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When i was alot younger i never knew what i wanted to do or wanted to be, i was always being told what i needed to do, what i need to act like and so i always followed what i was being told but after a while i realized that the path that i was walking on wasn't who i was, i failed at everything i was being told to do in the pursuit of finding out what i wanted to do because when i tried to find out what i wanted to do i realized that i never knew who i was, i realized that i was just playing a character that needed to exist in order to achieve what i wanted but that would mean that whatever i gained or achieved would've been meaningless to me. I tried talking to my parents about it but they didn't understand what i meant, maybe it was because it was something that they never asked themselves before and i found myself becoming distant from everyone and everything that I've ever gained from playing this character, and so i went on my way to find meaning in my life, to find out who i was and this started when i was somewhere around 12 years old, I spent alot of time on my own and as a result i became very intelligent but it didn't mean anything to me because i still couldn't find out who i was or what i wanted and i was occasionally playing the character because it was easier, because whenever i refused to i would be fought against and i was pretty weak so whenever things got tough i would always go back to the old way of living but when i became 15 i grew tired of the game that i was playing and i decided to follow my own path and that involved me walking away from everything i was ever taught to believe in and it wasn't an easy decision and my grades fell asf, but i stayed on my journey to find out who i was and it took me 2 years to decide what i wanted to be and who i wanted to be and ever since that everything i ever did, i did it with meaning and purpose that satisfied me and I decided to walk and stick to what i believe in

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Before today ends@I just wanna say #HappyValentinesDay to my one and only @jaelynnnnn 😘😘
Xander and I love you babe hope dinner was good 😁😁
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