairing or a whole list of fic recs if you're a quick reader like me πŸ˜‰
P.s. The uncensored pic is on my stories. If you are uncomfortable with this one if it is already censored then you honestly shouldn't be following a yaoi account 🚫
Cheerio, I'm off to bed. Got a long day ahead with lots of essay work and crying and endless cups of tea 😭πŸ˜ͺ
Drop me a comment or DM if you enjoyed it :)
Title: Hito wa Sore o Shitto to Yobu | That’s called jealousy
Circle/ artist: Kuroquis!!

I found such a good Drarry fic writer. I'm in love. I've put a link in my bio and I promise 100% satisfaction (well unless you absolutely hate Drarry, then you shouldn't read it). You don't need a very deep knowledge of the HP universe to enjoy it, either.
Title is "All Our Secrets Laid Bare" by firethesound on AO3
Illustration by Furukawa Tasuku (mangaka of "Dancing Colors, a pole dancing yaoi manga. I recommend it!)
Post link: https://twitter.com/furukawa_tasuku/status/806437478320082944
#furukawatasuku #yaoi #BL

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