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The real messiahship of Yahushua is concealed in Mark. It is misunderstood by official Judaism in Mark 3:20-35. It was hidden from those that was looking in from the outside and unrecognized by the disciples. Demons recognize who He is throughout the Book, a pagan centurion acknowledges Yahushua true identity at the steak (15:39)... The Book of Mark is also interested in explaining the true nature of Yahushua' Messiahship. In Mark it's made known that the Messiah is the Son of YHWH.Mark1:1, He moves with power and compassion through Galilee(1:1-8:26) in Mark Yahushua Messiahship is also repeatedly hidden. Mark1:34, (1:43),(3:12),(4:11),(5:43),(7:24),(7:36),(8:26),(8:30). Now the reason for this is that"only" Yahushua understands the true nature of His Messianic destiny- that of a suffering servant who conquers through death. But even this is explained 3 times to the disciples, they too fail to understand in Mark 8:27-33, 9:30-32, 10:33-45...And the major thing is the "Son of The Most High" and" Son of Man"issue. In Mark1:1 Mark opens his Story by calling Yahushua The Messiah the Son of Elohim. YAH the Father refers to #Yahushua as His Son on at least 2 other places: Mark1:11 at Yahushua baptism" Thou are my beloved son in whom I'am well pleased." And on Mark9:7 on the mountain of transfiguration" This is My beloved Son: hear Him." Mark is letting us see that The Messiah is truly and fully the Son of Elohim. But in Mark's Understanding, no human speaks of Him as Son of YHWH until the passion story... Demons will speak of Yahushua as Son of God. Mark1:24 " I know Thee, Who Thou are, the Holy One of Elohim." 3:11"Thou are the Son of YAH." 5:7" Yahushua , Thou Son of the Most High Elohim." And through out the ministry of The Messiah from His own lips-Son of Man. Mark2:10 Son of Man can forgive sin and heal sickness. Mark2:8, now in 8:31 although Yahushua is called The Messiah by Peter (which means the Anointed One; it does not mean Son of YAH. It refers to Himself, in this text, as the Son of Man and He must suffer. So with this my friends I hope you see how blessed you really are. Because Yahushua hides nothing from us and we know we are chosen and loved by YAH.

💯💯💯💯 If I had learned this decades sooner in #life, it would've spared me a lot of pain, struggle, and heartache. . .
None of these things will ever make you feel complete.
None of these things will ever make you worthy.

I've had experience with every one of these things listed - either personally or with an immediate family member or friend- and I assure you that chasing after all of this stuff will only lead to more emptiness. . . The ONLY One who can satisfy your heart, and bring you true peace, contentment, and healing is #Jesus/#Yahushua. ❤❤❤#SeekHim #JesusSaves #drugabuse #aa #alcoholic #narcissism #fame #sex #lust #marriage #divorce #sexaddiction #sin #success #wealth #money #freedom #forgiveness #depression #anxiety #insomnia #healing #grace

When the tide turns
And you feel cornered
When your trust
Was misplaced
With the face of betrayal
Look to the ocean
For your parting
Lifting heart in prayer
Lifting hands in faith
For there is no one like God
#YHWH, #Yahushua
No one like Him on the earth
He is our provider, our redeemer
Our protector, our deliverer
He hears and answers
His people
In times of need.
#meejmuses #trustGod

Time to grow the top half of the Beard in for completion! All Praises to TMH ✊🏾🙌🏾 #judah #lionlife #israel #israelites #hebrew #12tribes #negus #jerusalem #yahuah #yahushua #abraham #issac #jacob #yankees

I really wish some people truly understood who Abrahams faithful gentile servant Eleazer was. If people are teaching you that the scriptures are racist, I'm sorry, but they are living a lie. All of Jacobs sons married pagan women. This hate doctrine is disgusting. Smh #Yahushua #Yahuah #NoPartiality #NoRespectOfPersons

Não sei o segredo do sucesso, mas o segredo do fracasso é tentar agradar a todos.


What is Love & Why Should We Follow God's Commandments?
Simply ignoring things doesn't make them disappear or not be true. We r living in a world of emotionally driven opinions. Who says what goes & what doesn't? What are the foundations of your thought process? HOW do we know what's right from wrong? Everyone is living off of (and I know people hate hearing this) a satanically influenced paradigm.."To do as thy wilt." & where have we been influenced to think this way?
Yes. By nearly EVERYTHING. Nearly every corner of life but mostly by the media. Movies, shows, news, schools....We are not just influenced by the news stories but we are also influenced by the ppl who are delivering it. We idolize people who have NO divine relationship what so ever. No bad tree can produce good fruits! They might not say "do as thy wilt" deliberately but they r showing it with their actions, by their fruits. Revenge & doing everything for thy self is the center of nearly every msg. Imagine being born...growing up.. watching tv as a child all the way to an adult, going to school, hanging out w/ people who have had that influence pounded directly & indirectly into people's minds... Doing as thy wilt.. That way of living has no foundation, has no guidelines, has no sense of serving..it's the direct opposite of showing love. Every1 is talking abt having PRIDE.. Well what is that? Really? Being proud & having pride are two different things. What is pride if everything you do is for you only?
How can we be of one mind and have peace and love if everyone is looking out for them selves only and if there are no guidelines?
We KNOW how hard it is to read someones mind. So how can we be of ONE mind if we don't know our neighbors thoughts?
To be "ONE mind" is if we all follow the same guidelines. It's if we all know what true love is & how to show it and how to recognize it. It's if we all know what to do in every circumstance..
And how do we do that?
It's not having different religions...It's not "doing as thy wilt".. It's not being prideful, hateful or revengeful.
It's finding the foundation from which we all will benefit from. (Find full note on my blog at sweedishlove.blogspot.com)

We ended with hasatan being in the prayer answering business, basically because this is his world right now. And most people pray for things in it. And we went over how christians prayers are not answered by The Most High, unless their praying for truth about Him and His Kingdom. And how their worldly prayers are an ABOMANTION. Take a look at Proverbs 28:9 He that turns away His ear from hearing the Torah, even his prayers shall be ABOMANTION. And we know christianity don't honor Torah, so that was quick and easy. How many of you look at the cross as a weapon? Or see it negatively or as a protection device. Because we know the Romans put you on a stake, not a cross. Like christians depict. Also the Romans crucified their enemies on the stakes. Never a Roman soldier. And on top of that christianity see the cross as honoring the death of this jesus of theirs. When it's truly about death being taken away. And life giving to us and more abundantly. Yahushua name means savior and life, fixer. Did you know that the name jesus in Hebrew language means death and destroyer. I'll give you proof on this later. But their cross represents the death of their jesus. When everything about the Hamashiach is life; until He comes back this second time. Everything has an order my Mishpacha, even praying! Did you know this is the wrong way to pray👏,with hands together. And that our arms are to be stretched out and raised up facing Israel. And the reason our hands were closed and together is because of the shackles that we're on our wrist because of slavery preventing us from doing it correctly? These Gentiles did a number. Is this a big thing? Maybe! Is it a small thing? 🤔maybe! But think about it after this. ...1 Kings 8:37 " if there be in the land famine, if there be pestilence, blasting, mildew, locust, or if there be caterpillar; if their enemy besiege them in the land or their cities; whatever plague, whatsoever sickness there be; what prayer and supplication soever be made by any man, or by all your people Yisra'el, [ That's just us my HEBREW FAMILY] which shall know every man the plague of his own heart,and spread forth his hands toward this house: Then hear you☟☟

📖Lord, set up a guard for my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips. Do not let my heart turn to any evil thing or perform wicked acts with men who commit sin. Do not let me feast on their delicacies.
‭‭🔥Psalms‬ ‭141:3-4‬🔥
#guardmymouth #guardmyheart #prayer #pray #praying #jesus #savior #messiah #yeshua #love #godislove #repent #jesussaves #bornagain #youmustbesaved #heaven #eternallife #yahweh #yahushua #bible #church #christ #jesuschrist #john316 #personalrelationship #christian #christianity #faith #worship #followerofjesus

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