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I farted ✨ Happy Friday ☺️ 📷 @jennkam22

#gigilunchbreak burger heirloom tomato ketchup goat cheese papaya slaw #wywnood #iiipoints2015

🌈TONITE🌈 @robertfontainegallery opens their new space in #wywnood 7-10... Select paintings of mine will now be available through the gallery, including the pictured work 😊 ✌🏼️

Closing @iiipoints out tonight sector 3 stage 215-3am #wywnood #iiipoints2015 #pioneerdj

Join us today for #happyhour and enjoy some delicious $5 bites along with $4 beers & $6 cocktails! 5pm until 7pm today through Friday!

#Wywnood #Miami #Foodie #Restaurants

Sculpture by Luis Fernando Alvarez #wywnood #artwalkmiami


I farted ✨ Happy Friday ☺️ 📷 @jennkam22

♂ ♀R E B E L L I O N Artwork:@stardust_bitch

Now available at all Whole Foods in Florida!! Expanding soon to TX, CA and NY. #Repost @miamicocktailcompany ・・・
Love reading Miami New Times Best of Miami Edition :) #miami #bestofmiami #wywnood #craft #cocktails #celebrate

Starlight, starbright first star I see tonight ✨
Art direction: @stardust_bitch
Photographer/art: @imcarolinaperez

Love reading Miami New Times Best of Miami Edition :) #miami #bestofmiami #wywnood #craft #cocktails #celebrate

Meet me in the middle. 📷 @hollifer__ 📷@emiliacosmetics

"Create your own show."-Terence Mckenna. 🍋🍄photography and art: @imcarolinaperez art direction and styling: @stardust_bitch

Hold me 📷 @annebarlinckhoff

F L A S H I N G 🔸🔹 L I G H T S... artwork and photography by: @imcarolinaperez art direction and styling by: @stardust_bitch

Buenos Días! Veza Sur flights coming right up! Thanks to @revivalwoodworks #VEZASUR #VezaSurWynwood #sneakpeek

#dellafan Andrew Weingart (@andrew_weingart) is a yoga instructor and the founder of @alltruwarriors. a community of altruistic warriors dedicated to transformation via retreats, Wise Blogs, eco-friendly wellness products and philanthropy. 🌱 Andrew has been a #dellafan since the beginning, "When it was pretty new, I just stumbled across it. I was looking for a plant-based place to eat and there was no looking back ever since. I eat here almost once a week. A lot of times after my weekly yoga class at the Yard (Thursdays at 6:15 p.m.), we come here after, eat bowls and hang out together. " 🌱 Delicious food isn't the only thing Andrew enjoys at #dellabowls. He also gains inspiration, "My favorite thing is the food or Della in general. She’s an inspiration to me because she’s about my age and to see someone my age develop something this huge, that’s an inspiration to me as I branch out into entrepreneurship." 🌱 Living a healthy lifestyle is fundamental in Andrew's life, "It means everything to me. My mom instilled healthy living in me since I can remember. It’s all connected to and rooted in self-love. Your body is your temple. When you’re nourishing yourself with the foods and exercises that are necessary for your body to work more efficiently, you really notice mental, emotional and physical changes. It’s really just a form of self-love. " 🌱 Andrew leads a yoga and wellness retreat at @oletariverstatepark Sept 15-17th. It includes sunrise yoga, meditation, essential oils, feng shui, Tibetan sound bowls, fireside mantra circles, gift bag, accommodations in the air-conditioned cabins, and plant-based meals. Find out more via his instagram: @andrew_weingart.

We are so thankful to have Andrew as part of our #dellafam! #dellabowls #dellafan #alltruwarriors

If you happen to drive by 25th St, give us a honk! #VezaSurWynwood #VEZASUR

Views from 25th St 👀 @chalkandbrush have been at it since last night making our brewery-front sign come to life #VezaSurWynwood ##VEZASUR

......andddddd she's done! Shout out to @spaint for bearing the heat and making this come to life 🙌🏼 🎨 #VezaSurWynwood #VEZASUR

We’re more like una gran familia over here #VEZASURWynwood

Benji seems to enjoy our patio! #NationalTakeYourDogtoWorkDay #VEZASURWynwood #VEZASUR

Donna Irene (@thesunnytraveler) is a freelance photographer and travel blogger who writes about budget travel at thesunnytraveler.com. She's also a #dellafan whose support we so appreciate!
🌱 Donna offers tips and suggestions to plant-based travelers, “I have a section on thesunnytraveler.com called Vegan Travel where I feature my favorite vegan restaurants in different cities like D.C., New York and soon, Miami! This summer I hope to add more international locations. My number one resource when traveling is using @yelp to search for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in a certain city, filtering through the reviews and whichever has the best reviews (and the best pictures), I’ll go there. I also use the app @happycow which gives you a list of popular plant-based options in any city in the world."
🌱 She believes that living a healthy lifestyle universally benefits all lifeforms, “Living healthfully for me means I’m not just helping myself and taking care of my body to the best of my ability but that I am also being the best steward possible to the planet, to animals and to the people around me. Since adopting a plant-based diet, I have completely fallen in love with food, with exploring food from different cultures around the world and with learning how to make food an art form. I used to be more closed-minded about food and what I wanted to eat. My meals were very boring before and cooking was something I did because I was hungry. There was no intentionality to it.” .
🌱 Donna’s favorite thing about #dellabowls is BYOB: “I love the ability to customize the bowls because I love having a little bit of everything/ A build-your-own-bowl is my go-to plant-based dish.” .
🌱 Discover Donna’s beautiful photos at @thesunnytraveler, and her travel tips and favorite places to dine on her blog thesunnytraveler.com .
Thank you, Donna for being part of our #dellafam!

Walking into the brewery and smelling fresh hops like.... .

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