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My super-wide stance is in honor of Charlize & James! #WWHL at 11 - will she Plead the Fifth?

#Repost @juliusmichael1 (@get_repost)
Here's my faux lob breakdown that I did on my girl #RHOC @tamrajudge thank you to @kellyripa & to everyone who loved this look. πŸ’πŸΌ Tamra has always been an inspiration to me when creating looks. .
Step 1: I clipped up the whole crown of her hair. Left out the back.
Step 2: I divided the back of her hair into 3 sections.
Step 3: I took each section and braided them. I then pinned them up individually and unbraided about 4 inches and let it be the base of the faux lob. (In picture)
Step 4: I then added tracks of clip in extensions along the back and sides of her hair.
Step 5: Then ONLY the extensions were cut into the lob.
Step 6: I took out the crown of her hair and
Let that be the top layers of the lob.
Step 7: I curled everything creating the soft sexy messy waves.
Step 8: I finished the look with "Next Day Hair" from @lorealpro .
Please note: You can see in the previous video clips I posted that she had movement in the hair. I added 1 full track of extensions in the back and 2 tracks on each side. I wanted the hair to look full, sexy and authentic.
#makeup by: @mspriscillanyc
#haircut by: #JuliusMichael & @ortizarty
#tamrajudge #sexy #waves #curls #edgy #hair #facebeat #glamteam #dreamteam #wwhl

Comment your thoughts on tonight's episode of #RHOC below! Kelly will be on #WWHL tonight live @ 11/10c! 🍊

#FB to earlier this week on #WWHL in what I feel is my best look ever πŸ™ rockin' a gunmetal dress by @pedramcouture and face beat by @mspriscillanyc wearing "Natalie" by @liquidlipsbymj @aniisebeauty Thank you @bravowwhl @bravotv @bravoandy for having me in the clubhouse for the premiere of #s6 #shahs

Charlize didn't #PLEADtheFIFTH! #WWHL


Finally got to watch @tamrajudge's #WWHL episode tonight thanks to my buddy finding a link! I really enjoyed it, she killed it and looked flawless 😍 GO TAMRA!! πŸ’« #10SeasonsofTamra #RHOC #TamraJudge #RealHousewives #Bravo #TeamTamra 🍊

Tamra Judge wore a Bebe blouse on The Real Housewives of Orange County #tamrajudge #rhooc

Cheers to great friendship, success and to seeing this gorgeous girl again next week πŸ’• Love you, beauty queen πŸ₯‚πŸ˜˜ #Bravo #WWHL #JistinBeiberBroughtUstogether

NBD, just appearing on national television with one of my absolute favorite actresses @charlizeafrica & @jamesmcavoyrealdeal. Thanks @bravotv @bravowwhl @bravoandy for having us!

How could you do this to me? 🐢

To be Armenian is to have a close knit family. I agree with that 100%. However, when you fail to acknowledge your own flesh and blood, your own brother who took care of you when you mother was suffering, who made sure that you had everything you needed during your most formative and emotionally charged years, who made sure that your wedding to your husband was on track and who made sure that both of your mom's last days on this earth were as comforting as possible, then you are not even close to being a true family person, let alone the representative of a "close knit" Armenian family. The absolute true fact that you threw your brother away simply because of his honesty to himself and to his family, that you completely disowned him and made sure that he was kept out of your "close knit" family when he in fact was the one who made sure that you even had a chance with your husband is a true shame. Your mom and now your dad are truly spinning in their graves. And your reason? Because he is Pol Atteu - a compassionate, loving, wonderful human being who simply happens to be gay. And what about your other brother? You know, the one whose sole aim appears to be the destruction of Pol Atteu - again simply because Pol, your blood, is gay.. How far you've come Peggy... Both you and your brother Apraham Atteukenian. Or is he a secret as well because of his position?? @PeggySulahian #PeggySulahian @DikoSulahian #DikoSulahian @GiovannaWheels #@GiovannaWheels @Bravo #bravo @WatchWhatHappensLive #WatchWhatHappensLive #WWHL @EvolutionMedia #EvolutionMedia @RealHousewivesofOrangeCounty #RealHousewivesofOrangeCounty @RHOC #RHOC @AndyCohen #AndyCohen

#MOOD 🍎 once bitten twice shy baby #RHONY is in my TOP 3 fav! These ladies & men bring it! #harry #player #newyork #bravo #wwhl #andycohen #like #tag #follow #rhobh #rhonj #rhod #rhop #rhoc #rhoa

On god . I'm grinding out the rest of the year .....this is wild 😜 #shhitsawig #issacmizrahi #andycohen #wwhl #bravo #rupaul #rupaulsdragrace

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