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New Patek Live 😈

Thank you to those of you that have purchased an item, followed me, or even just took a look at my depop page! I really appreciate it. More items to come soon 😉😊😘🖤 Have a beautiful weekend....weeknd....however you want to spell it 😜✌🏽

A little XO PSA ( public service announcement 😉 lol) Take note of the shipping date! This item is a pre-order and won't ship until "on or around" August 31st! If you don't know any thing about @theweekndmerchandise shipping, let me warn you, it will be more on the "around" side lol So expect this vest to arrive by Mid September....maybe even October 🤷🏽‍♀️🧡🖤

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Brand new House of Balloons Anniversary shirt, complete with tag attached and XO Anniversary bag is currently listed for sale on my @depop page. Search my username "starbeautytrilogy" to view this item and more 😎🖤

Haven't picked up your MDM shirt yet? Go to @hottopic website right now to purchase this shirt. Currently priced at $22.90 , but you can receive 20% off by using code HT20. Sizes Medium - XL available! Need a smaller size? Try going in store for sizes XS and Small 🧡🖤🧡🖤

this will probably never drop :(
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