As the picture says, I'm too sick to do much of anything today. I'll catch up later. For now, I need sleep... #sick #tired #sketch #doodle #xannytoons #update

Inktober Day 3: Poison

I actually really like how this one turned out. Even with the mistakes, I'm definitely improving

This is Aggie's best friend. We will see bits of her in flashback, but I won't name her now. I will say that she has become so obsessed with seeing Agatha one more time, that shinigami (her culture's "grim") have begun to take notice.

#inktober #inktober2017 #inking #goldink #xannytoons #calaveradeazucarcomic #shinigami #inktoberday3 #day3 #poison

Inktober Day 2: Divided

So, I'm not sure how well I executed this, but I'll be experimenting this month with my inking as well. Im far from professionalXD

Meet Stophie. She has Chimerism, which is when you absorb a fraternal twin in the womb. In the story, her sister's spirit latched itself to her body, thus instead of a true dominant, one takes over the body, and the other "wanders". I only have black and gold ink in large quantities, so bare with me.
#inktober2017 #inktober #inktoberday2 #inking #goldink #xannytoons #divided #calaveradeazucarcomic

Inktober Day 1: Swift

I decided to try the official Inktober list to hopefully give me enough inspiration to finish it(I remembered it as "Fly" though, so that's my mistake). It sucks that this year it falls directly when I start my new college, so I'll try to figure out a way to make it work.
This year will be themed by the comic I'm making, "Calavera de Azucar" or, Sugar Skull(still working on title). Now you guys get to see little peeks of the story and characters this month^^ Meet Agatha "Aggie" Williams. You're local Spector of a Witch met by a horrible demise, and her familiars: Aura, Saora, and Rhizo. Not the main character, but she is reoccurring , and I love drawing her happy face.
#inktober #inktober2017 #swift #day1 #inktoberday1 #inking #goldink #stedlerpens #Xannytoons #Calaveradeazucarcomic #cdacomic

I have gotten a bit obsessed with the D&D podcast, The Adventure Zone~ I love Tres Horny Boys equally, but I mean come on, Taako is just freaking beautiful. I love their hilarious family so much XD (and it took me way too long to figure out they were the same guys from Monster Factory and "My brother, My brother, and Me") #treshornyboys #theadventurezone #TAZ #xannytoons #taako #taakothewizard #sketch #sketchbook #traditional #tazpodcast #d&;d #dungeonsanddragons

I feel it's healthy as an artist to also share the things you aren't the proudest of. There are...so many mistakes in this, I don't know where to begin,(maybe at the pumpkin chair)
So often I look at pictures online, and believe artists are just awesome all the time. It's the reason I never finish a sketchbook. It's like I fail as an artist if every sketch isn't a masterpiece when someone randomly asks to look at it. That I have to explain some of the bad sketchs. ("I had a bad day", "I had art block", "I tried to draw with my non-dominate hand") Nothing gets done with this mentality.
That being said, I'm gonna try to post more. Even the bad sketches. I try so hard to impress, that I end up feeling everything is too shit for you guys to enjoy. I'll try to be better about that

The last picture is the original reference I found on Google
#xannytoons #ownyourart

I'm starting to work with iron fuse beads again, and I forgot how lovely but frustrating it is~ I have a larger project I'll post later, but here's the little thing I made for the zenyatta from overwatch spray. And no...I made this 2 weeks ago and still haven't ironed it. It's equal parts laziness and being distracted by the larger piece I'm excited to post~
#fusebeads #perlerbeads #zenyattatekharta #zenyatta #overwatch #zenyattaoverwatch #xannytoons #workinprogress

Again, I kinda tried the draw yourself as a Disney villain challenge when work got slow, but...that's not me, or at least that doesn't look like me or how I typically draw myself XD oh well, it's not horrible for an erasable marker doodle
#doodlesofinstagram #doodle #xannytoons

I've just made the realization I haven't posted since pride, and for that I'm sorry XD I have several half finished pictures I'm currently working on, but here's a doodle to hold you over.
This was originally for the "draw yourself as a Disney villain" art challenge. I don't know why I wanted to try Bill cipher (you know, the freaking angry triangle that's not-canon-but-drawn-by-the-artist form is horrifying) and it doesn't translate unless I actually color my suit yellow, but screw it, I now like drawing myself as a cyclops.
#doodlesofinstagram #doodle #xannytoons

Playing as Lucio is amazing. I am slowly learning to use his wall gliding ability to effectively escape d.vas and Junkrats. Now if only I could escape symmetra in general
-_- (is salty at her and Winston's abilities)
#xannytoons #lucio #overwatch #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #trustmeimasupport #overwatchsupport #overwatchlucio

The Rutile twins are my children now. I am nicknaming them Eve and Lyn, and they will be the next big talent hit with their ukulele album. (I love all the Off colors, including the new Lars~ I just really love the twins~~!!)
(Songs referenced: Evelyn Evelyn by group with the same name; Many Moons by Janelle Monae)
#xannytoons #erasemarks #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #stevenuniverse #rutiletwins #rutilestevenuniverse #evelynevelyn #janellemonae #manymoons

Had to remind myself not to lose my mind. Hectic work day ^^' I would love to learn how to play Zenyatta. I main Lúcio, am pretty decent with Orisa and Sombra, and am still learning Soldier, Zenyatta, and Tracer. ( and can we talk about how awesome mayhem mode is, jeez, I love this game)
#zenyatta #zenyattaoverwatch #overwatch #doodle #xannytoons #videogame #blizzard2016 #blizzardentertainment

My 10 step shading project from my Drawing 1 class. Really proud of this as well, even if I could've found a more interesting subject to draw. I was very surprised that my shading could come out so well, but I guess that's the good thing about being forced to draw something as apposed to just drawing what you want, you learn more about yourself as an artist. Still need to work on my proportion more, but this is the first level art class. I'll get it next time. (Still couldn't help the picture glare, sorry) #graphite #traditional #xannytoons #proudofmyself

Realizes I forgot to post the final picture. No matter how I took it, I couldn't stop the glare on the back shadow though^^'. And yes, I do mostly cartoons, but I think my realistic shading is getting better~ My proportions could use some work though. This was all done with my poor 6B pencil. RIP, my beauty #xannytoons #traditional #graphite

Totally forgot to post this. I did this on my birthday a few days ago, and I'm so proud of how the galaxy came out, you don't even know. At first it was just smoke coming from her cigarette, but then I had this idea and rolled with it. And technically this is a bit of a sneak preview to the comic I've been working on. Say hello to Daiyu, not the main character, but you'll be seeing a lot of her soon~ #galaxy #xannytoons #traditional #copicmarkers

What half finished homework looks like. Jeez, I am a slow artist. It took me waaay too long to do the under-sketch, let alone shade this. I still have a lot to do ;n; #xannytoons #shading #artclass #tired #readyforsummer

Last night @rascalbirdyart and I decided to do an art trade 3 marker challenge. I decided to draw her character Genie, and she drew my character Enoka. I freaking love her picture, and you should totally go look on her page~ but here's my picture for her. #rascalbirdyart #genie #3markerchallenge #xannytoons #cartoon #cartoonist

Yep, I'm in love with watercolor. It's official. Now to practice a bunch~ #litwick #pokemon #xannytoons #pokemonsunandmoon #litwickevolutions #pokemonevolution #chandelure #lampent

For my first few watercolor pictures, I don't think I'm doing half bad. I'd love to practice more and really use watercolor to its full potential. It's just so fun~ #xannytoons #watercolor #practice

I am learning that watercolor is wonderful. Just, wonderful. It took me months to finally use them though, but I'm glad I finally did!! #watercolor #practice #pokemonmoon #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemon #mimikyu #xannytoons

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