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☀️Solar is dialed in! 16 hours without any sunlight to the panels and only down to 67% on the solar battery and the fridge is sitting at 32°. I’d say that’s a success! The wireless temp gauge is a degree or so off. I can live with that. ALL THE POWER!!! ☀️⚡️☀️⚡️ @renogysolar

ALL the Malls 💥

คู่เดือด ระหว่าง Morey eel 🆚 Sea snake 🐍🐍 ผู้แพ้ สู้จนขาดใจ 😱😱 RIP สำหรับผู้แพ้ด้วย
Video : Olympus TG-5 with AOI UWL-400
Light : xventurer 2600 x 2

#scubanine #uwvideo #olympustg5 #xventurer #olympustg5tough #underwatervideography #aoi #uwl400

A Band of RējX does Georgia!

In just over a week, we depart for a shenanigan filled trip from Florida to north Georgia. Please join us as we explore the Georgia Traverse. We’ve been itching to get back since we had to bail last summer due to some mechanical issues, followed by prior engagements. Cross fingers for no major breakdowns🤞🏻. Hopefully we’ll get a chance up to stop by Chattanooga to see our friends @cvttents before we head back to Florida, as well. We have a great crew lined up for this trip and we’re excited to hit the road. See you on the other side 🤘🏻 @ol_blue2_pro4x @roma_san_ @diver.doris @notthatchrisking

❌ T E R R A • T U E S D A Y ❌ - Tray Mountain Edition - we’re less than 2 weeks out from our redo of the Georgia Traverse. Hopefully Tray will reopen. 📷 @notthatchrisking - @ol_blue2_pro4x @roma_san_ @diver.doris

Should we buy a Land Rover? I bet we could get a deal on this one. #RC

R I C H L O A M • R U N - the dry parts -
@ol_blue2_pro4x @audetadventures

Our feed is filled with our friends doing rad shit today and we’re over here web wheeling 👎🏻

A big thanks to @blueridgeoverlandgear for sending us their new Velcro Visor Organizer. As always, top-notch quality 👌🏻

Some of the RējX we get to hang with 🤘🏻

I’m a horrible cook. Who else is fortunate enough to camp with some top notch chefs? ✋🏻


Hi 👋🏻 Bye 👋🏻

❌ T E R R A • T U E S D A Y ❌ - Swamp edition

S C O U T 📍

A couple of RējX 🤘🏻


ALL ☀️ THE ☀️ SOLARS!!! Fridge/freezer is sitting at a constant 28°-32°, depending on ambient temp. Frosty beers 24/7 🍺🤘🏻

“This is Buford T. Justice and we in hot pursuit!”

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