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Xenophobic Attacks Again -South Africas attack Nigerians in Pretoria West, loot, burn their businesses (pics)

The Nigerian Community in South Africa has confirmed attacks and looting of Nigerian-owned businesses in Pretoria West on Saturday.

Ikechukwu Anyene, president, Nigeria Union, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on telephone from Pretoria, South Africa, that the attacks began at 4.00 a.m.

He said the union had reported the incident to the Nigerian mission and South African police.
“As we speak, five buildings with Nigerian businesses, including a church have been
looted and burned by South Africans. One of the buildings is a mechanic garage with 28 cars under repairs, with other vital documents, were burned during the attack.
Also, the pastor of the church was wounded and is in the hospital receiving treatment,” he said.
Mr. Anyene said the union had informed Nigerians in South Africa to be vigilant in the face of renewed #xenophobic attacks.
Source - NAN

Church and state are supposed to be separate. Supporting these racist #xenophobic policies are #unamerican #illegal . Don't be the one of the people that said nothing before the holocaust began.

Obasanjo Blames South African Government For Xenophobic Attacks
Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has blamed the `laxity and insincerity’ of the South African Government under President Jacob Zuma for the incessant Xenophobic Attacks on foreigners.

The ex-president condemned the attacks on Wednesday in Abeokuta when he received the leadership of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, (NIPSS) Kuru, Jos who paid him a courtesy call.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Obasanjo described the development as a `betrayal’ of the struggle for the emancipation of the country against the apartheid regime.

He said: “I will apportion more blame to the leadership of the South African government. “While the immaturity of the youths can be excused, the leaders ought to realise the importance of unity and brotherliness in Africa. “While I blame the youths of the country for the attacks, I will blame the leaders of any country more that allows xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans for whatever reason. #xenophobic #southafrica #infonaija

Being proud Indian:Still feeling goosebumps when the anthem plays, childhood memories & adult hope tied into the #RepublicDay parade .
Feel proud to be able to contribute & represent my country as #MissUniverseIndia 2015🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 #flagwaving #xenophobic #patriotic #missuniverse #ilovemyindia #india

One thing loony #Leftists are good at is casting aspersions on others that perfectly describe themselves: #Racist #Fascist #Xenophobic, etc.

#Boston gives a hearty "fuck you hahder" to Trump and his fellow #xenophobic #cretins

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See what he told @instahype9ja about #XENOPHOBIC Violence ::: :::::::
About the Xenophobic Attacks in SA am just really sad and disappointed..All what our African leaders fought for is just going down the drain..I keep thinking if Mandela was Alive what will he say?
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...assistindo a cerimônia de posse de Donald Trump (com muito receio e quem acha que isso não influencia em nada o Brasil não sabe de nada) me vem o seguinte: "Você, eu e todos os brasileiros, independentemente de termos sido favoráveis ou contrários ao impeachment, temos de torcer e lutar pelo Brasil, não pelo Temer, nem por nenhum outro governo. Quando o governo tentar fazer algo a favor do país, temos de apoiá-lo; quando não for para o bem do país, temos de combatê-lo." #fucktrump #animosity #xenophobic


I was wondering if the alt-right had made any factual and detailed arguments so I turned on the news to be greeted by them screaming "fuck you faggots" like wow way to sizzle up an argument and take those suckers down!1!!😫 ---
#meme #memes #nazi #nazis #charlottesville #unitetheright #altright #xenophobic #racist #foxnews #charlotteville #charlottesvillerally #memesdaily #memelord #starter #starterpack #starterpacks #starterpackmemes

This is typical behavior of warmongering psychopaths. #xenophobic #hatesotherpeople #hateshiswomen #selfdestructive #ultrafeminine ...you get the point.

Disgusted with the reactionary direction this country is taking. Not like this is new, but with the Trump presidency, they now feel empowered. Absolutely disgusted. Smh. 😔😒😡. #reactionary #confederateflag #ugly #virginia #usa #america #demonstration #protest #violence #kkk #racism #racist #xenophobic #whitenationalism #smh

(2/3) I listened as they openly stated they will oppose Obama at every turn — and I watched as they did just that.

I listened.

I watched.

I paid attention.

Now, I’m being called upon to be tolerant. To move forward.

To “Get over it.” The same assholes who never accepted my President are demanding I accept theirs. Accept Trump?

After eight years of getting nothing from these #racist, #xenophobic, #sexist, #homophobic, #whitetrash, but abuse? (gotta get to the next post to continue)

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