This video really made me smile tbh

what song by X made you become a fan of him
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credit: unknown


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i know yaal ears hate me for this one 😔 @theslumpgod @djscheme @xxxtentacion THEY HIT THAT HO periodt .

What year did you start listening to the music of Jahseh and how?👇👇🌍💙 FOLLOW ME FOR MORE 💙🌍 @billietentacion
Cred : @ged_kid 💙

I love this video for some reason😩 Idk why❤️😍 via @xxtentaclesss


i honestly love seeing videos like that, seeing everybody smile & shit, like yessssssssssuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. 😩😍😭 ‘

i don’t even know anymore . @djscheme @theslumpgod

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