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@andyblack @thejulietsimms “My Rose” tattoo design🌹🌹 #xobillie thank you everyone for order commissions! And thank you for your patient. I currently have a lot of commissions but I still take new ones if you are okay with waiting a lill. DM if interested❤️

Finished Wretched and Divine Dreamcatcher tattoo design😄 (this one is sold so please do not copy) logo in the middle inspired by @exhibitagallery #blackveilbrides #xobillie

2 nd sketch. I don’t think I will have time to finish both this sketches. I will put up a poll in my story for you guys to vote on which on you like the best and think I shod finish🙌🏻❤️🌹Thank you to my dear @brightmusicphotography for the photo references😘 #xobillie #ashleypurdy #blackveilbrides

(SOLD)Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine dream catcher tattoo design (line art) So much fun drawing this!😄❤️ And yes this design is for sale if someone would like to have it❤️ I will color it as well🙌🏻💖 (DM if interested)Just selling it once! Please do not copy the art. (The bone winged BVB logo in the middle is inspired by @exhibitagallery ) #xobillie #blackveilbrides #wretchedanddivine

So incredibly honored to be asked to draw tattoo designs again❤️🙈🙊☺️It is so unbelievably honoring that ppl trust you and your art enough to put it on their skin. I love bringing peoples ideas to life.💖 Please do not copy this design straight of. It has personal details in it for a special person. So please if there are someone who feels inspired, feel free to go ahead and ask a tattoo artist for something similar so you get a personal touch only for you❤️ #xobillie #blackveilbrides

I love you all🌹 #xobillie #totoro

“Where do you go?” Tb @emersonbarrett
Yes where do you guys go when you wander away in your mind? This is why I enjoy drawing people not looking at the viewer. Have you ever looked at someone that is far away into their mind and you wonder where they are going. You can be present and still far away. It is interesting to try capture that #xobillie xo

@blackveilbrides Wretched and Divine dreamcatcher sketch ❤️❤️ #blackveilbrides #wretchedanddivine #xobillie

Sketch- lineart-Watercolor progress of @jinxxed4life 🌹🎻🎼🎩 #xobillie #jinxxbvb #blackveilbrides #watercolor
Pilot mechanical pencil
LePen marker
Winsor and Newton Watercolor’s

Yeah no tattoos yet🙈 so how many times have you guys watched @blackveilbrides “Wake Up” video? (I have lost count😅)👀🎥 #xobillie #andybiersack #blackveilbrides

Being curies and inspired by @emersonbarrett art. I made this when I couldn’t sleep.
Emerson is really inviting the viewer of his work to create a world within the dream like labyrinths of cities bound together with poems. Drawing like this is like getting lost. (Voiding around) I very rarely draw cities so this was a really interesting drawing to make. ——
I truly appriciate and enjoy Emerson’s work. Much thanks for the inspiration. Would have enjoyed to see it in a gallery and ask some questions cus it is very interesting.
🌹 #xobillie #palayeroyale

Speaking about @nevertakeitoff here is a tb. Shod do more like this but my time is currently limited and a bit messy do to personal life. It is not easy to always keep stuff together. #xobillie

“Rebel” @jinxxed4life
#jinxxbvb #blackveilbrides
Managed to get back to draw a lill tonight. Trying to shut out the loneliness. Thank you all so much for your kind words 🌹

Thats all for tonight❤️ hope to find time finishing this tomorrow❤️ thank you all so much for your kind words and love/ xoxo #xobillie #blackveilbrides #jinxxbvb #jinxxed4life #watercolor

Okay last one🙈will stop spamming your IG feeds now 😅 sorry❤️ here are some more (building up) A lill tips with watercolor is to think backwards. Usually (like with acrylic or oils) you go from dark to light. You put highlight and those lill white glimmers on last. In watercolor you do the opposite. Everything that is white is paper since there are no good white watercolor (it would blow the trick if there was😂) it will look very for awhile but once you get the black colors in, the rest will pop! 😄🎉 #xobillie
And NO just cus it is called WATERcolors you don’t have to drench everything like the art teachers seems to like😅 I use very lill water and have a paper beside to kinda get most of the water out from the pencil with some strokes before adding to the painting :)

I have got some questions from you guys about how I color my watercolor arts so here are some ground coloring 😄❤️ Starting out very light🖌🎨 #xobillie

Time to color! Most details comes together with colors. Looks kinda flat now🙈🖌🎨 #xobillie #jinxxbvb #jinxxed4life

Some lining of a little pensize @jinxxed4life (sorry about the light😅 it is in the middle of the night here) and for some reason IG doesn’t help with the quality after i load the video up😅#xobillie
Markers: LePen

One of my own lill fav pensizes of @jinxxed4life 🖌🎨 watercolor and some black markers. Inspired by a live photography. Jinxx is amazing to watch on stage playing live music. Live is the best! If you get a chance to see @blackveilbrides on this tour, Take it! You wont regret it! #xobillie #jinxxed4life #jinxxbvb #blackveilbrides

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