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Pictured above are US troops on board a landing craft heading for the beaches at Oran in Algeria during Operation ‘Torch’, November, 1942.

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Seen above is a Soviet bayonet attack under Lieutenant Khusainov's unit who rose from the trenches for a strike against german positions during the battle of Moscow, 11 November 1941. The picture was taken by Dimitry Baltermants.

An American medic helping a wounded Waffen SS soldier, 1944. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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American armored infantry from the 3rd Armored Division morn a comrade killed during the fighting on the outskirts of St.Lô, July 26th,1944. My grandfather's uncle fought at St.Lô with the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battaltion, "D" Company. I can't even imagine what he saw and I will never know as he was killed in action by an artillery strike in the Trinité sector of Brest, France, September 1st, 1944. I dedicate this post to him and all of my relatives killed in action during any war. The fighting in and around St. Lô was very gruesome and arguous. It was a constant battle through hedgeroes and the city itself never knowing if the enemy was defending the next house or hedgeroe. St. Lô held the majority of German defensive weaponary towards the landing invasion force. Also beyond the city were open fields with little to no hedgeroes, this was major reason the city was taken. For 2 weeks and 3 days forces from the 29th Infantry Division, 3rd Armored Division, 35th Division, and more fought through the streets and hedgeroes of the city. It was a very costly fight and the city gained nicknames like "The Capitol City of Rubble" and "The Bloodiest City." Thousands died in it's streets and many more were to come, days after the city was captured the Germans put up relentless counter attacks on the outskirts of St.Lô. These counter attacks were fought with such a ferocity that many wouldn't look back and see their victories and success but just the unrelentless fear, unknowns and danger. Picture taken by Robert Capa, Magnum Photos. Colorized by myself and feedback would he appreciated.

Dunkirk pt. 1 - British troops who were lucky enough to make it on a naval ship smile as they embark on their journey home to Britain. With that being said, as most, I saw Dunkirk last night and I thought it was exceptional! Though personally, I don't think it surpassed Saving Private Ryan, it was still definitely one of the best war films I've seen. The aerial combat was absolutely gorgeous, the way it was filmed and the sound made it feel like you were there. The story is also told in a unique way which sets it apart from other war dramas. Overall, Dunkirk is definitely in my top three movies, and I'll be glad to say in fifty years I got to see it on opening day! If you have seen it, what do you think of it? (Please don't spoil it for others who haven't seen it yet.)
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Shattered wreckage of American planes bombed by the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor strewn on Hickam Field (📸: @ap.images). #History #WWII #WW2 #Hawaii #pearlharbor #hickamfield #worldwar2 #worldwarii #historical #1940s #historic

The photo on the right is a doughboy shaking the hand of a civilian. On the left is me sporting my infantry kit, in the most similar way possible. This allows me to demonstrate a good number of variations in the uniform I couldn't do with just my gear. Starting with the chin strap, I'm wearing my chinstrap on the back of my head. The doughboy wears his correctly on his chin. Guys were said to have worn them on the back of the head for a fear of neck breaking shells. The thought was that if a shell went off nearby the blast would pull your helmet and break your neck. Although if you were close enough to a shell to do that you'd almost certainly have shrapnel wounds, or internal damage. The doughboy carries a chauchat MG. It's an automatic French gun known for being the bastard gun the Marines adopted instead of the Lewis guns they trained with... and jamming. Because of it's open magazine, mud often jammed them. However they still preformed-ish, they just required more cleaning and more careful handling. It would be replaced by the BAR after the armistice. I carry the M1917 Enfield in .30-06, it was the rifle to replace the 1903 on the front lines. Although the 1903 was technically the main Rifle of the AEF infantry, the 1917 outnumbered it greatly in France. Both the 1903 and the 1917 fed with the same 5 round clips. I wear an M1910 belt to hold these 5 round clips. It has 10 pockets total. The doughboy with the chauchat wears a pistol belt with chauchat magazine pouches attached. He probably is wearing his canteen on the other side of his pack. We wear much of the same pack. However it looks like he has a raincoat or poncho attached to the bottom of his pack. He also carries a shovel, attached via the carrier which attaches to the pack with with a metal hanger and two eyelets under the meat can pouch. Shovels were common in the war, but not every soldier carried them. It was also common sometimes for overcoats to be shortened in the field. The length of the overcoat, which I can confirm (unless you're way above the average hight of the time) is cumbersome. Guys would trim a small amount off the end just to make moving easier and snags less likely. ⬇️Continued


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Today was a good day up in Cape Cod!! Todays finds include: a 1943 British made 1st aid kit that was made by M.E.C. co. A M.S. Meyer Nurse pin. A General MacArthur "America's Hero" pin. Two European African Middle Eastern Campaign medal bars, with battle stars. Finally, a set of DUI's made by W&H co. They say "STAND YOUR GROUND". If anyone knows what division these belong to, that would be greatly appreciated!! #heightsminiww2museum #wwii #wwiihistory

The closest Desmond came to breaking the sixth commandment was the night he shared a cavern-like refuge in the cliff with a rifleman in the 2d Platoon on Okinawa. They had agreed to take turns sleeping two hours on and watching guard for two hours, because often Japanese soldiers would silently sneak from a hole behind the crevice and kill the Americans while they slept.

But when it came turn for Desmond to get some rest, his friend fell back to sleep. Then Desmond heard someone whispering in Japanese and again tried to wake his partner who had two grenades, but to no avail.

Sensing the danger and desperately wanting to sleep, Desmond considered dropping those grenades. But in the end, he could not break the sixth commandment. Instead, Desmond stayed awake the entire night and came to the conclusion that he would never spend another night in that hole or with that soldier. - Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge by Booton Herndon
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The people of #Guam are so patriotic and love the military! Troops marched in the annual Liberation Day parade this weekend! #reporterlife #marines #liberationday #wwii #goguam #notfakenews #afnpacific #parade @departmentofdefense2 @marines @iiimef_marines @pacificcommand @usoguam @warinthepacific @marine_corps_heroes

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Congratulations to the July 16th WarSmoke Best Squadron Competition Leaders! This Sunday the competition continues on July 23rd 2000 EDT. Squadrons will compete on two sides of the conflict. Each side will have three fields to capture and hold till the end of the event, which will last two hours. The Winner will be the WarSmoke Squadron of the Year and will win FREE Months of WarBirds! Each Participating Member of the Top Squadron for each individual night will win $10 in WarBirds Cash. Players must play two of the three events to qualify. #simulation #games #WarBirds #fun #history #WWII #freetoplay #Tournament #avgeek #aviation #Hawgsmoke #A10 #Warthog Download WarBirds today for FREE! http://landing1.ient.com/

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⏩ Scroll Not a bad weekend....and last week. Amazing deals @tulsafleamarket and estate sales. Two repro A-2s, worthy dungaree shirts, 'Nam liners, fixer upper pots, bitchin patches, WWI shovel cover... The highlights are the Submarine Warfare dolphins (which I'll have to earn to wear) and the U2 concert books. #wwii #a2jacket #submarinewarfare #armyhelmet

More than 17,000 graves lay in perfect lines across 152 acres of the Manila American Cemetery in Metro Manila, Philippines, May 8, 2017. Among those memorialized here is Lt. James Crotty of the U.S. Coast Guard. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Chief Petty Officer Sara Muir/Released)
📍Manila, Philippines
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Paying our respect to those who sacrificed their lives on DDay. #dday Much more about our trip at http://www.thoughtsinthebreeze.com

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