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❤️🤤 Eton Mess 🤤❤️ Ditch the ‘diet’ mentality & get used to being able to enjoy the foods you love on @weightwatchersuk 😄🙌🏻 It’s crazy how serving it in a wine glass makes it feel super fancy & naughty 😏❤️ This pudding was whipped up in 2 mins & is just 3 #SmartPoints (contrasting with a supermarket’s own eton mess, which is approx 11sp per serving 😱) 👍🏻 Made by mixing together 2 crumbled sf Gullon biccys (from @poundland_uk) (1) 🍪 1/2 pot @fage ff Greek yogurt (0), strawbs, raspberries (0) & 1/2 pot @weightwatchersuk mini meringue drops (2) ☁️🍓🍶 The WW drips are LUSH 👅 Coming soon in meetings & online.... 👀 #EtonMess #MiniMeringueDrops

🍔🍟 SATURDAY NIGHT FAKEAWAY 🍟🍔 Beetroot & black bean burgers with veggie chips 🤤💜 The perfect weekend meal 👌🏻 Marge’s verdict: ‘This is smashing’ 🤣💃 Recipe was tweaked from the @weightwatchersuk #Veggie book (check my insta highlights 📲) 📖👩‍🍳 Burgers made by blitzing garlic, beetroot & black beans(0) & mixing with 1/2 beaten egg (0), 1/2 slice of WW breadcrumbs (1), 1/2tsp smoked paprika & cumin (0) 💜 Served in a @sainsburys brioche bun (9) layered with spinach & cherry tomatoes (0) 🍔 & drizzled with a dressing of 1tbs @alpro soya plain yogurt & a pinch of garam masala (0) 🍶 Also got @sainsburys BNS chips (0) on the side, with grilled ‘shrooms & 1tsp bbq sauce (0)🍟🍄 10 #smartpoints 🙌🏻 #VeggieBurger

Guys! I am so thrilled about today’s weigh in. It’s been weeks since I’ve had 2 losses and a row and I am still just shocked 😳 I have worked so hard these last two weeks and it really is paying off. I’m not saying it’s easy but it sure is worth it!!
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Wow! 500 followers! I'm amazed. I thought maybe I'd introduce myself again since I'm added some new peeps. My name is Tracey and I live in Tennessee. My family moved here 4 years ago from South Carolina. I started @weightwatchers 5 years ago after the birth of my son and lost around 50 lbs. Then we moved and I dropped out for a while and gained some back but I'm back at it and I'm down almost 60 lbs. Unfortunately obesity plagues my entire family as well as my husbands family and I knew I was doing a horrible job at teaching my kids to be healthy. I decided I wanted to be different and I wanted to help my kids be different so that's what drove me to Weight Watchers. I'm a homeschool mama to 3 beautiful kids. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ and my relationship with Him means everything to me. Amazingly my weight journey is also a spiritual journey for me as well. Christ calls me to follow Him daily and my eating was just one of the things I wanted to remain in control of. I'm learning slowly what it means to let Christ be in control of everything and the peace that fills my life because He is in control.
I LOVE this IG community. The support, encouragement, recipes, laughs, and real life journeys expressed on here really keep me going.
Thanks for following me! I'm excited about our journey and sharing in the success of so many!
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3SP breakfast tacos! Off to Portland for the night!! #ww #wwonline #wwmeetings #backontrack #becauseitworks #wwfreestyle #wwfreestyleeffect

Omg!! Finally in a town that serves @blazepizza and it was awesome! I had the simple pie with grilled chicken, mushrooms and spinach, my most favorite pizza toppings(the closest you will ever get to see me consuming something that resembles a 🥗😛) 3 sp per slice- I ate 4 out of the 6- the hubs ate my other two plus his own (must be nice😂) Yummy!! Lunch was 13sp total. Happy for a fresh set of weeklies cause I will need them for this weekend out of town for dance.
How about the photography skills on this one?! Killing it😂😀 Beer later @peterson5284 🍻😉 #smartpoints #wwsupport #itsnotadiet #becauseitworks #wwonline #wwig #wwonline #wwfriends #wwfamily #wwfreestyle #wwmeetings

This was a good meeting! And I had a loss at the scale this week! 🙌🏻 I’m still paying and learning my lesson along the way. Hope you all have a great weekend and do something that makes you feel proud. 💙
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🐮🖤 #SaturdayWorkout 🖤🐮 Back & (iddy biddy 😆) Biceps following the @krissycela #ToneAndScult plan 💪🏻😅 Wearing @tikiboofitness | 10% off with code WWLIFE10 ⚪️⚫️

I figured this picture was more fitting than my typical cutesy background today😂🙈3 weeks of no meetings and not tracking will do this to ya...
I could (and normally would) wallow in self pity all day, but I have decided I will just suck it up, meal prep and move on intentionally.
If you are struggling to stay on track, just know that you’re not alone👯‍♀️💜

Down .4 which was expecting more after killing it this week. I literally was on track after 2 weeks of 1/2 assing it. Woke up thinking of ways to self sabotage myself. Like as in what can I get myself into today and just go off plan. Have a FREE for all day. Eat whatever the hell I want. But then I went to my @weightwatchers meeting and took a 2 mile walk with my ww buddy. @candaceamaddox Thank you for always being there for me. Even when it’s not ww related.
I was able to clear my head and decided to kick a$$ again this week and forget about the damn scale. I’m up over 2lbs for this month as well. .
But there’s MANY factors playing into this month and week. 1. I’m going through changes. Haven’t head Aunt Flo in 4mths and it finally showed up last Sunday. So I may be retaining lots of fluid. 2. Even tho I haven’t really lost any inches this month as well Bc I’m so damn bloated from AF, I can do many things that I couldn’t do last month. So let’s focus on that for a moment. .
I can do bear crawls, I can do 16burpees when I couldn’t do one last month. I can do planks on my toes and do side raises, when I never could do a plank on my toes at all. Always had to be on my knees. Soooo the scale may be up, inches may not be there. But as my friend @mamakatielady said to me and tagged me in, is that I’m getting Stronger physically. I’m doing things that I have never been able to do. For that I am Thankful. I am Excited. I am Grateful.... .
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I’ve been to the Cinema with my eldest and his pals this morning. No cinema snacks for me (apart from a tea) so I was marvin’ when I got home. I really enjoyed this big salad with Microwave Rice including Bulgar Wheat & Quinoa with lots of the leftover Slow Cooker Gammon i made during the week x

❤️🧡 Red cabbage & squash filo parcel 🧡❤️ Beautiful little delight from @marksandspencerfoodpr 😋👏🏻 9 #SmartPoints served with a side salad (0) 🥗🍽

Sometimes it helps to put things into perspective. I’m stumbling at the Final Hurdle: With only 6lbs to get to Goal, I’ve put 2.5lbs on in 2weeks. I’ve been a pretty consistent slow but steady loser since rejoining WW in Jan 2017, so I’ve really taken this to heart. But, putting it into perspective; if it’s hormone related, that can be sorted out soon and if I just need to work harder, I know what I need to do and have all the tools to do it. And I need to remind myself, the picture on the left was April 2010... I gave birth to my eldest in December 2009 and I was over 16stone when I dared weigh myself a month or so later. Lots of walking and (attempting) to Breast Feed helped me lose some weight by April but good grief I look huge compared to the photo on the right. Ironically, the photo on the right is me crossing my fingers for luck before going to weigh in last Saturday. So yes, I’ve put a couple of pounds on... but when I was the person on the left I would have given anything to be the person on the right. And that’s who I am, right now, so I should be proud of the 45.5lbs I’ve lost and not berate myself for the 2.5lbs that have gone on. I’ll keep plodding on and trust in the plan...I never wanted this to be a race to Goal; this time I’m letting the journey teach me that it’s a lifestyle - for life x

Haven’t weighed-in for 2 weeks and I’ve been on and off track (lots of stress and anxiety happening) so this loss definitely wasn’t expected but I’ll take it 🙌🏼👊🏼 I reached a new decade weight wise today too ... I’m in the 150’s now and I’m only 12.4lbs from my WW goal 😁☺️
**People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week**

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