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Chicano🦇Man ... underpainting getting started .... gonna have fun with this one ... Progress shots as we go ... #MikeRiosGoesHard #Cholostration #Cholostrations #Acrylic #Canvas #Underpainting #ChicanoArtist #Xicano #YourChicanosFavoriteChicano #AnArtistForThePeople✊🏽

Playing... 🙌🎶 #Anitta anitta'sband #brothers #mlmusical #jazzbass #xicano

#ElGrito #Mexicano
Today Sept 15 #2017
What the Grito means to me?

When the gloves come off!

BEWARE of the use and the term "Hispanic" it is not a race, but a cultural indentity, it is meant to falsely label and divide our people from our indigenous roots to this land by making them think they are white, Anglo, or bourgeois. Thus creating an identity crisis in North American by calling native people "illegal aliens" in our ancestorial lands.
I am Mestizo and I am from America. I have golden skin when I tan, we are the children of the sun.
I am #Xicano!



Maíze and an Indigenous Dagger with Bone.. part of my winter flash coming soon.. #xicano #flash #tattoo #ink #watercolor #indigenous #maíze #maízetattoo #Oakland #eastbay #510 #califas

..notoca Nahui Itzcuintli.. *my name is 4 Dog*

Follow this baddass #Xicano artist J. Chavez @stormcloud72 - -

Finished "sheepeytohteyk eehtstahk'teyohkweehtla'tehnpeelohlee" xipe totek lip ornament. Eeshtlee sheepeytohteyktseehn, eehn yayeeh tseeleehnehlee, eewahn eeh'yakahpeelohl all casted using traditional kohpahl'sheekohkweetlahtl wasted wax method then assembled and fused into as you see. Manifested from gathered recycled scrap sterling silver. #placabyteypohsweepeehl #chichimeka #azteka #mexika #aztecgold #xipetotec #cuauhtemoc #moctezuma #xicano #xicana #nagualismo #animism #brujo #prehispanic #precolumbian #aztec #mexica #bodymodification '#chicano #chicana #aztlan #tatuaje #huitznahuatlaka

Hey all! Wanted to share this contest being held by @latinotype, they're giving away a few of their Typodarium calendars for 2018. Head to their page for details!

Don't know about LatinoType? They're a Chile-based digital type foundry! 🇨🇱 They design wonderful typefaces that work for any project you need. Included works are by @jrgcisterna_type @igmographic and @lucianovergara.

When the body speaks
By the talented @mayteoliva 🇬🇹 Hey Latinas, Latinos, y Latinxs! Use #weareladi to be featured!

*deep share* November this year has put me in some real red energy. With the recent discovery of the Dakota pipeline disaster I have been feeling so many direct messages from my ancestors. I am angry for the land I feel anger about the lack of indigenous media that exists, I want to be in a better place to make epic moves for my Native brothers & sisters. I am angry that we have to use white media to even get any of our points across. Wishing there were more platforms for black,Brown & Indigenous babes on this planet. Every time I leave my house I hear some horribly racists shit, Honestly no matter where I go. Yesterday it was about “worker Mexicans” and how their presence in the neighborhood that these tourists were occupying in an Airbnb made them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. The person they were speaking to responded “well that’s downtown for ya, those people are everywhere” then they of course brought up “their president” 😤 Since trump has been elected these people feel more and more comfortable spreading their evil. That alone makes my fucking blood boil. Feeling more than ever now that I have to get my shit together and make even more epic moves for the collective & this community. Feeling anger at the poverty energy that exists in my family and has existed throughout the generations. Poverty is how they keep us enslaved. Wishing I had the resources to not always feel like I’m one day away from financially losing Firme Arte. Honestly babes the last few months have just been so hard financially. There are months when we really have to struggle to afford food & Rent. I am here to do the work, now universe/my ancestors please show me the way. I am here. I am in tears and I mean every word. Allow me to create physical space for my communities, allow collaborative energies to flow my way so we may shift this world together.✊🏽🔥🌿 Anyways I’m feeling a lot of “red” energy & deep rooted sadness right now & would like to know what kinds of music do you like to listen to when feeling overwhelmed or anger? I hella want to know! #hopi #xicana #xicano #twospirit #nativeamerican #indigenous #chicana #chicano

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