My husband. 😍💖 and my favorite song by Oli.
Never gets old. 🤘🏼 #wwaavvyy #oliverfrancis

(I moved when I took the picture btw)
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Gotta catch um all...when she likes to hear you freestyle rap and trap all positive vibes coming your way..#stopplaying #stopplayinggames #suckafree #suckaforlove#wavy #wavyfordays #wwaavvyy #beenwavy

Man bro your killing it 🔥🔥🎧. Oliver francis Is lit 🔥These is music that hits my soul🔥🎧
OLIVER FRANCIS-GOLDEN HALO. Music I listen to alot 💔#GICAIRO #oliverfrancis #wwaavvyy #polosocks #bruh #halo ##music #denver #colorado #missouri #aeou #bape #redpills #zombie #dance #rap #cloudboys #artipoli @oliverxfrancis @artripoli @morali13 💜💜 #gicairoremixx

All this ice around my necklace
I been sipping on this Texas
I'm so wavy I could give you swimming lessons
I'm so wavy I could give you swimming lessons
Maserati drop top flexin'
And I ain't worried about my ex-bitch
I'm so wavy I could give you swimming lessons
I'm so wavy I could give you swimming lessons [Verse 1]
All this ice around my necklace
I been sipping on this Texas
Bitch she say that I'm finessing
Rolling dope in the Tesla
Smoking dope in the pool house
Tires go skrt when I pull out
Shawty ask where the cash at
Smoking hash in a hatchback
No gloss, yeah, its flat black
Don't show her butt crack
Yeah that's where my stash at
Red roses on her nightstand, ey
Ralph Lauren on my waistband
From the way that your face glows
In a lot of your selfies
To the way that your hair falls
Down on your cheek bones
And the way that sun shone
Made the cracks in the blinds glow
From the way that your hipbones
Grind on my hipbones

I can die happy 😢 @oliverxfrancis #cloudboys #wwaavvyy

Do you live in Europe? Do you need a retro but also wwaavvyy car to impress your fellow cloud bois? Do you swear by Supreme, Lacoste and other overpriced clothing brands that you only buy to show people how much money you got by posting your homemade rap videos on youtube? Well I got the perfect car for you; the Peugeot 205 LACOSTE. That’s right, this little car has that damn green crocodile all over it. What added features does this special edition have? Who gives a shit, I don’t see you asking your Lacoste shop about which materials they used for their latest overpriced white sweater. All that matters is the green croco and the wwaavvyy look. Just look at it damn it, white body and wheel covers with green trim pieces. It will perfectly match those vintage Tomy hillfiger socks, Lacoste tennis jackets and Maison Margiela shoes you recently bought from ebay. #carsthefrenchway #ctfwshitposting
P.S.: I am aware that 99% of my followers will have no idea what I’m talking about. That 1% better enjoy the shit out of this post.

@sauceyserafim with a awesome little edit ft #oliverfrancis #wwaavvyy

Oliver Francis 'Dragon Ball Themed' Artwork Designed by me //

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금요일 vibes☀️🌙 오늘밤 놀자🎶🎶
Maserati drop top flexin' ~ #86 #ae86 #날개 #천사 #oliver #wwaavvyy #가사 #가사스타그램

Oh hey look, another 405 video. Don't blame me, blame the beautiful rolling shots i found on youtube while listening to this exact track. Things just click in your head sometimes. Don't worry though, my page isn't rebranding to @peugeot405videoedits . I got some posts about very interesting cars coming up (poke @simoingra_93 and @stevec2v6 😉). #carsthefrenchway

In case you hadn't noticed, i really like the 405. Its design, both exterior and interior, really speaks to me. Sleek, classy and subdued elegance. Maybe it's because the only 405s i tend to look at are new 405s in publicity films and brochures. I never notice the old ones on the street. I also like the 405 because it has my favourite Peugeot gauge font and steering wheel. My perfect 405 would be a manual SRX4 (4wd) with the ST's interior (the one with leather seats, and all other fancy pancy shenanigans you see here) and a psa V6 swap. When the funds will be acquired, this idea might become reality. Until then, i'll enjoy 405s by making videos about them. #carsthefrenchway

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