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Guys in still enjoying summer #snapchat #xxxtencation

This guy right here is straight up amazing. #xxxtencation 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

You put a gun on my mans I put a hole in your parent's

I've failed you Lord xxxtencation

#xxxtencation #traplord

Shoutout @wtfisrealrap for beating to the punch again 🙄😭
This list is 87% most likely fake, but for arguments sake a couple of those names have legit chances of making it. Lance Skiiiwalker has great odds of making it as TDE has given him the necessary exposure. @kembe_x should be on the list, he could also confirm or deny the legitimacy of this shit lmao. Allan Kingdom is HELLA talented but I think he's been on the rap radar for a couple years now that XXL might see him as past freshman level. There will be blood in the streets if Peep makes XXL lmfao, people will talk about how hiphop has died and all that and its understandable, Peep ain't no Ab-Soul but he's not trying to be, he's being Peep, I wouldn't put him in this list. Ski Mask and X are in a similar boat as Peep but I'd rather see them on a XXL list but still wouldn't put em. And you already know when people like Carti, Rich, etc. make it there will be backlash, somewhat understandably so.
Now, I see people saying guys like Da$h better be on it. Da$h should of been on lists like this 3 years ago, now he's not a freshman in the game at all, he's bigger than this type of list. Guys like Wifi, Smino, Joey Purp, Saba, etc. and girls like Noname, Alia Zin, etc. deserve some of that spotlight a place like this can cause. But we know XXL ain't what it used to be anyways, rappers don't neeeeeeeed XXL, but they help when it chooses to.


oc (repost) -mayo

hipocrite -mayo

Guys in still enjoying summer #snapchat #xxxtencation

with a hard r -mayo


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