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God I misss bella and Abel🎈🖤 #xotwod

woke up to this perfection • @theweeknd

-Incase you didn’t know David wrote a song called Starman hence why Abel created Starboy as a tribute🖤
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Since @theweeknd will most likely be going by Abel and or the album will be called Abel, this will probably be his most personal project. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing new music soon. I feel like there will be more emotional vocals, since he has been hinting about Kiss Land. Maybe a Kiss Land/Trilogy vibe with a twist. It will probably be less of a pop vibe that Starboy had, and have a darker heavier feel. At least l hope it does 🖤

@cesarexclusiveny posted this pic about 40 minutes ago with the caption “#TBT - I feel it coming” with music notes... A hint at the upcoming era? 👀❤️ (This was when Abel was in Brazil, so it’s a couple weeks old.)

@ throwback to when I saw dad @theweeknd in Paris in my home country back in february it was lit one of my favorite moment in 2k17
I’m also so emotional today seeing that abel changed his bio to «  abel » ???? Like I had a feeling from very long time that for his next album he was going to dropped the stage name!! ALSO I have a story about abella that I witness on this day if u guys wanna know hit the comments 🤫

A new old picture from Abel’s vacation in Rio de Janeiro over New Years. One of the guys he was with, @cesarexclusiveny works in the entertainment industry. Cesar had the caption “I feel it coming,” possibly alluding to the arrival of the next era of our Starboy’s career!

The Starboy profile picture is gone! It was replaced it with The Weeknd’s favorite childhood photo with his mom. But the even bigger change is that it says “Abel” underneath The Weeknd on his Instagram page! Does this mean “The Weeknd” is taking a break? Or is he just getting on a first name basis with his newer fans?

so tell me you love me... even though you don’t love me || @theweeknd

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He’s alive! His hair still looks the same. Nothing seems out of the ordinary? I don’t know if I was expecting him to have dreadlocks or his beard shaved off or something by now? Lol. But how long have we been waiting for him to post something like this!!! So happy now!


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