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well then,,,,,, bam.
if you ask for a source, i'm not gonna give you one (even though i researched it🤗) because google exists and it's right at your fingertips. edit: comments off, y'all lowkey disgust me haha ~ ask

This thing has gone viral and for good reason. When a race baiting, conspiracy theory pushing asshole like Alex Jones and his bullshit website #infowars tries to pose as "real news", they should get their ass kicked. The fact that a 12 year girl did it just makes it all that much better. #alexjones #fakenews This little pussy boy can't handle it. Notice the NAZI shirt and hat he's wearing?

Pls take care of your mental health 💕

Waiting for tomorrow's newspapers to drop like 🕵🏾
Early draft of "Tulsa Hate Crime."
I'm interested in how #whiteness operates as the invisible norm.
#manipulatinglayouts #xenophobia #whiteness

According to the official White House statement, visitors from the UK and elsewhere can apply for places, saying: “If you wish to visit the White House and are a citizen of a foreign country, please contact your embassy in Washington, DC for assistance in submitting a tour request.” But the British Embassy in the US capital quickly repudiated the announcement, citing the State Department: “The White House website states that foreign nationals interested in touring the White House should contact their Embassy to arrange a tour. “However, the Embassy has been advised by the US Department of State that this is on hold. We are therefore unable to process any applications at this time.” It’s unclear whether or not this is some kind of petty revenge for the UK parliament’s decision to ban President Trump from an official state visit or perhaps a heightened security measure. (Credit:occupydemocrats.com) #whitehouseisclosedforbusiness #xenophobia #dumptrump #impeachtrump

South Africans chase Nigerians out of two towns and cancel rent renewal.
What do you think?
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#PulseNigeriaNews #xenophobia #SouthAfrica

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#MakambaLife is back with @miss_vimbai (Vimbai Mutinhiri), the vibrant and multitalented television and radio host and highly sought after MC. We had an enlightening conversation on #xenophobia, the media space in Africa and lots more. Join me as we take a peek into the life of this pan-African media powerhouse.
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#workinprogress creating an #installation with #fashion #garments, #mannequins with #offensive #grafitti, #paintings and other #designedobjects to support an #academic #paper I'm #writing on the various #forms of #hate generated by #race #gender #age #nationalism #xenophobia #religion #sexual #orientation #bodytype etc. To fully understand you'll have to read the paper once it's #published... stay tuned... ***the horrible things #written on any #mannequin clearly does not reflect my #views... this installation has something offensive about everything and everyone and is intended to create discourse on the #nature of hate...

Hindsight is always 20/20. That's why judging the past by the yardsticks of the present is "pointless." History is always made in its context. Understanding history in its context can be used to "explain" why certain things happen. If those things are something we wouldn't consider to be desirable or good nowadays, we can always "prevent" them from happening again through understanding why they were accepted in the past. Slavery, for example, was the product of one group of people thinking another group was someone 'less human' than themselves. Spanking children wasn't considered abuse. Racial discrimination wasn't frowned upon. One would hope we now know differently though these attitudes still exist in tiny pockets of ignorance. To this day, polygamy is practiced by some religions (muslims and mormons), yet NOT every believer practices it. To each his own. If today we know better, we should do better. Are we doing better than our ancestors? That should be the POINT we should strive to achieve. Leave judgement to judgement day.

Let's not pretend that our people aren't part of the problem. Not the root of the problem, but part of it. One of the bravest things you can do is work on your family and friends. #af3irmhawaii #revolutionstartsathome #transnationalfeminism #feminism #feminist #hawaii #resist #xenophobia #displacement #divideandconquertactics #arianagrande #perplexed

When books match billboards. We've just received ARCs of Evening Primrose by Kopano Matlwa, award winning author of Coconut and Spilt Milk. 🌿 "Matlwa is South Africa's Chinamanda Ngozi Adichie" -Rosie Rowell, The Bookseller #SouthAfrica #medicalstudent #women #xenophobia #literaryfiction #awardwinningbooks #kopanomatlwa #eveningprimrose

Today—Friday, September 22—we are screening the documentary film Hyvä Postimies (The Good Postman, 2016). It starts at 3:30pm in the Gallery auditorium and runs 82 min. This is the first of four extraordinary films in the series Studies and Stories of Exile, in conjunction with the #artistsinexile exhibition and sponsored by the Lydia Winston Malbin Fund.

Tonislav Hristov's meditative film reveals the effects of Syrian migration on Greater Dervent, a tiny Bulgarian hamlet located on the Turkish border and made up of 38 elderly inhabitants. Ivan, the postman, decides to run for mayor on the platform of revitalizing the dying village by welcoming refugee settlers. As he delivers the mail—along with quiet and passionate stump speeches—Ivan must navigate the complicated and interlocking positions of fear, nationalism, and xenophobia in his quest to be elected and save his home.

#freeandopentothepublic #documentaryfilm #thegoodpostman #asylumseekers #refugees #syrianmigration #greaterdervent #bulgaria #nationalism #xenophobia #exile #studiesandstoriesofexile #filmseries

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and today's racist is... y'all don't know how much i hate this man


from the #stockley protests. fuck the police

How do we change things like
🚫systemic racism
🚫gender inequality
👉 We work on solving them in our communities first. Change is a domino effect. Never believe that your actions don't have an impact, it's simply not true.

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