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Hockey suite after working a Deepak Chopra event. #Blessed Best way to get pumped n ready for game day tomorrow. AKA Oscars 2016. We're gonna go big tomorrow for you Chef. #WWMBD #JackNGinger

Channeling the magical powers this photo has brought us in the past. This is high school me on mock senate day in gov class telling you to go vote tomorrow! #imwithher #wwmbd #backincali (thankful to still be raging democrats)

The things you randomly find 💚 #rip #wwmbd

The man and legend @chefwolfgangpuck watching the last of the awards as we prepare for service! #wpcatering #GovernorsBall #dolbytheatre 🍾🔪# yeschef #wwmbd @arby428 @tetsuyahagi

Years worth of remedies, as they are referred to in homeopathy, handwritten and hand filled by our local homeopath who passed away unexpectedly this last week. These little bottles now embedded with the memories of countless hours in her office and on the phone coming up with specific things with witchy, poisonous sounding names that somehow magically worked without fail. She saw us through weird skin eruptions, nightmares, anxiety, grief, even a very serious case of pneumonia, asking questions that seemed irrelevant, but never were. She was the medical professional I most trusted, sometimes therapist, and a woman I admired for her compassionate heart and levity. Her absence in the lives and health of our community is immense. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye and to pay her the 40 bucks she said I could pay next time I came in. Her passing is serving as a reminder to live fully and love generously. It's brief, it could end in a blink. 💗💀💗

Donor Dash 2015 #wwmbd

How my life has been going this past week. #rushCLP #WWMBD #trash

Wen you find a wishbone in your mole #chefmatteo #wwmbd #yeschef


step out of your comfort zone, make some moves, and do what makes you happy🌚

It's been a year since you left, yet you are forever in our hearts chef. Honoring you today and every day. #wwmbd #1111 ❤️🙏🏻

Can't believe it's already been a year... #wwmbd #toosoon #gonebutneverforgotten #alwaysmissed

Always the Life of the Party. Funny yet Focused. A man of Less words, but the words spoken were the ones that truly counted. Chef Mateo, today I honor you as I put my whites on. You are missed truly and loved so dearly. I remember you singing, "riding dirty" as you road around the kitchen on your G-wagon. Great memories Chef! #Jefe #ChefMattBencivenga #TheMan #WWMBD #YesChef #Win #Mentor ✌🏽❤🙏🏽 #DontShitItGuy

So, we're picking up trash along the beach and I come across an unopened bottle of 2009 California merlot. An extra morning treat! Yes, I drank it! It was actually pretty good. #trash #wwmbd

The things you randomly find 💚 #rip #wwmbd

I feel wholeheartedly grateful for 2016. I experienced heartache, sadness, joy and excitement but overall I felt love. Love for the family and friends I have, love for those who are no longer with us and love for myself. Finding balance this year was key and I'm so proud of what I what accomplished. I wish for 2017 to be filled with blessings and even more love for myself and all of you. #❤️ #wwmbd #celebratelife🍾 #alwaysgrateful

A lesser man than I would have binned it and stormed off rather than filling it with custard and persevering #truegrit #wwmbd