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Just look at the beautiful sky this late morning!! I’ve spent the last 24 hours contemplating my opinions about men and watching Mister Rogers episodes at every free moment. Yesterday I communed with him for hours and hours. I now know how graham crackers are made, what a cow milk farm looks like, what the caves look where mushrooms grow and many other interesting facts. Finding kind and trustworthy people is so important. #misterrogers #wwmrd #love

It's Friday! A colleague approached me earlier today with an idea to help students. She's not someone I've ever spoken to for more than a second, but she knew what I was doing with my snack cart and wanted to ask my opinion. She had a fabulous idea! Then, another colleague stopped by to apologize for being out of sorts, and I said, "Hey, stop by to get a snack or chat anytime. We all have rough days and crappy life stuff happen to us." I have my kindness inspiration sitting right behind me - Mr. Rogers and @roblympian are there to remind me to think before I open my big mouth and make sure what I'm about to say is always useful and necessary. #misterrogers #WWMRD #bekind #teamrobles #robles2020

“Do ya really wanna jump?” #wwmrd

Yesterday was a professional development day, so students weren't on campus. I forget how quiet it is when that happens. It was nice to have them back today. By 10:00 am, I'd had multiple students stop by for coffee, snacks, quotes, lotion, and directions. It's the first day of the new 8-week term, and of course, the rooms in my building aren't numbered in order. There is a lot of confused wandering happening in the hall.

I found this adorable sloth prayer box at the outlet mall a few weeks ago. The sloths were too cute, and I thought the "You are loved" message was very Mr. Rogers. It has tiny paper and a mini pencil inside, so you can write prayers or reminders. So far, I have written multiple reminders to be kind first. #sloths #misterrogers #WWMRD #bekind #communitycollege #communitycollegeinstructor #teachersofinstagram

I got here around 7:40 this morning. The halls are normally silent at that time, but I rolled out my cart and started grading. Before 8:00 am, I had two students stop by. One was a familiar face. She had a recent death in her family and needed a cup of coffee. In fact, I'd brought in some disposable travel cups a few weeks ago just for her. Another was a new face, and it was a tearful face. We spent 10 minutes talking before she had to race off to class. None of the students who come to see me are "my" students. They aren't in my department and don't have classes with me. But, they've all become my students because of my little cart. #WWMRD #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #communitycollege #communitycollegeinstructor #invitationalofficedoorway

Here are some of the many women I love. Mary Robinson is the badass we should all fecking WORSHIP and Kate is Kate and therefore perfect. As for Dame Judi, Cate and Imelda? Downright goddesses who have made me sob and nearly wet myself laughing and are all so bloody proactive in real life that we all just need to bow fecking down!! And these are just the tip of the iceberg (Did she just make a Titanic reference? I THINK SHE DID!) - I know some of the best women (and men, they deserve a shout out too) in the world. My love to you all today and always. Love eyes emoji.

#love #valentinesday #women #lovewomen #katewinslet #titanic #maryrobinson #whatwouldmaryrobinsondo #wwmrd #imeldastaunton #actress #goddess #badass #judidench #whatadame #shedidatreedocumentary #womensupportingwomen #andmen

Charlie’s sad we’re leaving, but little does he know that we’re going somewhere new and awesome 😎 bye SF!!!

Can we all take a minute to appreciate my taco sniffing skills? Found a taco in the Philippines and it was amazing!
#tacolover #allovertheworld #itparkcebucity #cebuisland #cebucity #travel #bigwideworld #foodie #goodvibes #wwmrd #whatwouldmelldo #whatwouldmellrawnsleydo #happilymell #mylife #highlife

New home for the next couple months... 🎭 #oklahoma #firstrehearsal #entcenter #wwmrd

Found the perfect tree topper. Rather cunning don't you think! #firefly #serenity #bigdamnheroes #wwmrd

In the last several years, I've received many surprise gifts in the mail. Some were from people I've never met in person. Today, a box came. A big box. There was also a letter explaining the gift. THIS was in the box. It's the musical notes to the line "Please won't you be my neighbor" signed by Mr. Rogers, and it's framed. It's amazing. Truly amazing. I'm so glad that some nonsense I uttered on the internet 7 years ago led to my friendship with this person. As much as Facebook frustrates and angers me sometimes, so much good has come into my life because of it. And, now this very cool gift will hang in my office! #surprisegift #surprise #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #pleasewontyoubemyneighbor #WWMRD

Y'all. This is all stuff that the awesome people of Facebook have donated to programs for the homeless at Haywood Street and First Presbyterian! There are hand warmers, hats, gloves, underwear, paper towels, and even some food for my student food pantry. #peopleareawesome #haywoodstreetcongregation #firstpresbyterianasheville #dogood #WWMRD #WWJD

What would Molly Ringwald do? #mood #prettyinpink #WWMRD #sheshouldhavechosenduckie

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