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Via @thisisinsider: This is how nonsurgical facelifts work. 😱#JPlasma #insiderscience @jasonemermd

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Via @thisisinsider: This is how nonsurgical facelifts work. 😱 #JPlasma #insiderbeauty @jasonemermd

#FirouzFacts: Botox is Used to Fix a Gummy Smile
While for most people smiling is an expression of happiness, individuals whose gums stand out more than their smile does often feel self-conscious. Very often those with gummy smiles try to control and minimize their smile and some feel so self-conscious that they prefer not to smile at all. 😞 This may have a detrimental effect on one's professional, social, and personal relationships.
Thankfully,  gummy smile reduction is now possible, simple and effective. Utilizing a non-surgical approach by injecting small amounts of Botox into the hyperactive muscle of the upper lip, Dr. Firouz will give you a smile that is natural and carefree. 😁 This simple procedure will weaken the hyperactive muscles and reduce the elevation of your upper lip, thereby reducing your inhibiting gummy smile.
Gummy smile treatment is an expert technique that requires precise injection of product and thorough knowledge of facial anatomy to avoid asymmetry, an immobile upper lip, and other complications. Seek treatment from someone who knows how to do it. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Firouz for this treatment, please call the office (310) 274-4321 or click link in the bio to learn more.
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Same bear, same.
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Thanks @marisolmagazine 👑😂 ( voilà mon cou dans un magazine japonais, anonymat respecté, si traducteur japonais dans les parages rdv en mp )

Girls be like 😎😋👼


Good morning all. And here is to prove a point happiness = bad.
@Regrann from @the_skeletons_dance - My life. .. #truestory #wtffacts - #regrann

My life. .. #truestory #wtffacts

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