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Talk about living the #XPTLife! Former #XPTExperience attendee Justin Singer (@mekanixhouston) put in a Barrel Sauna from #dundalkleisurecraft in his own house! How do you live the #XPTLife? #makeitalifestyle

Breathe deep. Connect. Be centered in your purpose. @lairdhamiltonsurf #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Ever wonder what it’s like to workout at one of our XPT Experiences? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out the Sand Workout @coachpjnestler put the attendees of our most recent XPT Experience in Hawaii through & try it yourself! #XPTLife #makeitalifestyle

I thought I was a strong human until I discovered cold therapy. Never have I ever felt such up and down emotions than I did while I was submerged in ice cold water.
It’s best to take your first plunge after you’ve heated yourself up in a dry sauna. The first daunting task was dunking your entire body then sitting in stillness completely submerged with your head above the ice for 3 minutes.
The first minute is the hardest. Throbbing pain starts to radiate throughout parts of your body where there’s inflammation all while trying to slow your breath down and remain calm.
The 2nd minute, your body realizes it has to adapt to the changes, so all of the blood moves to your core and the pain starts to go away. Your breathing slows down to about 6-8 breaths per minute and all you can think about is not moving. The 3rd minute becomes easier. Your breath is controlled, your arms are crossed at your belly creating warmth and you find that moment of zen.
Several moments before you’re done, you’re challenged to completely submerge one last time before you exit the tank. This seemed way more doable then the pre dunk. You have to slowly exit or you’ll start to feel lightheaded. Standing next to the tank your blood starts to circulate your entire body again and this most amazing sense of euphoria sets in.
That moment was worth the entire @xptlife experience. Surrounded by a safe but motivating and powerful crew allowed me to lower my protective walls and embrace this unknown. I had so many amazing emotions wash over me after each session. It was crazy to see it manifest out in anger, sadness, and irritability. I was powerless and had to completely rely on others to guide me through.
Huge thanks to @bryanediaz and @gabbyreece for allowing a safe space for these emotions. I even dunked under for 10 seconds on my last round thanks to Gabby’s supportive words and encouragement.
Huge thanks to the XPT CREW for all you did during our experience. I had the best time and can’t wait to meet back up for the first certification! ❤️

@heidi_michele_design hats were a hit during the @xptlife experience this week! I especially love the new collaborative series involving Heidi and my sister @hollizollinger designs. They're AMAZING!!! Head on over and check them out!
If you like what you see, use code "NATSUP" for 20% off your entire order! 🌺MAHALO❤️ •••> By the way, isn't @julietstarrett such a babe? Ya, she's a badass too. My new BFF. 💪
PC: @fluxphoto #xpt #xptlife #xptExperience #heidimichele #mwod

Wow. What a week. I'm speechless...
I've never felt so enriched and empowered by so many amazing humans than I did this weekend in Kauai at the @xptlife experience.
@gabbyreece and @lairdhamiltonsurf are two beautiful and inspiring souls. They've really manifested a lifestyle of health and happiness that I can't wait to recreate back home. Huge thanks to Jen for creating the vision of xpt that allowed us to gain so much insight from all the amazing people that led this experience.
Huge shoutout to @mobilitywod Kelly and Juliet Starrett. You two have become family and I can't wait to reconnect again with you again soon...hopefully down the Grand?!?!
Last but not least, meeting @bengreenfieldfitness was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I've been following him and his podcast for about 2 years now. He's changed my life and my view on health and wellness. He's chalk full of so much information that it can feel overwhelming at times, but he's a "smart cookie" and I'm grateful for his persistence in self optimization and performance.
Huge thanks to Lorenzo, (@fluxphoto) for reaching out and taking these photos. I've followed you for awhile now and so grateful we finally got a chance to connect! Your work is beautiful, can't wait for our next shoot! #xptlife #xptExperience #kauai #fitness #xpt
PC: @fluxphoto

That’s a wrap for the 2017 Kauai #xptExperience! What a weekend! Special thanks to all who attended & special thanks to @mobilitywod, @julietstarrett and @bengreenfieldfitness for joining us! #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Thank you to our friends at @aurogsh @auroskinprotocol for keeping our skin healthy while we work on building a healthy body during our Kauai #xptExperience #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Coconut 101 with @lairdhamiltonsurf at the Kauai #xptExperience Day 3 🥥🌴#xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Next up for Day 3 of the Kauai #xptExperience is mobility conditioning in the sand with @coachpjnestler! #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Day 3 of the 2017 Kauai #xptExperience is underway with some beach #performancebreathing lead by @lairdhamiltonsurf w/ special guest @yourintuition on the flute! #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Here I am at the @xptlife Kauai Experience giving a lecture on recovery, sleep and nutrition. I answered Qs such as minimizing jet lag when you travel to a place like Kauai from the mainland for a fitness course like XPT...what to do if you wake up at night and how do you get back to sleep when that happens...the best way to increase "male hormone" levels naturally...pre and post workout fueling...and a whole bunch more! Tons of info on all these topics on BenGreenfieldFitness.com. Use the search bar!

#sleep #fitness #xptexperience #kauai #xptperformancetraining #training #nutrition #jetlag #beatjetlag #travel #holidays #healthylifestyle #biohacking #cognitiveperformance #workoutrecovery #fitnessandrecovery #podcast #healthyliving #youarewhatyoueat #foodismedicine

The seeds of the Annatto plant are used as a natural food coloring. Here at @kauaifarmacytea, they’re also used as war paint. @gabbyreece #kauaifarmacy #xptlife #xptexperience #makeitalifestyle

After all that morning hard work, our Kauai #xptExperience crew is treated to a tour & lunch at @kauaifarmacytea - a
four acre organic sustainable herbal tea farm #xptlife #makeitalifestyle

Got an AWESOME post workout atlas adjustment out in Hawaii!! @xptlife #XPTexperience

Feeling ready for anything after an amazing sauna session @xptlife in my special sauna @biohackersummit hat... Here's 10 Reasons I am addicted to a daily sauna: bengreenfieldfitness.com/scienceofsauna
And this is the exact workout I do in the sauna, every morning): BenGreenfieldFitness.com/saunaworkout
This is the sauna I use at home: BenGreenfieldFitness.com/clearlight (the Y Yoga Series sauna) code "BEN" for $450 off, free shipping, and an included ergonomic backrest.
#xptexperience #sauna #infraredsauna #ilovesauna #detox #detoxification

2017 Kauai #XPTExperience Day 2 kicks off with a warm up from @coachpjnestler #XPTLife #makeitalifestyle

Some amazing mobility with @mwod before some stand up paddle and ice-heat. #lairdsbarm #xptexperience #xptlife @lairdhamiltonsurf @gabbyreece @bengreenfieldfitness

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