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"You’re going to get to the end of your baseball career and attempt to reflect on every aspect of it. You won’t remember how many hits you had in your fifth game as a sophomore in high school. You probably won’t even remember what all the trophies and awards that are now collecting dust in the attic look like. I can guarantee you one thing though. You’re going to remember that tarp-turned-slip n slide you and your buddies went crazy on once you heard your game was postponed. You’re going to remember the hours you spent in the locker room with them talking about anything and everything, because you could. You’re going to remember the bonds that were created as a result of being with them every single day, and at that point you’ll realize you wouldn’t be where you are today without them.
So, when the day comes where you hang ‘em up for the last time, don’t take on the feeling that you’re leaving the game. Rather remember that not everyone has the blessing, talent, or ability to play the game, and that you were one of the lucky ones who was able to play it for as long as you did, with the people that you did." -A DTD Original Blog ⚾️

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Kicked off birthday weekend right with a Bronx Bombers win 💙⚾️ #yanks #yankees #bronxbombers #bleedblue #newyorkyankees #homesweethome

I accept me for who I am faults and all (well I really don't have much of a choice ) #bankholidayshenanigans #jollyrocker #yanks

My Dad is #jumbotron famous 🤗 #nyyankees #yanks

Jimmy Fallon what a great guy #Yanks

And here I was thinking the jewish community only supported the Mets #Yanks

The caption says it all... city trip to citi field for the bday 😎 #yanks


Yankees working a deal for Sonny Gray! Will it happen comment what you think below⬇️💙 #bronx #judgejury #yanks

At the ball game! Turn on the Sinatra for this was a win @yankeestadium #yankees

YanksLive07 is happening this THURSDAY at 8:00PM @steelcraftlb. Be sure to join us, stop by and say hi (before and after the show) and who knows, you may be called up to join us in one of our famous games! See you all there!

Final: Yankees 4, Reds 2
Montgomery goes 6 IP, 1ER
Judge 1-3 with a run
Didi goes yard (15)
#Yanks win 4 of last 5
#Yankees #YankeeStadium

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