Camping by myself into the wild Tivedens National Park!
Magical experience, getting ready to be as close as I can to Mother Nature during my solo hiking adventure: WANDERING ITALIA!

Lucky day! This is for me the best period to see moose into the wild. Here I spotted a mother with a cub from last year, and they left me plenty of time to have a good couple of shoots. And did you ever see a moose in the wild?

Came to Lund for some other reasons and got astonished from this blooming! What a surprise! Finally Spring is coming to Sweden too 😃🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

A sunset of some days ago when I was driving up to Stockholm. I could see it was going to be spectacular, I was lucky enough to find this spot.
And it was the best way to finish an amazing day! 😊❤️

Halmstad ❤❤❤

Uncertain path and its beauty... love the mysterious feeling of the forest wrapped in fog. Would you take a walk? Let me know commenting below 😉

Spooky beauty... the fog and the light from the back played nicely with the trees. Everything was calm and still, so was I...
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"Alone" <<Happiness real only when shared>> it's a truth, I can not deny I wanted to share the happiness of my trip to Stockholm with my family...
But it's also a greater happiness- sometimes- in the loneliness: alone and happy, despite everything, in harmony with oneself and the world around.
Because only when one is deeply and truly happy one can share the happiness and can give something better to whom one loves:
only the best ❤️❤️❤️

I’m always happy when I come back with some good shoots, and if I can get them without bothering the animals I’m even happier! Fallow deers looking for food in the snow, skåne county 🇸🇪😊

Pilldammsparken and its giant trees is another if my favorite places in all Malmö. Seeing it yesterday covered and shined by snow it was a rewarding joyful moment 😊🇸🇪❄️

Biking in the morning glow 😃
During my morning walk I had suddenly a biker into my picture... at the end I think she brought in something more 😃😉

Details! Amazing light this morning at dawn: the blue sky, the rising sun and the wind blowing golden snow around. Amazing! 😃🇸🇪

Morning walk with surprise! We had a little more snow during the night, when I woke up, I could see it was completely clear sky and the sun was rising... I could not miss it! And it has been fabulous 😃🇸🇪❄️

Freezing cold morning in Malmö, picture taken during my morning walk in Beijers and Segevång Park. But with such a sky and sun light, it doesn’t matter: spring is on its way, and I can feel it 😎😃

I had an amazing encounter last week: a pack of about 80-100 fallow-deers!! Too many to get all of the in the same picture... here some of the shoots , if you want to see more have a look on my site www.inerro.land/serene/
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Sunny day and snow, what else? It’s not that common in South Sweden to get such conditions, so I drove around looking for the best light. It has truly been an amazing day, for so many reasons: if you want to read and discover more, have a look: http://www.inerro.land/serene/

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