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I Just Want To Take A Moment To Appreciate This Cute Son Of A Bitch. Tonight Was Well Spent, Staying Up To Play Some Video Games With My Favorite Person, Aka The Loml. Today Was Horrible, Like Always But He Knows Exactly How To Make Me Feel Better. I Was Legit Nervous To Hear His Voice And Stuff But Talking To Him Was A Breeze. It Was Awkward At First But With My Magic Charm It Was Lit 😹. I Kicked His Ass In Darts, Fighting Melee Style, Even Blew His Ass Up Twice But I Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way. Lmaoaoaao, I'm Definitely Better Than Him Just Not At Tennis. But I Will Train And Beat You Eventually. 2-0 Ain't Shit. You Won The Battles But Not This War! Anyways, Of Course Babe Had Me In Tears, Laughing My Ass Off Even If It Was Out Of Being "Salty" And Him Having To Tell Me To Simmer Down A Thousand Times. I Got So Mad I Blocked Him On Instagram Lmaoaoa 😹😹 I Didn't Want To Leave But I Kinda Had To. Tomorrow, We're Gonna Play Again And The Next Day And The Next Day And Forever Basically. This Guy, Really Has My Heart. Nikoline Forever 💓 I Mean We've Been Through A Lot In Only Dating For Under A Month But Hey, I Still Love You 😹💕 I Know You've Been Dying To Hear That.

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One of my favorite WWE red carpet looks from N & B. Have to know where Nikki got that suit from. 😍😍😍
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What's your dream car? 💕💕

Back when all was right in the world.

there'll be no more excuses after she wins again next week!🤤
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+ @carmellawwe :)
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Saturday Night SmackDown || June 25, 2017
#WLSmackDown : Live from Cheyenne, Wisconsin
Match 2 : Singles Match

⠀⠀⠀⠀┆Erick Rowan 【 @ThcWhiteSheep


⠀⠀ ★ NxT Men's Champion ★
⠀⠀⠀⠀┆Simon Gotch 【 @GotchVillian

Vote which wrestler will walk out with the win!
Voting closes on 6/25 at 10pm ET!
Any suspicion of cheating will lead to an automatic loss. SO NO EXTRA ACCOUNTS! Play fair.

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I'm v hungry. 😕

Comment for a tbh 'cause I'm bored pls & thanks.

Smackdown Live
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Mark Haskins vs Dolph Ziggler
Mark takes on Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title
Mark defs Dolph to become the first ever IC Champion
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EEW Monday Night Raw!
Match 3: Paige vs Peyton Royce

Winner advances to the Women's MITB Match on Sunday!
Peyton Royce and Paige lock up at the beginning of their bout. Peyton takes control over Paige and ties her arms behind her back in a painful submission hold. The crowd cheer & will Paige on as she breaks the hold at the ropes. Peyton goes right on the attack on Paige, kicking and booting her hard as Paige clings onto the bottom rope and tries to defend herself. Peyton exploits the referees count of 5 to break and he has to break them apart. Royce has a devious smile on her face. She pushes the referee out of the way and goes for a baseball slide dropkick on Paige but she moves out the way. Paige quickly climbs onto Peyton's back and locks in a short cross face using the ropes. Michael on commentary says: "Get a taste of your own medicine Royce!" After Paige releases the hold she Irish whips Peyton into the corner and hits a running clothesline in the corner which knocks Royce down, Paige then, similar to Peyton, boots Royce viciously and without mercy. The referee breaks them up and Peyton clutches her chest tightly. The referee separates them and allows Peyton time to regroup. Paige is clawing to get at her and with the referees back turned on Peyton she sprays an unknown substance into Paige's eyes. Paige covers her eyes and screams as she can't see, the referee knows Peyton has done something but doesn't know what. He starts talking to her as Paige screams in pain. Out of know where Billie Lay appears from the crowd and hits a devastating Big Boot on Paige when the ref has his back turned, Billie rolls out the ring and hides. Peyton drops into the cover, 1, 2, 3! Peyton has between Paige with a huge assist from Billie! ▬▬▬▬
Main Moments:
Billie assaulted Paige.
Peyton Beat Paige.
Peyton moves into the Women's MITB! ▬▬▬▬ #WWE #WrestlingLeague #NewLeague #WWELeague #ExtremeEnglishWrestling #WWERP #WWERPLeague

||promo for @wwe2k17_league|| So, on SDLive I will get a number one contenders match for the Women's championship, where I will face Naomi and Trish Stratus, no doubt I'm stepping into the ring against the best athletic women on our roster and the women I idolise, the women who created the way for our generation, but above that they are stepping into the ring with the queen of harts, the real queen, and the queen of the sharpshooter. I promise, I will put both of these women into a double sharpshooter, where I will then make them both tap and go on and face Becky for the title, making her tap out too and become the smackdown women's championship. Like I said, I will make you remember the name Natalya.


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