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Only Brown Coats would know! What would Malcolm Reynolds do? #browncoats #firefly #serenity #wwmrd #browncoatsunite

Wow I never thought this day would actually come. I can't believe that today was the last day I will ever dance with my best friend onstage. I love you both sooooo much. Thank you for making the last 2 years amazing 💛💛💛 #wwmrd #heckyeah

Mine 9years old sister told me to wear this. She said Katje you have to wear #Castle 😄 so I guess I'm gonna wear my #wwmrd tank top. #nathanfillion #cleanwater #charitywater

#Nerdvember Day 29 I aim to misbehave.
#WWMRD #charitywater #settostunning

Apparently, this is his favorite outfit on me, ever. 🤔 I wonder why? #charitywater #wwmrd #hammocktime #lazysunday

I woke up before my alarm and didn't bother staying in bed. We have Friday evening Shabbat services for Hannah's bat mitzvah tonight, and it's taking all of my brain power not to think about why I don't want to go. So, I hopped on the bike, and put on Mr. Rogers. Today's episode was about divorce. How did he know? Thanks, Mr. Rogers! #fredrogers #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #wwmrd #batmitzvah

Ladies and gentleman, Captain Tight-pants!
Firefly fans, always remember: "what would Malcolm Renolds do?"


I always feel like my makeup is 20 times better when I listen to #pride music for inspiration. #ally #fridaythe13th #makeup #gagworthy #wwmrd #makeupaddict #blackout

I woke up before my alarm and didn't bother staying in bed. We have Friday evening Shabbat services for Hannah's bat mitzvah tonight, and it's taking all of my brain power not to think about why I don't want to go. So, I hopped on the bike, and put on Mr. Rogers. Today's episode was about divorce. How did he know? Thanks, Mr. Rogers! #fredrogers #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #wwmrd #batmitzvah

Morning bicycle ride! Yesterday, I learned about weather balloons on Mr. Rogers. I'm kind of excited to see what today's episode has in store. #stationarybike #cardio #girlswhocardio #fitness #fitgirl #fitchick #misterrogers #WWMRD

In class today, we talked about the opioid epidemic and how it's affecting pregnant women and babies. I think my students were sad when they left class despite the Halloween candy that I'd brought. Two of them stayed after class to talk a little more, and I got the sense that they really just wanted me to offer them some hope.

Hannah turns 13 tomorrow, and her bat mitzvah is Saturday. For various reasons related to the fact that her father and I are divorced, I am not looking forward to the weekend. I bought a new necklace for Saturday. It has a gold starfish pendant, and I told Hannah that I was going to wear it because of the starfish story - "The Star Thrower" by Loren Eiseley.

Hope is a feeling. It's a desire. Hope is not an action. Many have hope, but not as many take action. It doesn't matter how small your action is or how few it affects. All that matters to the one starfish is that you DID take action. (And, this is all related to my Chick-Fil-A dinner. Sometimes, you feel like you've used up all of your emotional energy to the point that you can't even contemplate cooking.) #takeaction #WWMRD #WWJD #starfish #wafflefries #polynesiansauce #chickensandwich

If I'm still awake after finishing the lecture I am watching on Israel Salanter, I'll start this book. I should probably just skip ahead to the "Anger Must Fall" chapter. #WWJD #jesus #WWMRD #coffee #covfefe

When you wake up at 4:30 am, you ride the bike and watch Mr. Rogers. #WWMRD #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #stationarybike #cardio #girlswhocardio #fitness #fitgirl #fitchick

"Every person that you see in this world needs to be loved." - Fred Rogers. Y'all. I really do believe that if everyone watched Mr. Rogers in the morning, the world would be a better place. It's free on Amazon Prime. What are you waiting for? #WWMRD #whatwouldmisterrogersdo #fredrogers #misterrogers #itsyouilike #itsyouyourself

Friday bonus question: What are you looking forward to this weekend? I know I should take the time to blog about this experiment, but I haven't written anything in a while. I've started writing in my head again, though, and usually that's the first step. Yesterday was the best day. A student I met through my candy bucket brought me a cookie she'd baked. Then, another student came in and shared a poem they'd written, and we talked for a long time because their class had been cancelled. Pastor Brian at Haywood Street always says that the most important thing is just talking to people. Most people are uncomfortable talking to someone who is homeless, but I think many people are uncomfortable talking to anyone. That's why I have my candy bucket. How many people go through the day without saying hi to anyone or having anyone say hi to them? It's probably more than you think. I've heard some really good stories in the last week, and I've met a ton of students who will never take a class with me and would have no reason to know my name if not for my candy bucket. #WWMRD #whatwouldmisterrogersdo #WWJD #candy #sayhello #bekind

I did something that I'm very proud of, and I think it was the combination of Jesus, Mr. Rogers, and eyeliner that helped. I should wear eyeliner more often. It's powerful. #jesus #misterrogers #WWJD #WWMRD #eyeliner #liquideyeliner

Sometimes, physical reminders help when you have to do hard things. Jesus on one wrist and Mr. Rogers on the other. #WWJD #WWMRD

#wwmrd (What would Matt Regonini do?) - trying out the #citrusstrip covered by painter’s plastic overnight. @nevernotmaking #woodworking #jointer #vintage #restoration

If a smile can be happy, sad, relieved, thankful, and exhausted all at once, that's what this one is. Thanks, Mr. Rogers. #WWMRD #teacher #teachersofinstagram #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhoodteachers

My two new bracelets. The top one says "What would Mr. Rogers do?" and the bottom one says "1 Corinthians 13:13." #whatwouldmisterrogersdo #WWMRD #love

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Watch Mr. Rogers' every morning, and I promise you'll have a better day. #misterrogers #mrrogersneighborhood #wontyoubemyneighbor #WWMRD

Coffee, Mr. Rogers, and bumper plates. All good things. Despite living with someone who puts cream in his coffee, I will never understand that concept. Coffee should be black and unsweetened. Also, after a week of logging donuts, I'm already feeling excited about NOT WEIGHING OR LOGGING FOOD. I'm glad that concept works for some people, but it doesn't work for me. I find it annoying and unnecessary, and Lord knows I can find something better to do with the time it takes me to weigh chicken and carrots. Woo. #celebrationtime #coffee #misterrogers #WWMRD #diet #nutrition #weightloss #weightlossjourney

So, I'm done with the donut diet. A week was enough time to realize that 1)I really don't need or want a "fun" diet trick at the moment, and 2)I was kind of doing it just to get a rise out of people, and that's not the kind of person I want to be. Separately from that, I've decided not to push diet so hard right now. Instead, I'll aim to maintain between 150 and 153. I really cannot lift, and I don't see the sense in dieting down and losing all of my muscle. I was hoping my back would be better by now, but it's not. I haven't squatted or lifted anything heavy in two months and this point. And if the stationary bike is the one thing I can do, then I'll ride the darn thing all day if I need a way to train. I am hoping for new answers or ideas at my appointment this week, but I recognize that I may have a much longer rehab than I'd like.

If I end up dropping a little more weight, fine, but that's not the goal. I'm sitting at 152 and leaner than I've been in 7 years. Getting to stage lean for a bikini competition isn't something I need to worry about until I have my back under control and a show on the calendar.
#cardio #stationarybike #fitness #fitgirl #fitchick #weightloss #weightlossjourney #girlswhousedtolift #wwmrd

The best part about this screenshot is not that Mr. Rogers is flipping off a table of kids. It's that the kids - see bottom left - are also flipping off Mr. Rogers. I will never stop laughing about this. #misterrogers #wwmrd #apparentlyflipoffatableofkids

Random student: Can I just tell you your Bruce Lee is so awesome!
Me: Thanks.
Me: And Ben Franklin. My three favorites
Student: You have the best office ever!

And, he hadn't even seen my decorative pumpkin or basket of candy... #benfranklin #misterrogers #brucelee #WWMRD #officeinspiration

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