Workshop Thema „Hou ji guan“ Affenstockform. Zu ehren von Sun Wukong 孫悟空 .
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Every time I feel really tired, my body always goes to a quick fix, with something sweet. So, I have this jar of honey and cubes of coconut sugar ready within reach. In Wuxing, our physical body is Earth, within it includes the 4-levels of world, physic, mental, emotion and spirit. And whenever we exhaust our Earth, it naturally will ask for nourishment, an act of balancing.

What else happens when our Earth is imbalanced? Since Earth is correlated to our Yi (intention) and thought process, it will show as difficulty to focus, to memorize or to recall. Your ability to learn is disturbed. And that's not all. A weakened Yi will lead to a tendency to worry and traveling in mental circles. It can also lead to a controlling personality, because the mothering aspect of Earth is disharmonized. You will not be eager for change, either, even a small one. And because nothing stays the same in this world, not even for one moment, you could feel stressed, depressed! In short, when you worry too much, overthink everything, or just wish the world to stop spinning for a while, chances is you have Earth imbalance.
Okey ... so what does a balanced Earth feel like? Well, instead of worry, overthink, controlling or depressed, you will have the ability to trust, let go and accept. You can embrace the changing of moment to moment with more ease. Not to mention your cognitive awareness is at a higher state. Strong EQ, sharp IQ. Sounds great, yes?

So, sugar can nourish our Earth? Yes, real healthy sugar. Definitely! Honey, coconut sugar, and the likes. And a variety of many sweet foods, too. Sweet potato, cassava, yam. Carrot, radish, beet. Pea, nut, bean. Clove, cardamom, cinnamon. Longan, rambutan, durian. In case you don't know the last ones, they are the names of seasonal tropical fruits here, very tasty! Of course, you can add your own local sweet food to the list.
How do we get Earth imbalance? You were infused with a set of energy when you were born. So you could have a tendency toward Earth imbalance since birth. This is all individual to your birth chart.
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DAY 593. This is probably the most simple Lung form I practice, in that the movement is less complicated than other forms; not that it is simplistic in its benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine links our emotions, our body parts, and the five elements, or five phases (wu xing). This offers a tremendously rich Whole Person approach to diagnoses, treatments, and cures.
A little about TCM psychospiritual aspects of the Lung:
"The Virtue of the Lungs is Reverence. It is the ability to experience every moment as unique, as special and complete in itself. We get sad because we have embraced something, connected with its special quality, and then lost it. Reverence is sadness without the loss. It is what makes people cry when they are moved by great beauty.
"If there is a lack of Reverence in your life, you won’t be nourished by ordinary everyday things. The virtue of the Lungs is to appreciate each moment in the Here and Now, as the only moment there is."
--Notes for a talk given by the British acupuncturist and herbalist Francesca Diebschlag, BAc Bphil, MBAcC Mrchm
Form Notes are in the comments below to help you follow along. .
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I N B E T W E E N • S E A S O N S
Earth Anointing Oil for transitions
✨Virtues: stability, nourishment, abundance, reciprocity
✨Essential oil blend of #Lavender, #Cedarwood, #Sandalwood and organic cold-pressed jojoba oil with a pinch of wild harvested lavender buds ✨Apply on your chest, around your navel, or soles of your feet
SPRING INTO SUMMER. We are between seasons and in the cosmological sequence, Earth is at the center of the 5 element system. It is considered to be the last 15 days of each season, reminding us that life is rooted in cycles. Earths gravity synchronizes us into its rhythm, grounding our hearts and neutralizing our electric feels ⚡️👽💚

People consult Wuxing for career. Which job offers to take? Should one start a business or stay in the job?

When a client lost her job, her first reaction was to apply for another job in the same industry, since that would be where her product knowledge and skills laid strongest. But the industry was in a declining cycle, and they weren't hiring for quite some time.

Then she considered to start a small business. One idea was to open a small bakery, as she made delicious breads and cookies. Looking at her chart, her career pillar was a Fire. Bakery business would fit. But to her, Fire was actually not a supporting energy. If she did it, she might not be too happy, and could eventually lose money and health.

Then, we looked at the wealth pillar. A Wood. Her previous job was also a Wood sector, and she did well in it. She loved reading, and had thousands of titles in collection. A book store / rental, maybe? Now, Wood was a neutral energy to her, and she lived at a place where reading was not a strong habit. Would the business generate stable income then? Nuh! I don't think so.

At that time, she was actually offered to be a Personal Assistant to an Orthopedic MD. That was far from her idea of career growth. She was at Director level in her last job. But her chart actually fit the offer. Medical sector is Wood. Orthopedic is Water. Water to Wood, good flow for her! Finally she decided to take it.
Gradually she was trusted to take care of everything, including, to organize the annual international orthopedic conference, which she nailed outstandingly. Her creativity and refined taste, the Metal energy, got chanelled there. The annual event was one of her most highlighted achievements.
What started as a not-promising job, eventually made her shine and glow! That's what happen when one goes with the flow.
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The five phases theory - an integral diagnostic tool in Eastern Medicine. Keep a close eye your health by regularly examining yourself or others close to you.

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How people deal with things, can be projected from the stack of shelf they are equipped with.
People who are dominantly wealth, officer or seal, work by the rule, and conduct themselves properly. Reliable and trustworthy. They do thing because it is the right thing to do. No monkey business. The Noble! You definitely want them in your team when decision need to be made.

The second type, are dominated by rob, hurt or kill. From the shelf names, you already guess. These people are forceful and ruthless. They are the kind of getting-things-done-no-matter-how. The end justifies the means. The Persecutor! If you ever deal with them, or hire their service, just know that your order will be done, but make sure you don't get in their way.

The third type, are dominated by indirect. These people often seemed as lazy, seldom put much effort into anything. Or so it seems. But in real, they do act. Swiftly and effectively. When the benefit outweighs their time and/or energy. They follow where the money is. No emotional attachment or allegiance. The Mercenary! Put all the benefits and profits onto the table, you got them hooked. And once they put forth their power, they usually win.

And the last type, are dominantly friend. They flow with the flow, and love being with friend within self created world. The Buddy! Whenever working with them, remember to express your acknowledgement properly, and, you get your back covered.

When we have worked long enough with someone, we can recognize their dominant shelf and assign them a fitting role. Each type fits into certain role in a teamwork. But when we are still in the hiring stage, there is no way to tell except from how the candidate carries himself throughout the interview process. And we know first impression can be misleading. So, companies today use Wuxing principle to profile the job candidate, to get the best fit for the position they are filling. Of course this is not the only profile in wuxing, but it is the simplest one for quick assessment.

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Hung Kuen - Butterfly palm. Zu erlernen in Frankfurt. Kontakt: nanquanfrankfurt@gmx.de oder www.nanquan-kungfu.de #wushu #gongfu #kungfu #frankfurt #hessen #qigong #shaolin #shaolinkungfu #hungkuen #hunggarkungfu #meditation #waidan #yingyang #wuxing

When the Wood energy is in disharmony, we easily feel irritated or angered. An extreme case of Wood disharmony is feeling enraged all the time. While the outer condition may or may not take part in triggering those emotions, it is helpful to be aware of this principle, so that we can work from the inside to achieve a healthy mental and emotional state of mind.

How does a balanced Wood energy feel like, then? Compassionate and empathetic in general. And we will also have a good ability to generate ideas, making plans and decisions. All these are Wood attributes in us. Pretty cool, huh?

Now we can add Wood strength by including a list of sour-tasted foods and greens into our menu: fruits, ciders and green veggies (cooked). Actually, when the body lacks of Wood, it will automatically create a craving for a sour taste. Like me for example, whenever I was about to go through my monthly cycle, emotion was unstable and I often felt annoyed for no reason. At the same time, I would also have a strong craving for the sour taste, which can only be satiated after a platter of fruits. The annoyed feeling would fade away, then. So, my body knows and tells, and since I listen, I intuitively know its need.

Now you ask, how can Wood energy get to be imbalanced in the first place? Well, you were probably infused too much with it, or too little, when you were born. Or, the outer condition lacks / overflows with it. This really depends on the individual birth chart, and the ongoing influence.
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Some people focus too much on the doom-and-gloom interpretation of their charts, and fail to see that there are so much more to it. Yes, some advisors also have this tendency of emphasizing more on the bad.

A client was divorced and had had many job change during her life, so she felt very insecure. From her consultation with an advisor, she was told that her chart contained the Earth-counter-Heaven pillar and a Solitary Star. Literal interpretation for these are events beyond control with limited resources and lonely life. The reading confirmed her worst assumption, and for a time she accepted that that's all there was to it. She was doomed for life! Days were gone by with her life spirit getting weaker.

Fortunately, somehow during her worst depressing days, she thought of getting a second reading. And true, she did have those two situations, and even some more. But, her chart also indicated many good things, for e.g. she was a Heaven Doctor, with direct and indirect resources as her Wealth and Property. So, what did these mean to her?

First, of course, she was not meant for an office career life. Working under a boss felt very restraining, plus the office politics / competition / back-stabbing felt horrible on her. That's the reason she kept changing jobs.
So, we probed the possibility of building her own business. It took a while for her to come up with a viable idea. She loved gardening. In fact, with a Heaven-Doctor Star in her chart, I could tell she was a garden witch. Everything she plant, grew and bloomed exuberantly. A green thumb! So, gardening or agriculture would be a natural option, especially when this sector was also Wood, an energy that supported her. Where would she get the funding to start a business? From the chart, siblings were the support of her Property. So, there she went! Today, she is on her way building a hydroponic farming business, and she feels much happier and alive.

So, remember to look for a whole big picture reading, instead of having a partial one, because it can make a huge difference. Want to know more? Schedule your appointment for your Wuxing reading with me today. Link in bio.

In work, people born in the Soil day, like to have full control of everything, leaving nothing to chance. Due to this, sometime they can get caught up in all the teeny tiny bits of details, and lose sight of the big picture. That's how they need the right partner.

People with Tree in their charts, can make one of the best partners. They complement Soil people with their global approach of things. And also, when Soil and Tree are together, they generate an Earth binding, making their collaboration more powerful. And say, this team is working on landscaping job, then, perfect!

Wuxing can be used to chart this kind of teamwork dynamics in workplace. Imagine how productive it is, working within a team of people that are complementing each other, not to mention the pleasant feel. Of course, there is no one-hundred-percent match, but even a basic understanding of a teammate's character alone, can help to make a better collaboration. And I have helped clients in this.

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