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OOOOOOOOOUUUUU✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝#xichapter #conference2k17

Finally getting a chance to start the book by @sheririley while on vacation. #xichapter #exponentialliving #dst

Them AKA's...😍😍😍💗💚💗💚 #XiChapter #EMUFajitaFest2016

Ya been wondering what I've been doing this semester👀👀 Proud to finally say that that I am an Hermano of Latino America Unida/Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc!!🔴🌕⚪️⚫️ #LAUIsLaw #XiChapter #seXiTeam

So much love for this group of people #dka #xichapter

So proud of my Youngins!!! Even though they were getting me and my LB @mister_gerome last nerve these past couple months they put on a great show. No matter what the outcome is you guys represented XI well! #xichapter #kudos #proudcoach

Tonight 7pm
Blackburn Ballroom

Shoutout to my big, @hurshey03, who motivated me throughout the process. Even though he couldn't be there all the time, he made sure that I'm fine!!! Proud to be Xi and even prouder to be Depsi #deltaepsilonpsi #rhoclass #xichapter #probate #littt

Here are some of our awardees from this year's End of the Year Banquet. Shoutout to Phi and Omicron chapters for coming! Special S/O to Janet Ibarra for graduating this year! #XiChapter #UCRLSG #ΛΣΓ #ipse1986


🔥Man Crush Monday🔥
Hermano Luis "PAlante" Paulino Jr.- Spring 17 👔
Luis is an incoming sophomore📚, and an Accounting Major💰 but thinking of expanding his knowledge by either minoring in Communication🤝 or Sociology✊🏽 His goal in life is to ensure that his family will finally be able to own a house in a nice neighborhood🏡 He is currently the Greek Representative for the chapter🕴🏻 Luis loves to play baseball ⚾️ and watch basketball 🏀 as well. He also loves to play NBA 2k🎮. Luis is excited to meet incoming freshmen and interest👨🏾‍💼
Ethnicity: Dominican🇩🇴 Hometown: Meriden, CT👷🏾
Favorite Animal: Dog 🐶
Favorite Color: Blue🔵
Favorite Food: Plátano con Salami 🍌
Fav Music Genre: Bachata 💃🏼
#ManCrushMonday #MCM #MeetTheLambdas #SPR17 #Seis #PAlante #XiChapter #UCONN #LAUisLAW

The one thing you said that always resonated with me was simple: "Surround yourself with people who aren't trying to change you". I enjoyed mtg up with you this morning; many laughs & great conversation! You're awesome. 😘💙😎 💛🐪@drdianelynnspatz #onceaphisigalwaysaphisig #xichapter #dioketehupsala #aimhigh #loveinthepyramid #templeuniversity #greeklife #seaislecity #siclife

ΛΣΓ Xi Chapter wishes everyone good luck on finals! You are almost at the finish line! #ΛΣΓ #UCRLSG #XiChapter #ipse1986

🔥Man Crush Monday🔥
Hermano Greg "Rezurjan" Lapeine- Spring 17 👔
Greg, who also goes by Gregito by some of his friends, is an incoming sophomore majoring in Sport Management 🏈🏀⚽️ and is thinking of minoring in communications and journalism📝. He aspires to be involved in the professional sports industry as a writer or analyst and potentially work his way to a GM of a professional sports franchise 💰. He is currently the recruitment chair for the chapter 👔. Greg loves to produce music on his laptop as a personal hobby 🎧🎹 and loves to crack jokes 😂 and debate about sports 🔥. He might be a little shy at times but he's a great Hermano to get to know. ---
Ethnicity: Haitian🇭🇹 (The first in our chapter)
Hometown: Stamford, CT 👷🏾
Favorite Animal: Dog 🐶
Favorite Color: Green ✅
Favorite Food: MCDONALD'S 🍟
Favorite Music Genre: Hip Hop/Trap 😈
#ManCrushMonday #MCM #MeetTheLambdas #SPR17 #CincoClub #OchoCinco #Rezurjan #XiChapter #UCONN #LAUisLAW

🍎🇵🇷PR Parade 🇵🇷🍎
Undergraduate and Alumni Chapter bros showing out for the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York🍎 Had a great time with hermanos and friends 🙌🏽 #PRparade #XiChapter #UCONN #LAUisLAW

We want to wish Happy Birthday to these Super™ 🕴🏻Chapter Hermanos:
#1️⃣ Spring '10 Rodrigo Martinez 🇵🇪
#3️⃣ Spring '10 Cristhian Bedon 🇪🇨
#2️⃣ Spring '14 Gilberto Valentin Jr. 🇵🇷
Even in Peru, Rodrigo proudly represents LAU 🇵🇪While we may not get to see him as much, we miss him here in the states! Venceremos hermano! 🔴🌕⚪️⚫️
Cristhian carries the Executive Xi Mentality everywhere he goes 👔 He truly has mastered balancing business with fun 💸⚖️🍸He's doing an excellent job as our National President and as a Hermano🦅👨🏻‍⚖️
Gil is one of the funniest Hermanos the chapter has 😂 As our previous chapter advisor, he helped us reach new heights 📈 Once again, we congratulate him on his engagement 💍 and are anxiously awaiting his wedding! 🎉
We thank these Hermanos for their contributions to the brotherhood 🔴🌕⚪️⚫️We hope you enjoy your day!🎂🎉🎁
#SPR10 #SPR14 #AceClub #DeuceClub #TreClub #XiChapter #UCONN #LAUisLAW

#dphi #XIChapter ❤️🖤💃🏾🤸🏽‍♀️

Get into it boys 💦😏😍❤️🖤 .... #XIChapter #Dphi #myasu

Here are some of our awardees from this year's End of the Year Banquet. Shoutout to Phi and Omicron chapters for coming! Special S/O to Janet Ibarra for graduating this year! #XiChapter #UCRLSG #ΛΣΓ #ipse1986

🔥Man Crush Monday🔥
Hermano Yadiel "Hurakà Kanowa" Rodriguez- Spring 17 👔
Yadiel (also known as "Yadi") is an incoming Sophomore majoring in Economics💸with a minor in Latino Studies🇵🇷 Yadi works at the front desk in the Puerto Rican Latin American Culture Center (PRLACC) front desk and is currently Social Media Chair for the chapter📲💻In his free time, Yadi loves to make beats🎧, play Super Smash Bros🎮, and draw cartoon characters from his childhood🎨🐉Yadi has a pretty broad taste in music, from classic rock, alternative, reggae, jazz, to hip hop Yadi listens to it all🔊🙇🏻
Nationality: Puerto Rican🇵🇷
Favorite Food: Tostones🍌 Con Chuleta🐄
One Bucket List: Visit all Caribbean island by boat⛵️🌄🌅
Favorite Music Genre: R&B and Hip Hop🎼
Desired Super Power: Time Travel🕰🔋
Interesting Fact: Yadi has gotten hit by 3 cars in one semester🚲🚗🚳 ---
#ManCrushMonday #MCM #MeetTheLambdas #SPR17 #QuadSquad #HurakáKanowa #XiChapter #UCONN #LAUisLAW

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