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Today I remember my grandfather, happy birthdays Apu Felix! What can I say about you that hasn't been said before. All I know is that your presence is stronger now than it ever was. You were a kind and peaceful soul! Loyal unlike any other person I know. You've taught me how to be a man and raise a family. One day I pray I get my own. You're the inspiration in my life in all our lives. Each and everyone one of us is here because of you. Today I celebrate your memory and continue to live our ideals we used to talk about. I can only imagine what life will be like In a few years once I start my own family. I'm thankful for you and the lessons you've taught me just by the way you lived. The biggest example I have apu Aming. The love you two have is unbelievable. I hope one day to love just as strong as the both of you. I know you are with me everyday and all my struggles but I will continue to do my best and carry on tradition. Love is what completed your life and look at your history it's something to be proud of, I know I am. You always taught me just be loyal and kind , take care of the family and make babies . Send a prayer here and send me some ladies would ya! Some good ones! It's your birthday and mine was a few weeks ago! Happy Mother's Day grandma! I'll always protect your love! God bless I'll see you soon. This is for my core.. Love you grandpa. Happy birthday !!! #grandpafelix #may18th #greatestinmybook #tobecontinued #yamat

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#yamat li fatat m3ak twahachnaha omrii lah ykhalik lina khoya djawed💗💗💗💗


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