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my happy days #wtf17


ketinggalan sama momen serunya @we.the.fest #WTF17 ??? tenang langsung meluncur ke bio saya dan tekan link yang ada disana. selamat menonton!!! #youtuberindonesia #youtube #youtubersindonesia #lany #daya #snakehips #autograf

To my all time favorite Legal Trooper, friends like you don’t come along every day. That’s why I want to make sure on your Birthday you know how much you’re loved and appreciated. Happy Birthday bb! See you soon 👨🏻‍⚖️

throwback #WTF17

#SonyBuzz Ini dia serunya @we.the.fest yang telah digelar tanggal 11 - 13 Agustus 2017.

Mulai dari penampilan khusus @rendypandugo yang membawakan lagu-lagu barunya dari album #TheJourney

Ada juga penampilan keren dari musisi international Sony Music yaitu @g_eazy @kodaline @snakehipsmusic @cosmos_midnight @hot.chip @daya
Hingga sebuah projek keren bernama Sony Music Project: Y2KR&B feat. @gac_music @isyanasarasvati @theovertunes @fatin30 & @jaz_hayat yang tampil di hari terakhir, 13 Agustus 2017.

Sampai ketemu di penampilan artists Sony Music lainnya! #WTF17

numero uno💥🍭 #wtf17

It started out from a friend of mine @supersakid posted an info that a Jakarta/Depok based band is in need of a photographer. Without any hesitation, I sent them a message that I'm interested in being their photographer.

Few days after that, two of their members asked me to meet up at Bintaro. Guess they wanted to know me more. So I met @wordfangs and my long lost EL mate, @ryobodat.

Not so long after that, they asked me to come to BePop Tebet music studio to capture their first performance. It was so far away from my house but I managed to make it happen with the help of Ghama, the one and only who would love to drive me anywhere (and probably, crazy enough too.) with his Vespa. I still remember it was on Halloween last 2015. I was so uncomfortable with the surroundings until I forgot to take a photo of the drummer, Bodat. But that was the very first time I met the whole band & team.

Later after that, I joined them from gigs to gigs. (Minus every events at UI) From Kemang, to Kemang, to Thamrin, to hiatus almost goodbye, and back on track again last time at #WTF17 not just as their photographer but also as their main team. Eventho I didn't stand there with them right from the start, I know how much time and effort that they invested to get this album done. With lots of thinking, sleepless nights, missedcoms, countless hours of booking at Granada, family-broken heart-back in love again issues, and of course, taichan.. @ffeast & I am welcoming you to MULTIVERSES. Link on my bio! Thank you to everyone involved! X ✨ #wegonnawinthis


kungsi uLin peuting bageur ge 😆#wtf17

We're over in the McNeillie tent, Stuart Kelly interviewing #RichardLittler on his fantastic book and blog about the fictional town of Scarfolk #WTF17

Keep Yourself Mentally Health Panel with @HeatherBestel, @savannxhb and WTF's Siobhan and Zoë was insightful and interesting today, thanks for coming along #WTF17

The new book excitement from @craftivists ooooh grab yours tomorrow from the Festival Bookshop #WTF17


ketinggalan sama momen serunya @we.the.fest #WTF17 ??? tenang langsung meluncur ke bio saya dan tekan link yang ada disana. selamat menonton!!! #youtuberindonesia #youtube #youtubersindonesia #lany #daya #snakehips #autograf

Ketika cowok baru kenal kemaren bilang Sayang Dan kamu Cantik Ke semua Cewek😝🔫 #uhuh #korbanfronteiraoeste #wtf17 #flflflfl #lflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflf #janganmauditipu #gengs

Rindu ini lepas setelah pertemuan....(A.S07)

What's on Today? All of this!
Mental Health Panel with @eveainsworth, @heatherbestel, & @savannxhb at NOON, not to be missed! @craftivism is SOLD OUT but tickets are available for others from link in bio (FREE to U26'S!) #WTF17

Day One! Saturday 23rd. Everyone is loving the Burrow, see you today! Events start at 10.30am #WTF17

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