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See you again soon, krub 🙏🏼 ... @x2riverkwairesort

📸🌞👬This is something very unusual we brought to you, floating cabin along the river & beautiful nature, it's not far to getaway from Bangkok to experience something new in Kanchanaburi. Peaceful, stunning sunset, you could make it romantic your own way, right??❤️👬 @x2riverkwairesort #ad 👉 Inspired by @herman_wang
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Na blogu pojawił się wpis z pięknego @x2khaolak w Tajlandii. Zdecydowanie jeden z moich ulubionych hoteli 🖤 #thailand #x2lifestyle a na zdjęciu widok z perspektywy naszej willi

ในที่สุดก็ได้พักเสียที :-)
ซีซั่นใหม่เริ่มถ่ายใน 2 สัปดาห์

ขอบคุณ X2 ครับ ที่พักสวยมากๆๆ

#X2resorts #X2destination #X2lifestyle #X2riverkwai #luxurybydesign

Good morning from my Float Luxe Cabin suite .... @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

น้ำใสมาก @x2lifestyle #x2lifestyle #x2yacht

every morning we get the chance to wake up and go out into the world with love that could completely change someone's life. that's powerful! let's smile, give, help, cherish and hold people close. oh, and don't forget to have some coffee!


See you again soon, krub 🙏🏼 ... @x2riverkwairesort

What a beautiful interior !! 2nd floor is like little coffee shop with small library ... 1st floor is the place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner , and it's overlooking River Kwai !! 😍😍😍😍😍 @x2riverkwairesort

Morning kayak~ing ... sooo beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing .... it really rejunevates my body, mind, and soul ... @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

Good morning from my Float Luxe Cabin suite .... @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

Sunset looks sooooo amazingly breathtaking among all of these Float Luxe Cabin Suite ... Can you see the reflection of this super pinky sunset on River Kwai ... it's Hidden Paradise indeed !!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

Lunch at Bridge Bar & Bistro , love the food (specially Tom Saap 👅) , the ambient with lounge music is sooo awesome here .... and what makes it even better, this place has high ceiling with full of glass windows , definitely perfect spot to get your natural lighting selfie 😂😂😂😂😂 !! @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

It's sooo Hot today !! I feel like staying in my Float Luxe Cabin for a lil bit longer , and it's sooo much fun ... great sound system, cozy atmosphere, cute orange floaties pillows , and somemore .... it's floating and overlooking the river kwai !!! 😍😍😍😍😍 @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

Hmmm .... my Champagne breakfast : my fave egg benedict with Champagne by the river, can you feel me ... ? It's only 2,5 hours by car from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi ... time to have your own Champagne Breakfast 😍 @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

This is my morning view at 05.30 a.m. this morning ... sooo beautiful sunrisse scenery indeed !!! 😍😍😍😍😍 good morning everyone from @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

Everyone might have the same moment, or experience the same things, but how many of us will appreciate the same value or take a chance to build the best of it ... this may not the best sunset view I've ever seen, but ... the moment, from the upper deck of my Float Luxe Cabin , great music, a glass of whiskey on the rocks, sound of the river, bird chirping, the breeze, How could it be wrong ?? Definitely hidden paradise 😍 ... @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts

Hellooooo Kanchanaburi !!! Oh my Goshhh !!! i really really love my Float Luxe Cabin ... it's a floating cabin on the River Kwai .... Can you feel me, babe ?? I just put the chill out music on, and just enjoy this moment the whole day .... it's definitely a perfect getaway honeymooners resort , just check this out : @x2riverkwairesort @x2resorts @x2lifestyle

We cannot wait to worship as a community tonight! Service starts at 5pm, at Elmwood Church in St. Anthony (directions in our profile or grovempls.com)!⠀

Don't forget to join us for our next #GroveGathers event immediately following service! Pack a picnic dinner and join us for a fun game of Big Base! Kids will play at 7:15, and the adult competition will begin at 7:30. ⠀

Bring a friend and join us tonight!

Obedience is always anchored in a promise. ⠀

What has He promised you?

#Repost @andysuryandi
Just checked in in @x2kohsamui and directly in love to this villa. It's minimalist, stylish, modern and super cozy. For more information please check my Instagram or click directly here @x2kohsamui #luxurybydesign #x2kohsamui #x2resorts #ad #thegaypassport @thegaypassport
#X2lifestyle #X2destination #kohsamui #kosamui #samuiisland #amazingthailand #romanticthailand #discoverthailand #unseenthailand #findyourjourney #privatepoolvilla #privatepool #privatevilla #beachfront #beachfrontresort #luxuryworldtraveler

#Repost @andysuryandi
Living in Europe teaches me to understand and to love myself. Spending time for yourself is part a luxury in Europe. Hiding some where and only for you and your lover. X2 Villa and spa is the perfect resort for relaxing and refreshing from all your daily activities. For more information please check my Instagram or click directly here @x2kohsamui #luxurybydesign #x2kohsamui #x2resorts #ad #thegaypassport @thegaypassport #hiding #thailand #bangkok #travel
#X2lifestyle #X2destination #X2samui

The story of Daniel and the Lion's Den is an amazing testimony of who God is and the truth that He is always for us.⠀

When we look at the life of Daniel, we see a man who refused to give in to fear, even after the decree was made against his worship of the one true God. Instead of shrinking back in defeat, Daniel chose to continue praying to and praising God, because he was confident in who God was.⠀

Daniel remained steadfast in his trust in the Lord, even after he was thrown into the lions' den and a stone was rolled over top. The Lord sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions - delivering and defending him. ⠀

The story of Daniel isn't just a beautiful testimony, it's also a foreshadowing of Who was to come! Just as God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions that stood against Daniel, so Jesus came and shut the mouth of our accuser and the enemies that stood against us.⠀

Because of what Jesus did for us, we can confidently move forward in who we are when the lies come against us, because we know the truth of who our Father is. ⠀

What is meant to bring us death can actually bring us life; we can say "no" to fear because we know that our enemy has been defeated, and that we have a Savior who has given us a spirit of power and freedom to walk fearless!⠀

#grovecommunitychurch #grovempls

"The mountains that feel difficult to scale right now are the mountains that are crowned with legacy in the future. Our steps today are stories of faith tomorrow, so our sons see their own stories fulfilled." ⠀

Sunday's message, Flannelgraphs: Abraham and Isaac, is now live on our site an app! (Link in profile)⠀

What gold nugget stuck out to you from this weekend's sermon? We'd love to know!⠀

#grovecommunitychurch #grovempls

We'd love for you to join us tonight at church! Service starts at 5pm at Elmwood Church in St. Anthony. Directions and more details are on our site: grovempls.com
If you know someone looking for a church in the Twin Cities, tag them in the comments below and bring them to church tonight! ⠀⠀
#grovecommunitychurch #grovempls

The 650sx did great, first time in water in over 15 years...its running on $40 OfferUp motor I found!!! X2 was a dog wouldn't run right... #jetskilife #jetskiday #jetskijunky #kawasaki #650sx #x2 #x2lifestyle

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