I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto

One of my favorite shops on the planet. Taking the ol’ work boots in for a resole.

Domestic AF💥

Permission to buzz the tower?

We did a thing: DJI Mavic Pro 🤘🏻

So, found the clunking noise. Both sway bar links where busted. $50 for new sway bar links and bushings? Nope. Delete sway bar! #winning!

FB Memories 🚙⛺️⛰👍🏻

#FlashBackFriday to Colorado 2016 - Durango, Silverton, Imogene, Telluride, Ophir, Alta Lakes, Ouray, Last Dollar Road, and Great Sand Dunes NP. Fantastic trip!

Hoping the best for our Atlantic family and friends. Some of the live cams show real trouble heading your way. Be safe.

Wicked Wednesday 🤘🏻


❌ T E R R A • T U E S D A Y ❌ - But first let me take a selfie - circa 2015

The new @roadshower 4 is installed. Fits snug up against the recovery box, but doesn’t restrict the opening. The Yakima Rocketbox even fits! Just by filling the shower with a garden hose, we were able to get 47psi. Per the manual, it can take 65psi. Pretty cool so far. 👍🏻

Hopefully this fares better than the Waterport

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