Hop off my drip 💦 #yafeel #wegetit #drip

Life’s about sometimes getting the ice cream after a hike! I couldn’t even finish it! But believe me, I tried!
It’s nice to not feel guilt around food when trying to be a good example & maintaining my own weight loss #yafeel
Moderation is everything 👌🍦

Summer. Ya feel?
#summer #pnw #seattle #boy #girl #love #yafeel

The way the year has gone so far, my birthday seemed just like another day. I am glad to see 22 tho. #Birthday#YaFeel#ShoutOutMyFam

No matter what life throws at us, I will always have my little brothers back❤️💯 #brotherlylove #welit #like #comment #lilbro #yafeel

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself and say "no I wasn't on drugs, I'm just ugly. Thanks" 🤷 #yafeel?

Goals is to have plump ass shoulders without even flexin’
But also have a love-hate relationship with wide shoulders, in the gym it’s all fine & dandy, but try being a girl and putting on regular clothes & them never fitting (don’t get me started with off the shoulder shirts 🤦🏻‍♀️) because no clothing stores make clothes for girls who lift which is why you always catch me in workout clothes
#runonsentence #rant #yafeel

Ps I have bicep veins now & I’ve waited 5 years for them to make an appearance. They’re still only slightly visible though 😂

Thanks to my cute ass date for taking me to Vegas & spoiling me 💕 #yafeel

Been too hot out🚔🚨 #yafeel

I would literally think dis is cuteeee asfffff but knowing if it’s that loveyyy doveyyy shiiiet it sure ain’t me , I’m too gooof’d up fohh dattt . I’m more of , if the ngga irritates tf outta me I’ll drown his ahhh while we at it 🤣🤣- #yafeel?🤷🏻‍♀️

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