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Goodnight, fellows. Enjoy Monday Night Raw. I think, i'm already enjoying it, so I'll end up watching it all.
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Congrats to one of my favorite people who won MITB, Baron Corbin! 💙
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Happy Birthday @billiekaywwe 😻😼

>> Following the controversial finish to the women’s Money in the Bank match last weekend, Daniel Bryan has decided to have a rematch on next week’s edition of SmackDown Live. Ignoring how bizarre that decision is on the face of it, the move certainly opens the door for a lot of interesting possibilities.One of those possibilities is Paige returning to win it The former champion could pull a Carlito by winning a big time match on two separate debuts/returns, following in the footsteps of her Divas Championship victory on the night after WrestleMania 30. >> It is difficult to say whether this will happen or not, but this is simply predicted.
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Good Afternoon. (Please comment!) Should I post other people on here? If so, who exactly? Because, I really wanna try post other people. Or should I just stay a fanpage for paige?
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So Roman basically announced he's the number one contender after The Great Balls of Fire PPV, he will face whoever is Universal Champion at Summerslam.

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Neville was getting so buried and then the Cruiserweight division was brought back. He's been Champion for about 6 months now and I'm glad he was put into the Cruiserweights. He was put into bad and non-title storylines and it wasn't that interesting. I hope he remains champ for a little while longer. 👌🏼😏

I really hope I see the hardy boyz at Summerslam. I've been fans for years and It would be awesome to see them 😅😅😅

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